Distant Lands #2

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Distant Lands #2

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{"Why would you want me? I'm just a medical doctor from another world. Granted I'm pretty good in my world, but I know nothing of this worlds 'Swords and Magic'"}

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In this world it easy to kill and hurt there are few that can heal and mend, I seek those who heart is for those that need comfort and aid.

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{"Ever since I've been a child, I've always wanted to help those that were hurt. That is why I went to med school to become a doctor. I am yours to do with as you wish."}

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I have open your mind and may you understand how to control the mind of another, I infuse into you the ability to turn undead and make them flee your presense, Pray to me every morning and I will grant you the ability to heal with words.

Within moment you feel a warm and love flow into you, and you can see those around you that have a disease, some you can see worms in their intestines and others mild cases of food poisoning. you touch there all there minds at once until it overwhelm you and you pass out, a few minute later you awake and slowing you block the minds around you, the pain the fears. the anger. in your mind you found 5 that have a rage a volient mind and joy of hurting they are the crew and the captain of this ship.

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"Wow! What a rush! I never realized that there was so much pain and suffering. I can see that the food is not the best. Its causing worms and food poisoning."

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A dull pain is felt from a mind not human but not animal, there is an intelligence after a few moment you realize the pain is the ship itself.

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I will try and direct my thoughts to the ship.

"Hello? Can I be of help?"

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WHO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am Kisha, an elven spirit that have bonded with this ship when I died long ago, so that I can travel the world and be with those I care for, They kill all I love and stolen me and I have become their slave now on 100 years.

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{"Hello Kisha. I am Celina. I don't really understand yet how I know this, but for some reason I know that your in pain. Is there any thing I can do to help you?}

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Free me, mend me, protect me and I will serve you and your childern

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{"Mend you? I can try that right now. Where I originally come from I was not able to heal a ship but I can sure try."
I will lay my hand on the hull of the ship. I will then see if I can since what is exactly wrong with her. If I can find out where and how she was hurt then I will try and see if I can heal her in those areas.

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you sense you can not heal her as you would a living being her body is of wood and your skills are not in that

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I will direct this toward the ship {"I'm sorry my lady. I was not able to heal you. So tell me a little bit more about yourself, If you would please."}

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I was once an elven woman that lived a few thousand years until i grew tired of living, we have a choice to fade away or become, I chose to become a tree of life there are many types of trees of life the one I chose was of the floating oak, I live as a tree of life helping the comunnity for many thousands of years until I grew tire and wanted to explore, I could allow myself to die and be reborn or become a living ship ad I chose to become a living ship. The process take a hundred years with shipweavers slowly turning me into an ship so not to pain or hurt me, I learn all i could of how to become one. A living ship requires a bonding of it's captain and the ship to get the full power of what a ship can do, from healing to nagagating the world.
I have not been bonded for several hunderd years and slowly dying in a few months unless bonded I will die and rot away.

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{"Im really sorry to here that Kisha. If we are not able to find you the proper person to bond with, could someone bind with you temporary until the proper person is found and then transfer that bond?"}


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