A Kingdom in Shadows #5

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A Kingdom in Shadows #5

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"A while back I was hurt and was at one of the temples. I don't remember the temples name but all the women were topless and I felt that if I didn't get out of there soon that I would soon be a father. Just before I came to, I had one of the weirdest dreams. I thought you might be able to explain it to me."

I will then describe the dream to her.

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Lusryus, goddess of love; daughter of Deltesta Lusryus is 1 of the three minor god/goddess of life. yes Deltesta and her goddess daughter are not timid about their bodies nore are they about their followers, most of the prayers and spell and blessing we do are without or very little clothing, There are 4 guardian of this land. The knights of the fire, Knights of the water, Knights of the air, Knights of the earth each Order was given by the gods to be Gaurdians of the land here. There is a Dark evil at has awaken they are the shadow men,they are controlled by three creatures of evil , a dwarf, a gaint, and a dragon. slay them and the shadowmen will all perish. There are three guardians of the mountains that keep all from that land that the Goddess destroyed until she is ready to open it. If you wish to open it, it will have to be with her favor. I do not think the dream is about the mountains but about history that happen there. The dream is about protecting this kingdom from becoming a kingdom of evil and undead.

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"Do you know anything about the supposed treasure that my order left over a hundred years ago. It would sure come in handy with everything that is coming up?

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Rumor was that the Last high Marshal took it with him when he was finding a location to build the Order home. People have look to the east for him and his men but none found the treasure. she said

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"Someone told me that you would have a deed to some land to the east of here for me. Do you have that deed?"

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"Yes," looking surprise, " I forgot I had it on me," she pull out another scroll case and look at it for a moment, "ahhh a small spell on you I see looking at the scroll case, someone put a little forget me spell on this case to protect it" handing it to you.

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"Thank you so much. I will look at this a little later when thinks are more private. If you are your people ever have the need for an escort please let me know its the least that I can do. So enough about me. Tell me about yourself."

Note. I've asked my questions now I'm just enjoying the moment. Killing some time. Not sure if you have anything that you need to add

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"Hmm let see 3rd in line to the throne, high priestess of the Temple of light, Half elven not much to say, I use to get into all type of trouble as a child until I was sent to the Temple of Light, I saw then a lot of people being help that could not help themselves, Since I took over as High Priestess, I did away with a decree that everyone have to pay for healing, We heal for free and take donations, since then our coffers have double in income.but it has strain our healers to a limit. These wars are causing plagues, diseases and injures. and I have lost half my healers to the wars, The goddess return a few from the dead those that are willing to do a quest for her. Many go to her arms and stay. And soon I must go to a foreign kingdom to be high priest at their temple like a hostage so that both sides will fight." looking sad, "Soon moment like this will on be memories," a single tear fall from her face.

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"I know what your talking about. If it wasn't for this war a lot of things would be a lot nicer. But with people like you and your brother, things will come out ok. I just know it. Is there no other way but for you to become a high priestess there?"

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"I will be high priestess there, The king sister there is a high priest she is to be high priestess here, neighter of us can leave the land without the kings permission, our lives will be watched 24 hours a day so we not flee. We both high priestess will become nothing more than prisoners in a foreign land to keep two countriee from fighting anymore, what we do will save thousands of lives." she said

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"Like I said and I will say it again things will work out in the end. We just have to hope"

I will make small talk and try to keep it off the bad things until time for her to leave

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"Thank you, for the meal and company I enjoyed both, Please visit me when near the temple." She stands after giving her hand to help her up from the chair, "May the goddess bless you" she kiss your cheek. and leaves the cafe. Jimmy hurry in.

Goddess Blessing (+ 1 OCV,DCV and damage and +1 to all skills for 24 hours.)

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"Whats up Jimmy? Anything wrong?"

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Gods! that birdman smells he said one of his birds has a message for you, he been pestering me for hours, said you gave the bird to a woman." Little jimmy said.

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"Lets go see him." I will then head back to the bath house to see this bird man


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