A Kingdom in Shadows #3

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A Kingdom in Shadows #3

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Then you hear a slight hushing noise from the back, as people parted, The King's Sister, Lady Grace is walking toward you, glowing with an holy aura. The knights kneel to her as she pass until she stand before you.

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I will kneel.

"You honor us with your presence your grace. How may we serve you?"

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"Long live the Knights of the Kingdom and may my Goddess Delesta bless you all. Plz arise I am only a priestess," she said as she look around. (later each knight would swear she look each of them in the eye when she spoke those words.) "The Temple of Delesta and the Goddess wish to convey to you and your knights that we of the Temple of Delesta will teach any Knight that wishes the ability to heal by natural or divine means as we once extended to the original order." Pausing once again to look at the knights in the room, "Our temple have save 500 books of your order, we only wish to return them to their owner The Knights of the Kingdom." Her beauty have capitative your knights they stand in awe of her.

In your Head "My brother await you in the farthest bath, Your Lady of the Bath (smiling)has let him in under the name of Lord Thomas Bathe, If you will loan me about 50 men I can keep them busy bringing the books here until your meeting is done. Nod if you understand."

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I will nod my head

"We are deeply honored by your generousity. With so many books, you must surely need help."

"Knights! I need 50 volunteers to help her and her retinue. What say you knights, shall we give her grace a hand!"

To little jimmy I say. "Little Jimmy. I have secret meeting with some one in the farthest bath. Please make sure I'm not bothered. I will explain latter."

Once the men are busy I will make my way to the meeting.

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You hear giggle from several of the bath women as you draw closer, The voice sound like the King's brother but slightly change, He telling the women about his adventures In Summerlet where he gracefully rescue a Baron Daughter from several Ogres, "Well I believe I may have rescue the Ogres from the Baron's Daughter, 300lb woman had the ogres scubbing the cave, sweeping the floor. I not know if i should rescue them or not. They even offer me 100 gp to take her back." Glancing your way he slap both on th ebottom and tell them to come back in a hour, The exit pouting.

"Welcome, Sir Knight," He look slightly different, more elfish, longer hair, he look like an halfelf, waiting for the women to leave he take out of a sack a ball and twist it and drop it into the water and the water broil with a thousand of bubble making it hard to hear until you are withing 5 feet of him and it very quiet. "nice little invention a gnome friend of mine made, The noise cancel out any sound spell cast to overhear anything." pausing "I see my sister have successfully distracted everyone." Seeing you look at him oddly," Oh my elven feature they are my true face, The one I use in court is makeup and spells to hide my true appearance, it give me freedom to move about the Kingdom." waving you over "Join me, damn you knight would find a comfort spot, maybe I will force my brother into letting all Order have bathhouses," Laugh lightly.

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I will join him.

"I don't think your sister would have any problems distracting anyone."

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He sober up and stare at you for a long time as if he looking into your soul, after a few moment he spoke, "My brother is half mad," holding up his hand to stop you from saying anything," What is happening to my brother is his own freewill, The Druids have promise him power and immortality and my brother had taken it, He is slowly becoming a ShadowKing, a creature that is part human and part shadow something not alive or undead. His powers are strong even now stronger than our father, Oh this is not the first time that the druid tried this Our father fell under the influence of the shadowmagic if not for my mother He would have been the Shadowking the Druids seek, Instead my father killed himself in a moment of clarity when my mother love broke through the barrier of evil. My mother fled to the world of the elves I not know where her heart and sould was broken and she went home to heal.
The people of this city will learn the bitter truth in a few years maybe ten years from now, some will embrace him other will flee and those that don't will die. Already the Knight of the King are all shadowmen that have replace the order, Soon he will have the strength to kill even me with a word."
Pausing," It is not just druids that control him but necros and an illusionist I not seen yet that aids these Dark Druids, The shadows that you see within the castle are not just living shadows but pass shadows, for some reason the Druids have stop the colonization to the great mountains, The maps show the land closer than what it really is, The king hears reports from towns that are long gone or abandon or never made, Our armies are in constant battle with the kingdoms to the west, and the land to the east is depleted of men and women."
"I do not know what to do, If i confront my brother I will end up death or imprison, I do not seek the throne nor do my sister, I would rather just grow grapes and make wine and roll a few women in the hay." The King is pulling in closer several of the Orders and have order one of the three armies home to protect him, I fear the Druids is seeing the future and are worried."
Looking at you.
"I need you to break this power the druid hold on my brother or when the time come to protect this kingdom from my brother. What the druid fail to tell my brother for him to live forever other must give up their lives for him to live on, Shadowmen are like vampires that feed upon the souls of men, If a shadowmen eat all the soul of a person that soul no longer survive. Me and my sister feels that you must draw the druids into the land of the East, your building your protecting that area that they feel they control you must pull them to you and destroy them one by one. My sister has a copy of the deed of land issue to your Order for 100 square miles to the east for the building of your Order home, The deed is still good, When I made my brother reform your Order I remember The 3 H from stories told by the fireplace Honor, Honesty and Hope our Kingdom need all 3 now."

