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The Goblin Way #1

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The Seven day of Spring; The 3rd mark of The morning light (6 am)

Bidding your father fare ye well, you and your companion wolf take off down the road back to the capital. traveling through the wooded lands you occasionly have to step off the road as peasants and merchant travel pass.

The Seven day of Spring; The 3rd mark of The evening light (6 pm)
About an hour from sunset you and your companion catch a wiff of death and decay that trails off the main road upon a side road that look unuse except for one set of wagon tracks. The smell is unmistakenly undead. As you pause to sniff the air more you detect a hint of nature magic and wolves.

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We will cautiously investigate. I will remain in wolf form. I would like to approach the area down wind so as not to have our presence revealed by them smelling us. I will also use any natural cover that is available to hide our presense.

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The Seven day of Spring; The 3rd mark and a quarter of The evening light (6:15 pm)
As you approach down wind you see an old tatter carriage with six black stallions that look like creatures from hell, flaming eyes and rotting flesh, they bite at the bits and stamping the ground, there seem to be no one in the area, nearby a large oak tree look strange as if it been warped. The tainted smell of nature is strong here. You know a Dark Druid was here within a hour or so. To your north the windward side of the fell beasts you hear the sound of combat (metal on metal), a scream of a woman, the sound of wolves fighting and the smell of undead. You guess the combat is about 100 meter away in the woods and the evening light is fading fast as the darkness of the forest start to cover the area. Your companion feel the need to help his brethren. Looking at you for guidance.

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Still trying to keep myself in the best tactical position ie wind, and coverage. I will move closer to the sound of combat so that I can see exactly what is going on. I will try to move a little faster if possible but Im not going to sacrifice stealth for speed.

Im still on exercise near San francisco. I will be back home this coming friday the 29th. My current duty hours are 3pm pacific to somewhere around 1030pm in the evening.

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The Seven day of Spring; The 3rd mark and a quarter of The evening light (6:16 pm)

stealth movement (8/2=4") (4" = 8 meter (spd=3 x 5=15) = 120 meters a min stealth)
normal movement (8" = 16 meter (spd = 3 x 5=15) = 240 meters a min)

Moving closer to the sound of combat out of the bush in front of you leap a goblin, eye wild. he cring bring his hand up to protect his face and one foot bent and raise in front of him when he see you and scream with terror and pass out on the ground in front of you. You are both surprised and your fur bristels from being surprise.

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I will quickly dispatch the goblin by tearing his throat out. I dont want to leave an enemy behind us. I will then proceed closer to the sounds of combat. I wont move at stealth speed but I dont want to move at full speed either.

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Post 12 recovery
seg 1
seg 2
seg 3
phase 4

Before you can clamp your teeth around the throat of the goblin you are hit from the side doing (6+6+2+2= 14 and 6) no Body but 6 stun to you and (6-2= 4 in) 4in knockback 8 meters.

"NO! FREIND! NO EAT!" you hear in your head as you see a Warg standing protectively over the goblin, The Warg is wearing a saddle and barding of studded leather that been enscrolled upon.

Your companion changes form, much to your surprise and the warg surprise, to that of a Silver Warg and your companion go into Defensive postition guarding you with his teeth bare growling at the bard armored warg.

A warg (or worg) is a mythological creature that resembles a wolf, but is generally larger and more intelligent. Wolves also served as mounts for more or less dangerous humanoid creatures, they as larger than average wolves and with ominously glowing eyes. Many races call demonic wolves.

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Your companion changes form to your and and warg surprise to that of a Silver Warg and go into Defensive postition guarding you with his teeth bare growling at the bard warg.

I dont understand the above statement. Did my companion change to a Silver Warg? Did you mean Bard Warg or Bad Warg? If you did mean Bard Warg. What the heck is a Bard Warg? The voice that I heard in my head, was that from my companion or from the warg that just hit me?

Are goblins generally evil or are they a good race? Can you give me some info on goblins in your campaign? What type of feelings am I getting from my companion?


your companion shapeshifted into a silver warg he has 3 form, dog,wolf,warg.
your character has mental telepathy with animal you heard the warg in your head.
Goblin are neutral or chaotic in nature with good, neutral or evil tendency in this world meaning that a group of goblin raise near a lawful good town will likely have neutral to neutral good goblins, goblin raised near an orc encampment may have neutral evil to chaotic evil tendencies
Warg are ancient race of wolves that are neutral to neutral evil depend on how they are raised
Barding on the Warg is armor the goblin put leather armor on the warg should have said the Bard armor Warg

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posted in your comment

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I will say to the Warg "No Fight Now. Maybe Later." I will causious move around the warg, kjeeping an eye on the warg, toward the sounds of the fighting. "Lets go shadow. Lets see what is going on over on the other side of the brush."

I want to see what is causing the combat sounds.

