The Beginning and a Resolve #6

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The Beginning and a Resolve #6

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"I don't know if you've heard but I have been given a mission by the king. He wants me to clear a way through the mountains. As you know trade at the moment has to go around the mountains and it takes forever. I have been given some gold and 5 years to make this happen. I need to set up a thriving city about half way between, hopefully in a valley somewhere inside the mountains.
Since my talk with the king I have been working towards that means. Lately some really weird things have been happening. One evening I was heading to 'The Goat Inn' to talk to a lady, by the name of Eva, about a business proposition we had talked about earlier. On the way there, I noticed that the Inn was on fire. To make a long story short, I tried to save her and got hurt in the process. I was taken to the Temple of Lusryus. While there I had this dream."

I will then proceed to tell him about the dream I had.

"At the end of this dream a wondrously beautiful lady said to me. 'A great evil has awaken again, to work his evil upon the land that I love, upon the creatures that I love, you are my Protector of the Land of the Three. Seek the Three guardians, one of air, one of earth, and one of fire. They will aid you in your darkest hour.'"

"And just yesterday I was on my way to look for you and while I was in bird form I saw six Black horses, their coats shining in the moon light, come charging down the road below me. Their eyes and mouth were aflame with fire and steam seemed to rise from their noses and their flaming hoofs struck like thunder upon the dirt road. Pulled behind them was a large black coach with 4 blood red lanterns that gave off a eerie light upon the surroundings. As the cloaked form lashed out with its whip, the air bellowed the cloak behind the driver and the moon light revealed a skeletal face. I don't think I've ever been so scared."

"What does all this mean?"

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Hmm the black coach I heard the bandits mention it, they said it was a necromancer that go out once a month seeking souls, or bodies or to do evil, depending on the story the spoke at night around the fire. They believe somewhere to the northeast is the necro home.

A thousand years ago the Goddess destroyed three great empires, the dwarven, the gaints and the Dragons all because they stop protection the land and started to become greedy for the gold within the land, this war almost destroyed the world the three armies and their allies fought beyond the Great mountains. The druids council was form by the goddess to stop the war only to become victim to it. I was there as an apprentice child to a great druid I watch as a wall of ash wipe out almost a million souls. I wake as third of the druids died helping the the goddess, a third became insane and the rest weaken. My mentor empower me with his powers and knowledge before he died and I began the druidic sleep within my tree of life to heal from the wound I recieve.

Those that became insane have form a new druid council that want to destroy all civilization so that the world may be perfect and unharmed. They are the evil that has arisen again, it was a druid that started the first war of the races.

The route you seek to the kingdoms on the otherside is not as the saying go "you can not get there from here" the route you seek go to a small valley then to the land of the three that nestle between three mountain ranges, The land is full of Orcs that wipe out all other civilization there with the druid helping from the shadows, Orc live only 30 years their prime is 15 to 20 years of age and only the strong survive. they have no patience for farming and heading, they seek to steal their food or slaughter it. The druid are using them as a tool to wipe out all the races of the world and they dark druids have ensnared you inot their plan of opening the pass for them to flood into the kingdoms here. When all is destroy the orcs will kill themself off to an level that the druid can easy destroy.

The route you seek was underground the dwarves built underground roads for you to do the same you would need about 100,000 dwarves and a few hundred years or find a undamage passage and not get killed by the dwarves the jealously gaurd these mountains.

There are 3 guardains. the air guardain create the fog and clouds that blankets the Land of the Three
The Earth guardian protect a pass i never seen it but heard stories. The Fire Guardain have fill the dwarven hall full of lava on he can open the halls again. All three keep the dwarves dragons and gaints from gaining strength. Only the goddess not plan on the druid to undermine her, she grants them powers as she do to all druid, She can not take from them without taking from all creatures.

You can not destroy them but there are stories of 3 stone of elements that allow you to talk to or command them I not remember.

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"So I guess what your saying is to watch my back because the 'Dark Druids' as you saying are sitting in the background and pulling a lot of peoples strings. Well I will have to keep an eye out for them. Would you be able to draw me a map that would show me how to get to this valley?"

"Would you and mom like to come with me. Your more then welcome. It would be great for the three of us to be together again. I could really use yours and moms advise."

"So what was it that you wanted to talk to me about father?"