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Me and my sister feels that you must draw the druids into the land of the East, your building your protecting that area that they feel they control you must pull them to you and destroy them one by one.

I don't understand the part 'your building your protecting that area that they feel they control'

I think you probably just left a few words out. Could you retype or clarify?


1. How long would it take me in my different modes of travel to get to eva to let her know what is going on?

2. If I sent some of my knights to eva, how long would it take them to get to her?

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'your building your protecting that area that they feel they control'

The dark druids believe they control the eastern half of the kingdom if you was to protect the roads and protect the citizen as they move into that area you would force them to confront you .

Take the knights about 30 days to find her and you about 1 week

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I still dont understand. What building am i protecting?

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"Do you have any idea who might be responsible for this control over the king. If I'm to root out the people responsible, I will need to know where to start. Even if i do stop whoever is controling the king, will he ever be the same? You and your sister may not want to rule but if we cant save him, it may come down to one of you, unless their is another successor."

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"He has a son that is being raised by a cousin the Queen died at childbirld, we believe the Dark druids killed the queen but can not prove it.

Me and Grace are going to try something that will stop 2 wars but we need you to distract the druids by working in the west, building your Order's home, patrol the east to the mountains and protect the roads and town so people can move there. There are few refugee camp near the border to the west where the wars and fighting go on you could interest some to migrate to the east.

While you are busy with them, I will somehow convince the king into arranging an marriage with the daughter of King Edward IV the only country that could wipe us out if they know our condition.

Grace will accept a post as high priestess in The Kingdom of Gal which will cause hostility between both our country to cease because of a Term of War Teaty of 564 with the Temple of Light, No war can be fought or declare when an heir to a throne from a foreign country is high priest/priestess of the Temple of Light in your country nor can the country in which the Heir is from can attack the host country.

So out of 4 wars we hoping to end 2 within a month, That leaves 2 smaller nations that will be minor problems until we can open a dialog.

I'm also going to keep our king busy with thoughts of traitors within his castle, I fear some innocent will lose their lives but I need to keep our king busy and fearing for his live. Cost of the few is better than the cost of the many. I will be judge on this in history books.

I would ask your help in this on decieving the king with traitors but your Three H in your motto keep you honest, I would be nice to have word come in that you have rooted out and killed traitors to the kingdom and king."

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"Do you have any idea who might be behind the shadow men?"

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All I know is the dark druids are helping them,I not know the purpose, Legend states that the shadowmen are creatures that were priests of the Gods, and when during the War of the Three (dragon, dwarves, and gaints) the gods destroy the 3 great kingdoms, The Priests of these three races turn there back upon the gods, in doing do the gods struck out at them and made them strong enough to desire the power of the gods but weak enough to make them less that mortal. These priest curropt other races but found the humans to be stronger of all the races in shadowform. Story is told that there are three high priest a dwarf, a dragon and a gaint that seek to bring down the gods. So maybe the druid and the shadowmen are alike in someways both want to destroy civilization but for different reasons, one for their goddess to be back to the turn nature of nothing harming the world and the shadowmen wanting to kill all intelligent creature to destroy the gods.

Last heard the 3 shadow priest of old were in the north continent of the Northlands

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"Well I guess I have my work cut out for me then. I think you should know something though. I was visited by a Dark Dwarf just before I answered my summons to the king. They are prepared for war if anyone builds a pass through there land. They offered to build a road south of where the king plans and to lease it to us for 50 years with an option for another year for 1/2 of the tolls and that we not allow anyone to open the pass though there lands. He is coming back in 5 days for my answer. Thought you might like to know."

"I have a few questions though. First, what can you tell me of my order being accused of treason. If I'm to clear our name any information you have will be helpful. Second, Harassing the Dark Druids and building a new home is going to cost quite a bit of funds. You don't think you might be able to convince the king to rescind his order for us to return the 5,000 gp's do you? Third, how do I get a hold of you if I have any information to pass on?"


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