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Leaping through the bushes you see a beautiful woman with short black hair and a glow staff striking at a skeleton, next to her is a young half-orc boy defending her back with a knive, around them in a proctective circle are several (5 or 6) goblins with spears and clubs beating back skeletons, there look to be about 5 dead or dying goblin on the ground and 3 dead or dying worg on the ground and scattering of bones everywhere, you see the unearthly light of about 10 or more skeleton and a skelton Knight. with more dead goblin and warg around him. some wargs are running around in circle chasing their tail in terror and you hear more goblin and wargs running blindly through the woods.

A dark form raise up beyond the woman holding a container, an hidious laughter that chill you and you here " Thank you young apprentice, your Masters Ashes will be put to good use by me. My minions Kill them all!" and the Dark form vanish into a dark smoke that appearred in thin air. leaving behind a echo of laughter.

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Since I want to try and surprise the Skeletal Knight, I will not say anything. I will quickly switch to human form. Seeing that the Knight is probably the most dangerous threat at the moment, I will quickly draw my bow. I want to fire 3 arrows. The first is a Lightning arrow. The second and third will be 2 Armor Piercers.

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Phase 12 surprise on knight

The Skelton Knight Flaming sword slice through a goblin like a hot knife through butter, The Creature gave off a cheerful laught and step forward to dispatch another goblin as you shifted to human form several meter behind him. Knotching the arrow and reading your bow you take aim and fire. You are about 10" away

PER roll 6+5+2= 13 (11- 3 back to you =9 or less to see) (His DCV = 5/2= 2 - your OCV 6 +11 = 15 or less to hit ) fired and roll 3+2+1 = 6 1st arrow hit (15-2=13 or less 2nd arrow hit) (13-2= 11 or less 3rd arrow hit)

1st arrow streak away from you like lighting arching across the woods from your bow to the arrow as it pentrated into the back of the Skelton Knight the knight light is in a blazing show of lightning as he is being shock from the arrow (5+4= 9-6 armor/bones = 3 Body RKA from bow 6+6+3+3+2+2= 8-6 ED= 2 body NO STUN DAMAGE BECAUSE UNDEAD = total of 5 body damage by Lightning arrow 6+6+5=17-9= no kB 6+2= 8 -1KB = 9 -13 = 4" knockBack

AP arrow 1 = 2d6AP 4+2=6- (6/2=3) = 3 body 5+4+1=10-9 = no KB
AP arrow 2 = 2d6AP 4+1=5- (6/2=3) = 2 body 4+3+3=10-8 = no KB

5 body lightning arrow + 3 body AP + 2 Body AP = 10 body damage to Skelton Knight knocking the knight through the air from the electrical arrow landing on the ground 4 " more away from you.

The hapless goblin that was about to be slaughter look puzzle at his hands that he held up to ward off the knight and then at the knight several meters away. The expression you see was (Did I do That?)

From the corner of your eye you see Shadow leap at a skelton while you was busy shooting arrows.

Post 12 recovery
Seg 1
Seg 2
Phase 3 you both go your dex higher you go 1st.

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I will fire 3 more Armor piercers then at the knight as he is trying to get up. hopefully he will be at a combat disadvantage.

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Aslan let loose 3 more arrows at the fallen knight

DCV 2 (down) - OCV 6 +3 vs range = OCV 9 +11= 18 or less 2+2+1 roll = 5 or less 1st hit; 5+2=7 or less 2nd hit; 7+2 = 9 or less 3rd hit

AP arrow 1 = 2d6AP 6+4=10-(6/2=3) = 7 body 6+5+4=15 -(10+5=15) = knockdown
AP arrow 2 = 2d6AP 1+1=2- (6/2=3) = 0 body no KB
AP arrow 1 = 2d6AP 4+3=7- (6/2=3) = 4 body 4+3+2=9 - (7+3=10) = 1" KB
AP arrow 2 = 2d6AP 4+1=5- (6/2=3) = 2 body 1+3+3=7 - (5+3=Cool = 1" KB

13 body + Phase 12 damage 10= 23 Body total only 1" kb the greater so 1 " kb

The skelton knight goes rolling for 2 meter before coming to a stop he slowly stand up using the flaming sword as a crutch, An shimmering glow flows around the knight and you hear a voice fromthe shimmer, "I summon thee my Knight" the glow brighten and then fade away leaving nothing of the knight.

Shadow has bitten a skelton into. The woman nearly hit you with bolts of power as they fly by you darting among the trees and shoot pass her and hit an skelton behind her, she clearly seem to be blind at the moment for she not seem to realize it was her bolts of power, 5 bolts fly out and 2 hit doing 6+6=12-3=9 body and 4+4= 8-3 = 5 body damage energy blast total of 14 body (12-9= 3 " kb)(12-8= 0 kb) the sketon go flying away from her 6 meter (3") it start to slowly craw toward her.

There are only 5 skelton up in various state of damage fighting at least 1 to 2 gobline each and a warg or 2. Seem the Skelton lost their edge when the Knight vanish and can not direct them.

some of the goblin are smashing the dead skeltons to bit as well as some of the wargs they seem to be using their anger upon the undead,

Shadow says in your mind" woman see darkness careful" and slam into a back of a skelton fighting 2 wargs

Seg 5
Seg 6
Seg 7
Phase 8


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