The Lake new resident

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The Lake new resident

Post  EAMGamemaster on Fri Feb 08, 2013 11:55 pm

CeCe saw the city of Brighton for the first time as the paddlewheel steam ship can the Tigerclaw leave the lock gates onto the lake. She take in a deep breath as she lean against the front of the bow of the ship as it slice through the water, ripples of water elementals begin the follow along the front of the ship like dolphins, she giggle in joy at seeing them and look more happy, This feels like home the beauty of the lake the cleanness of the water. She reach down and pick up two water tight bundles and look back at one of the crewmember and give him a wink and jump off into the water below. The ship slow as it pass over her she raise up out of the water as her tail hold her above the water, she wave to the captain and the dive back into the water and goes into the depths, looking for the building that she heard were in the depth below as her elemental pets follow her.


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