A Kingdom in Shadows #6

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A Kingdom in Shadows #6

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You hear the Lady of the bathhouse yelling at the birdman, say if he want to stay he have to take a bath!
you hear several knight pipe up saying they will pay for it if he want it.

"No! no! I only here to give message to man that stays here!

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"I'm here now kind sir. What message do you have for me?"

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Ah The winged one, I have a message from Tabby one of the birds I gave to that lovely lady you bought by, My Tabby came back with burnt tail feather, she not happy! here is message for you. hands you a small piece of paper.

Trap in a hole in the Plains beneath the only Large tree for 100 of miles, a river is near by, 100+ mile east of Lethatown. Dragon!

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"Captain Kalmor. Get a platoon of men together. Eva's in trouble. I must go see Lady Grace again. Something that she said just dawned on me and she might be able to help."

I will then hand 'Little Jimmy' the note and then go see if I can catch her grace before she gets to far.

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"Yes sir!" and heads out, Little jimmy say.

You head down the street and turn the corner and find her healing several children, an holy glow is around her and you feel the presense of the goddess. The mothers are holding their children crying with joy that heir children are being heal.

when she finish she said, "Bring them by the temple tomorrow evening and bring anyone else you know that is sick too we will care for them free."
you hear many women say thank you, she stand up and say, "Miss me already, Aslan?" turning around to look at you with a smile on her face.

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"I wish that we could meet again under better circumstances but a good friend of mine is in big trouble. She fell into a trap and their may be a dragon involved. You said something earlier but it just now registered. You said that you had to be at another temple far away in the morning. Do you have a way to get there really fast? If you do I can sure use the help."

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Three times a day we can transport to another temple or shrine, when the sun first rays touch the land, at high noon, and when the last ray of light leaves the land.

If transported to a shrine your safety is not sure, Some shrines are in dangerous area, and you can not travel back from a shrine.

Only a temple and 10 priestess or priest can transport you to another place, we enact a fee of 10 gp per person, we can not waver that because if we do then we will be swamp with asking to transport others.

So how can we help you? she said

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"The fee is not a problem. How many can you transport at one time? If it wasn't a dire need I wouldn't ask."

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We can only send 20 men at one time max. and that will be a strain upon our priest, we only have 10 that can do this. she said. If the location is known we can safely get you there, We can have a seer search of a shrine before we send you, then you could end up at a random shrine if we miss it.

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I will describe the location that was in the note.

"Is there a temple near that location?"

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I know of one that is 50 miles west of there, I can ask the seers if there one closer.

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"Thank you so much. I will go get my men. And I will bring the gold. Do we meet at the temple?"

I will go get the knights

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Meet at temple one hour before dawn. she said, may the goddess watch over you.

she head back to temple.

Little jimmy has about 30 men assembled

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"The temple can only take 20 men at one time and that is pushing it. They will be able to bring 19 more at noon time. Bring what ever you think we will need to combat a dragon. We have 5 hours to be at the temple. Captain while we are gone make sure that the king gets his 5k gold back and make sure we get a receipt. I will also need 400 gp's to pay for the transportation. I think that is it. Lets get moving we have 5 hours to get prepared and get the first 20 men to the temple.

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Post 221+89= 310 post

+1 EXP and +1 to NPC

end of this Thread + 2 EXP and + 1 EXP to all NPC

Total Exp = 3 EXP and 2 EXP to all NPC


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