The Goblin Way #2

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The Goblin Way #2

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After I say what I want to say I will use half my movement to not be in the same place. "Careful my lady. You almost singed my hair with that one. I'm here to help."

I will then let loose 2 lightning arrows, 1 at each of the 2 closest skeletons.

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DCV 5 vs OCV (6+3=9)+11= 15 or less; you roll a 6+5+2=13 or less first arrow hit one skelton; 13+2= 15or less you hit 2nd skelton doing 5+3=8-9rDEF =0 RKA body 5+5+4+4+3+1= 5 -6 ED = 0 body .... 6+4=10-9rDEF= 1 RKA body 6+6+6+5+3+1=8 -6ED= 2 body

1st skelton your arrow hit but it bounce through the skelton body it had no metal on it so the lightning fitcker through and the arrow slam into a tree shaking it with the force of a lightning strike. The 2nd arrow Shoot from your bow with arcing lightning and strike the skelton in the bone and cause the creature to fall apart as 2 goblin pause for a moment before finishing hacking at the sketon pile of bones. you see a young halforc whisper in the woman ear and the woman fire out another round of bolt of Power 3 bolts slam into your skelton the other 2 hit the earth beyond the skelton as it crumble to the ground, The sound of combat come to a stop. all is silent then sound of moans and cry from the wound can be heard.

within moment from the forest bushes goblin women and children hurry to help the wounded men, some wailing for the dead other healing. The woman and the boy are on their kness scearching the ground.

Shadow move over and sit next to you.

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I will slowing walk up to the woman.

"Is everything ok?"
"What happened here?"
"Oh excuse me. Where are my manners. My name is Aslan"

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"Here they are mom" the Young halforc hand her something.
Standing up she turn and face you, you are are struck with her beauty, COM 25 with short cut black hair and Bright blue eyes that sparkle in the torch light the goblin are carrying her family may have had elven blood sometime in their bloodline. "Pardon Me, I'm blind as a bat at close range but can see like an eagle from afar." Putting on thick glasses that double her size of her eyes and reduce her beauty to that of a average woman COM (10). " holding out her hand "I'm La'Nae (la-nay) Priest-mage I serve Kitsh The traveler, Thank you for helping....... hmmm not many rangers would help goblins fight a battle against undead." She feel a tugging on her robe "oh this is my 10 year old son Tor, dear show the man respect please." The boy step forward and give you a slight bow, In Common he say, "Thank you kind sir for helping me and my mother." he turn to look at his mother and say, "The Dark one took father's ashes we need to get them back!"

She hands to two goblin seveal vial of healing potions, and say to Tor, " not to worry dear Father will be safe."

You see dead goblin and dead warg being carried to a clearing as those that not injured gather up wood to make funeral piles this is not a normal practice that you know of among the goblins they seem to have lost 6 goblin and 3 wargs.

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I will extend my hand and shake hers.

"If I may be so bold. Can you tell me what happened here? Who is this 'Dark One' your son was talking about and what would he want with your husbands ashes"

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"My Husband was and aged Priest of the Light he felt compell to teach good to creatures that wish to hear his words. He served for 60 years in the Northwest near the Great mountains Teaching the ways of the Gods to the Goblins with good results and unfornate to us the Orc were not so receptive. Ten years ago we was attack at the temple by orcs if not for the goblins rescueing us we would all been dead we did lose 2 young priest that day. Tobius married me a few months later when I learn I was with child to set an example and to give my son a name.

Tobius was killed a month ago by the Dark One a lich lord that has lost his name through the ages, The ashes of a priest of Light is concider to be very powerful, If an Lich was to summon a Dark Wraith from the ashes he could build an army of undead that can be 100,000 strong. We were on our way to the capital to have the ashes purified in the Temple of the light and seal away. Tobius said he already been arisen once and ask the gods not to raise him for 2nd time.

The Dark One has about 11 days to do his spell on the night of the Dark moon to raise Tobius as a Dark Wraith. I have some of his ashes here in a small pouch If it can be deliever to the Temple of Light before the next three days for purification spell to be cast that take Seven days to do. When done all of Tobius Ashes will appear in the temple to be seal away safe and sound.

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"I might be able to help but I need to ask a couple of questions first."

"Can anyone deliver the ashes or do you have to deliver and be there yourself for the ritual to work?"

"If anyone can deliver are they expecting you at the temple?"


How far away are we from the capital? How long would it take me to travel there in my different forms?

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GM Comment: 60 miles by road, 40 by air, 1/2 day by bird, 2 days by wolf, 3 days by foot human, group travel 4 to 6 days.

La'Nae say I not need to be there, you only have to tell a priest who the ashes belong tooand what happen, they will do the rest.

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"If you will trust me and give me the ashes I can get them there in 2 days."

"My full name is Aslan Brighton and I'm a member of the 'Knights of the Kingdom' and I'm currently staying at the 'Bonlie Bath House'. Look me up there and we can talk more.

Unless she says something else. My plan is to run into the bushes where they can't see me and change into wolf.

"Come Shadow, my friend, we have an appointment to keep."

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"Thank you, please hurry!"

You fade off into the underbrush into the darkness of the night as the goblin begin to light the funeral pile of the dead abd begin their prayer chant, when the dawns light rises the ashes will be put into customs urns for another ceromony in a month where the life goddess is strongest. You transform and streak away into the darkness, Shadow shift to wolf form and follow. The forest is a blur as you run toward the road,within moment you find the road and sniff the air then turn westward to the Capital. Now traveling by day will be more dangerous to wolves in the land of men.

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I would like to use as much cover as possible but too so much that i wont be able to make it to the capital on time.

Only resting if it is really necessary. I know we may be tired but i need to get these ashes to their destination

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The travel to the The capital was uneventful, you slept every few hours as you travel and got to within 20 miles of the capital during the morning hours and was able to hitch a ride on a hay wagon on it way to the capital. so you can nap at the speed of the 2 mules pulling the hay wagon you be there in 4 to 5 hour mid day today giving you at least 4 hours of sleep and Shadow has turn into the fox hound and curl up next to you.

At the gate you was awaken by the farmer so you can go through the gate.

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I will make my way to the temple that i need to be at.

How much time do i have left?

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"Sir Brighton your presence is wanted at the King Court! Said the Guard at the gate when you announce who you are, You are to be in the Kings Presense within 4 hours of notification, failure to show will result in being taken in forcefully." The guard salutes and say, you are requested to wear formal clothing.

(you have 1 and 1/2 days left. the temples are just 30 min walk; the bathhouse is 20 min away and just 10 minute from the temples, and just 15 minute from the castle to both the bathhouse and temples.)

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"Thank you very much."

I will head quickly to the temple. Hand over the ashes. Do what i need to do there quickly. Head to the bath house. Get a bath. Get dressed. Head to the kings palace.

I will also asked at the bath house if anyone knows what the king might want.

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1 exp pt for 50 more post earlier and 1 exp for combat

will start new thread


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