A Kingdom in Shadows #1

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A Kingdom in Shadows #1

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As you walk toward the temple you notice three large tree shimmering in haze behind the castle the trees themself seem to stand above the castle only one is whither, one is natrual and one glow with life. all Three trees are almost like blurs fading in and out as clouds pass over head blocking the sun from them, until they disappear, After a few moment you shake you head in disbelieve and head on to the temple area you pass the outer circle of temple to the inner circle of the 6 gods and the Mother, a priest of Air direct you to the Temple of life. You meet a priest name Frome who takes the pouch of ashes and hurry within leaving you behind and speaking in mid-sentence whenyou said tobius and that a lich stole his other ashes a few days ago the priest just grab the bag and start speaking in a tongue you not understand, after a few min more priest arrive and each are directed to do something you not sure what. The priest came back over to you after a few minute and thank you.

Let it be known the Knights of the Kingdom are welcome in our temple and will be granted one heal or cure a month. You have save a fellow priest from a fate worse than death.

Perk for all Knights of the Kingdom.

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I will quickly head to the bath house.

If bath waters are not already prepared, I will asked that one be made ready

I quickly find Lady Margetta, Little Jimmy, and Daisy. "I have just been summoned to talk to the king. Have any of you heard anything that my shed light on the reason for this summons?"

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When you get to the bath house there are about 100 knights milling around the bath house some bathing other talking and eatting at eatery that have started around the bathhouse, all the knights are Knight of the Kingdom you notice 4 knights guarding the streets in all points heading into the bathhouse, several hundred squires are roaming and chatting, All stop when you past and give you a slight bow, a few knight pat you on the back and say congrat, Best man for the job, good work! excellent choice! some shake your hand as you enter into the bathhouse, and the room goes quiet as
Little Jimmy walk up to you and said, "Bad news Sir, we all voted 300 yays and 50 nays and 100 not present, and name you Grand Marshal of the Knight of the Kingdom, as was order by the King office that a Grand Marshal must be name by noon today or lose the order, That was a hour ago. We had 2 nomination, you and me I got 50 votes and you got 299 plus mine, Congrats!"

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Giving him a smile and shaking his hand.

"Thanks I think. I didn't even get a chance to cast my vote. Which would have probably been for you."

Giving him a big smile.

"When I came in the gate. I was told that I have 4 hours to report to the king. I was worried about why he would need to see me. I'm thinking that this is what it may be about. I need to go take a bath and get ready I only have 2 hours left. Can you get with Lady Margetta and Daisy and then meet me after I take my bath. I'm curious to see if the three of you might be able to read anything into this. I know a grand marshal of the order was needed but I wonder why the short notice. Oh by the way this is my companion 'Shadow'"

I will let Shadow know that Daisy, Lady Kettleworth, Little Jimmy and my squire are my most trusted companions.

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After a hour of soaking, being bath by beautiful women, they begin to cloth you in a formal suit you not wore before and the women said when the tailor down the street heard that there was to be a grandmaster he design and made the suit, he done some of your suits before and when he found out who won he adjusted it. after the women leave the chamber you look at the mirror looking at the suit made of silk and sewing with silver with the emblem of the order on the back of the cape and the honor metals you receive on your chest along with the crest of the kingdom, all in greens with black leather boots. You see a flicker of movement behind you from the mirror.

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I will turn quickly to see what is behind me. Putting my hand on my sword just in case I need it. I will reserve an action just in case I will be in combat.

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A dark cloak dwarf step out from the stone wall, "Easy fella, I'm here for a truce between my people and you, If your interested?" Pulling back his hood you see a drawf dark in skin and very black hair , beard and eyes looking at you, He wearing black cloth covering blacken armor, "We the Black Dwarves have a proposal for ya."

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"I'm listening but you sure could have picked a better way to introduce yourselves then trying to kill me. What did I do to earn your wrath?"

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"The Land your King want you to build a pass through is our land, sacred to the Black Dwaves, We do not want your people on our land, The pass you have choosen is not to the lands you seek but to the Orc lands, If you open that way both of our kingdoms could fall.
The route you seek is south of there and we are willing to open the way for you but it will take 20 years to open a road passable to you humans into the Kingdoms of Spices. when done we will lease the road to you for 50 years with options of leasing for another 50 year for 1/2 the tolls you gain. But we will not allow any settlers on the mountain range but will allow defense posts.
In return you must not allow anyone to open the pass in our sacred area. you can either take our offer or we will consider war with the Land of the King." crossing his arms across his chest as a fail point.

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"May I have a few days to think over your proposal? This is to important to be taken lightly or quickly. I may have another proposal that would be benifical to both of our people."

I'm currently in Mtn. View helping mom move. I'm answering from my new IPhone. I will give you a call later.

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"I will be back in 5 days to hear your answer." the black dwarf said, and flow backward into the stone wall, dissappearing.

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Unless something else happens, I will quickly finish getting dressed, unless i'm already dressed. I will then head out quickly looking for little jimmy. "I just had a surprise visit from a representative of the black dwarves. He will be back in 5 days. He left by melding right through the walls. We will need to keep an eye out for more such breeches."

Unless anyone else has something for me. I will get an escort and head off to my visit with the king.

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Little Jimmy seem pissed about the breach of security. Took you 10 min to to calm him down, and the building was search, he then insisted that 10 Knights in Parade gear to escort you to the King. When you seem to balk he insisted saying as head of the order it only fitting you be escorted in style.

"Don't go stomping up there acting like a men-at-arms greeting his Lord," muttering, "ye go in style and show the court that the Knights of the Kingdom are equal to any!" Wiping a tear," Remember sir! out of the hundreds knights orders, ours was the first order created 1000 years ago by the first king to give the people of this land safe conduct and to protect the land!" grumbling again "It is sad that the order was destroy by This king father as traitors to the realm! WE must bring back our honor!

"FOR HONOR!" he sais "FOR HONOR!" a hundred men stand in the room and shouted out drawing their blades above them
"FOR HONESTY!" they shout again "FOR HONESTY!"
"FOR HOPE!" They chorus louder "FOR HOPE!"

"WE THE KNIGHTS OF THE KINGDOM DO PLEDGE!" cheered and they sheath their weapons and turn to you and kneel as one.

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I will draw my sword and raise it above my head.

"As you pledge yourself to me. I will pledge myself to all of you. And I swear by all that I hold dear that we will bring our order back to the glory it once held! TO THE KNIGHTS OF THE KINGDOM!"

I will then sheath my sword.

I will then wait to see what effect it has on the men.

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"TO THE KNIGHTS OF THE KINGDOM!" they roar back.

They parted to allow you to go outside to the travel to the king's castle 10 knights are waiting for you to escort you to the king


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