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Well i was going to try to talk you out of opening the pass but your as stubburn as your mother, So I'm going to plant a seed of thought for you to think about. From here to the East is the great mountains about 100 miles of land that is claim by the king. Why is it that there is almost no county, barony or settlement in the last 200 years? Why do all the men from the east side of the kingdom are put into guard duty to defend against the western kingdoms, why is the Land of the Kings half it size today? The land from here to the mountains can produce four time the crops even more if help by druids, rich forest along the mountains and to the north. A land that could feed all the kingdoms on this side of the mountains and the king want to open up a pass for a few spices that could be grown here it effort was put into it. There enough grazing land to graze 1000's of cattle and horses yet the king want you to open a passage to the east. Once your order the Knights of the Kingdom once protected the land here there was thriving communities and plentiful food. when the knights were disgrace and disbanded it seem the land here fell. The knight once had a stronghold somewhere in this land. beautiful gardens they were the only order of knights that was rangers that understood land management.

oh here take this 2 seed plz in a few months to a year you be losing me and your mother, my life tree is dying your mother is not a druid but I bound her to the tree so not to lose her she is younger than me and I could not survive as long as i have with out her. When the tree dies so will we. take our ashes and mix them in a romote and safe spot and plan one of the seed. Another tree of life will grow in about 20 to 25 year we will regenerated that is the gift the goddess to all druids. and I serve out another 500 to 1000 years of serving the goddess. The other seed is your to plan if you take up the druidic calling. Rangers are not to far from being druids.

There was 100 druids once one of which was the Druid Oracle the leader of the druids, after the great battle only sixty-five druids survive and the oracle was slain during the great battle. thirty of us were tired, wounded or just aquire our power from our mentors dying. We escort out the remaining survivers of elves, men, dwarves and other races that was refugee into the Land of the Kings. over the years we lost a few and gain a few there are only twenty four druids vs twenty eight of the Dark druids that have become insane. both sides have druids that have shut off from the world and become more like the creatures they protect. Be careful on approching them.

he said.

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"I hate to here that you and mom are going to pass away. I'm going to miss you two." Sadness in his eyes. "But I understand. I will try my hardest to come and visit you and mom before that happens."

Pause a few moments as if in thought

"Father, How will I know when you and mom pass away? Where do you want me to pick up your ashes?" More sadness in his eyes.

"Do you know where I should start looking for these stones you are talking about?"

Question to Robert
1. Could you expand on what it means to be linked to a tree of life. I.E. Benefits and Drawbacks of me becoming a druid. What does it take to become a Druid?

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Tree of Life is like a bind point for druids, when a druid dies the tree will reform him or her again. Take one year to reform the body. Each time a Druid is reform he become more plantlike, After the 1st reform they can take 1 1/2 damage from firebase attacks, life span is 1000 to 5000 year depending on the land and protection. richer the soil the longer the life.

After 1st reform the druid has barkskin armor that. skin is still smooth just harden when attack. althou more reform more bark like your skin looks.

Wound heal faster when near a Life Tree x2
limbs will regenerate.

Can also travel 60" from tree to tree teleportation
tree form to survive off land and heal at x2 REC
whisperspeak of the trees to learn what is going on around.
Heal and bless the land.

tree is 10x size of Oak seen for miles unless deep in a forest, tree dies you die there is no boundary limit of travel away from tree or time. Longer you away more chance of danger to tree by destruction.each death you have drop the life span of the tree by 100 years.

binding another to the tree drop life span of tree to 1/2

Tree only produce 1 to 3 seeds at end of it life cycle to be replanted

to become a druid requirement is a pray ceronmony to the Goddess and a life tree seed. it up to the goddess on previous weapons and skills.

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"I will notify you before the time. If you to late or busy the ashes will be deliever to you by a special courior," he said

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"That sounds good father. I hope its later then sooner though. Is there anything special I need to do to take care of these seeds?"

"What more can you tell me about the stones? Where can I find them and anything else you can tell me would be great.

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The path starts at the Falls of the Gaints, There are two stone gaint dwarves stand with the falls between them if they still stand after 1000 years There is rumour that words cut into stone give the person the answer to the way to the stones. I never saw the writing and have never wanted to go back.
he said.

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"Thank you for all the information father. It has helped alot. I wish you and mom didn't have to leave though."

Unless you have something else that happens, my plan will be to make small talk untill its time to go to sleep. When I get up in the morning I will say my final goodbye's to my father. "I will come see you and mother before your time is at an end father." Take care father and have a safe journey."

I will then start my journey back to town. I have a few things I need to take care of there.

Side note. Some how my hawk form got deleted from this site. I will have to put it back on. I will probably up the running on my wolf form as well as shadows running. I would like to fly back to town but it would leave shadow behind.

For the next couple days I will be posting from work. For some reason my internet is not working at home.


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