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Father Knows Best #3

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I will get her something to eat. While she it eating, I will talk to Daisy.

Hey Daisy. Hows it going?

karlisa needs to say her awhile. Have you heard about what happened to Little Jimmy? Karlisa knows something that will help me free him. The Baron and his son will not be happy I think. Can you help me keep and eye on her?

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Ya i keep a eye on her, buy me a case of smoke and a small keg of O'dell beer and i post 2 guards for you.
Daisy said as she puffied on her cigar and looking at you from her left eye, a oatch covers the other eye, scars crisscross her face that only a orc could love.

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You have a deal.

I will then go see how karlisa is doing.

"Are you settled in? What do you think of your new temporary quarters?"

Are you ready to talk to me about what it is you know about the baron and his son?

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Grinning, she said "John is not the baron real child, the baron can not produce a child, he had a slave rape his wife, then he castrated his slave and made him into a mute. then his wife died in childbirth giving birth to her son, the slave is the Baron personal slave. He had to brag to me to show me how much more important he was than his son. If anyone find out it will ruin the baron and make his son a very very dangerous man." She been close to you her lips only a inch away, "I have a way of making men talk." pulling back from you, making you desire her.

"I prefer not to seduce my savior." stepping back from you giving you a sexy look.

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Thank you Karlisa. You will be in good hands here. Please don't go anywhere outside this compound. I will be back as soon as I take care of a few small matters.

I will then go see Daisy again. "Daisy can I ask another small favor? Can I have about 4 of our knight accompany me to see the Baron. I what him to know that this is a serious matter and that if anything does happen to me then others will know. I going to write down everything that Karlisa told me and give you a copy and several others a copy. If anything ever happens to me or Karlisa, I'm going to ask you and the others that I give the information to, to go to the king with the info. I will be back in a little bit to pick up the men. I've got to go see about arranging for Karlisa's release from slavery."

I will first go see the person I need to see to use the mandate to free Karlisa. After Ive done that I will go see my squire and let him know what is going on. I will then go pick up my 4 escorts and then go see the Baron

How much would it cost to build or buy an existing building to house our knights order?

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Four knights are put on escort duty, daisy will personally stay in room with Karlisa until you return not trusting the men after seeing how she affect all the men in the bath house. 2 of the knights you serve with before, Jason (Jason the Bold is a carpenter with imagination, kick out of engineering school because his merchant class family perish at sea and could not continue to pay for the schooling, he can make small catapluts and small Ballista that was use at the mountain with the orcs) and Kevin at the river (Kevin the Quiet is a reform Thief that was sent to fight in the army or hang, in the process of fighting he ended up being knighted. he visit the Temple of Delesta (Goddess of Health and Giving, word is he has been known to save a fellow knight by healing with only a touch).

Visiting the castle of the king you spend 3 hours signing and stamping papers on why you need this slave and how she will impact your mission. Please write a reason, king will decide if he should put his seal upon the paper to free her to your service.

while waiting at the castle you find out 3 building are for sell one a large warehouse near the docks(800 gp), one is a manor that can house up to 10 guest and need lots of repair(500gp) and the other was once a walled in monastary until all the monks (45) died one night over 40 years ago it been abandon since then and now has been turn over to the king to sell.(300 gp)

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I will write this letter

Your Majesty

I request the services of 'Karlisa' as my Apothecary as I have heard several people state that she is one of the best in the business. I will need someone of here talents on the long trip to keep my caravan healthy. She would also be of great service when we arrive at our destination. As always I am at your command.

Your Loyal Subject
Aslan Brighton

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six hour laters you have a deed to Karlisa.

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If I can do other things while I wait those 6 hours, I will. I would like to go pick up my escorts, not that I need them for protection but more so that if anything does happen to me, others will know. After picking up my escorts I will go over to the baron residence to have our little talk.

If there is a door to knock on I will knock on it and wait for someone to answer or if there is someone there guarding the door, either way I will say

'I am Knight Captain Aslan Brighton of the Knights of the Kingdom. I would like a audience with the Baron. I have information concerning his son John. It is a matter of the utmost discretion and importance."

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You are lead to a library and your men are to wait in the outer hall. Everything you pass in this manor scream of money, There is a large portait of the baron over the large fireplace in the library, there are at least 1000 books here that would make most library drool. The servant pour you a brandy into a glass and offer your a chair near the fireplace.
30 min later the baron walk in and stop at the door before closing it.

If I knew my guest was a low born I would have offer you a beer, I sure more to your taste. wlking over and pour himself a brandy.

"Now what purpose are you here and how does it affect my son?" narrowing his eyes at this moment you feel like a chicken in a hen house with a fox loose.

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I will ignore the insult for the moment.

"As much as I would like to trade insults with you, but I won't stoop that low. I just thought you would like to know that I know who your sons real father is but I guess that doesn't concern you or your personal slave."

I will get up as if to leave and walk to the door.

"I'm sure that the public or King could make better use of this information then you would. I bid you good day."

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"So the low born want to play in the high born world, what is it you want?" Baron turn to you.

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You rich are all alike but I wont stoop as low as the insults. As to want I want. I want 2500 gold and all charge against "Little Jimmy", the man that supposedly beat up your son, dropped. I want him escorted to the bath house of the Knights of the Kingdom. If any harm comes to him, myself, anyone that I care about , or if anything happens to anyone that effects me. I or the other individuals that I have given a sealed message, containing just what we talked about will go to the king and give it to him. By the way I want all this to happen tonight. You may think I'm a low born but this low born has a high born by the balls now doesn't he."

"What is your answer. Do I go to the King or do you agree to my terms?"

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"What keep you from asking for more whenever the mood hits you?" The baron asked.

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Unlike some people I know, I am a man of honor and a man of my word, but if you want a guarantee it will cost you. Give me 500 gold more and I will give you my word. As long as anything you do directly or indirectly does not affect me, or the ones that I care about, then I will not ask for anything more and your secret will be safe with me. If you break any of our agreements then either I or the others that are safeguarding the other sealed messages will go directly to the king. Do I make myself clear?


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