Distant Lands #5

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Distant Lands #5

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"Misha. Where should we go from here?"

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Misha look at the globe and point to the northwest and said there a large kingdom there I'm from the Kingdom of the King We can travel there. We can stay anywhere a temple is at. I was to find a village or town that not have a temple and start one. The goddess redirect me to find you first, Your welcome to help me. I was planning to travel to the northern part of the kingdom and help them.

Some of the former slaves may want to leave. I doubt any have family left these slavers wipe out whole areas and move on. There is a small barony to the north that is seeking people they been hit hard with creatures of the undead and have lost several hundred people in the last few years. Word is a new protector mage have been appointed to help stop some of the undead. I believe they would need us priestess of Light to turn them away and destroy the undead.

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"Lets head to the village that needs help with the undead. In the mean while lets see to these people. We need to find out if any still have family."

{"Kisha do you know where this village is?"}

While we travel. I will take a closer look at the drawers in here. I will also look to see if I fit any of the female clothes. If they are diry I will make sure they are clean first. I will also see to healing anyone that needs it.

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you found a ICE draw full of meat it about 2 feet deep , 2 feet wide and 4 feet long the draw itself look like it cold all the meat inside is frozen.

the ship said the meat is horse meat kill four days ago and still good.
there is lot of paper on the floor allong with books, many of the book are in other languages.

Ship said they can arrive at the barony in 5 days. She know of two stops allong the way where fresh water and food can be bought as well as clothing. and be safe to allow those that want to to leave.

Travel can be half if the forward sail is deployed but she feel none of you are good enough to handle the ship or the sails yet.

There is a set of women clothing that fit but will be a bit loose on you.
Misha walk in.
"This is a dangerous world from the one you came from. The goddess inform me that this world is like your world in the middle ages but with magic and monster. Here dragons and goblins are real and magic not science dominate. The goddess said to me that there is no way back home for you. Your world veil will not thin again for several hundreds years by then those that you know would be gone."

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"I'm very aware of how dangerous it is. I've already seen first hand what this world is like. I've already seen multiple souls taken in by evil, death, and even slaver. God only know what the captain was. I've never seen anything like him. He looks something like the creatures from the first 'Star Wars' movie. God look at me I'm a emotional wreck. It will pass. I will be ok."

Rubbing a few tears from her eyes. As I put on the loose clothes.

"Let's make sure everyone is ok. Looks like we have enough meat for now but I'm sure we are going to need more food supplies. Kisha tells that we are 5 days from the barony you were talking about. She also tells me that there are 2 stops along the way where we can get fresh water and more supplies. Can you get a inventory started and get someone to make a list of what we might need? Will the money we have here be enough to get us what we need?"

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Over the next few days the ex slaves all seem to get healthier, Misha put the statue of Deltesta up with an altar and it seem to help heal everyone.
11 of them want to take their chances at the first stop. Misha said 25 gold 200 silver and 1000 copper will give each about 1 years worth living serveral more year if they careful with it.
the rest of the slaves want to travel with you and misha promises of a home and new start intrigue them.

The 2 warriors have pledge themselves to be your and Misha protectors

John said," Lady Celina I know that you and Lady misha does not like death, I been talking to the others and feel that the Clubs of pain while can cause much pain does not kill or permantly harm someone. We would like to use them as primary weapons for your protection and only use edge weapons only if we must.
I was a guard for a rich merchant family the Slaver capture me a few days after our caravan was attack by Bandits that killed everyone and left me to die tied up to a cross.

Daniel was capture when they sank the ship he was on. He delay the slavers long enough fo rthe captain to sink the ship keeping the slaver from it goods. We both looking for service and work, and feel that the goddess is strong in both of you. We feel it be best to be your protectors.

The Lady Warrior she not seem eager to join you as a guard but willing to travel to the this place maybe find good work. Misha tell you grinning the Lady warrior perfer women to men and that Misha not her type but you are. Misha giggles as she exit the room.

The wizard remind you of a geek tech back at the hospital eager to please and talk in big words.

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I will call everyone up on deck to make an announcement.

"I don't know if you have already heard or not but we will be making a stop real soon to get supplies. I know at least 10 of you have expressed a desire to be dropped off there. Your wish will be granted and along with that, those individuals will be given 20 gold to get you started. We may be making other stop before we get to our final destination. If anyone wants to get off there they are welcome to. Those individuals will also be given 20 gold. The rest will be given the same amount when we make our final stop. When we make our stop for supplies everyone is free to get off and go about as they please but it will probably be safer if you stay on the ship. A few select individuals will be getting off to get our supplies. Does anyone here have any trading experience? I would like to get as good a deal as possible. I'm looking for any volunteers."

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The ship land on the river a mile upstream and float down to the docks the dockmen at the dock look at the ship with wonder and distrust.

Misha voluteer along with John and several of the women. They shop for several hours, several porters arrive over the four hours dropping off clothing, food and supplies. 10 of the people take the money and departs from the ship. one of which was the lady sorceror.

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If one of the men that volunteered to be my body guard thinks it would be safe enough, I would like to get off ship and do a little shopping. I want to look for some clothes and maybe a musical instrument. I'm not so stupid as to go off by myself but she does want to get off and strech her legs.

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Daniel escort you into town, the population is about 1000 plus or misus a hundred, there is a temple here but the goddess here is Helena goddess of crops and food. there are 3 stores, one is general merchant, one is a leather/ leather armor merchant and one is a cloth and clothing merchant. Blacksmith and 2 taverns.

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{"Kisha is there anything that we need to get for the bonding ceremony? If so I will try and find it while we are out."}

I will take David with me then.

"I hope you are a good bargainer for I'm new here. Is there anything that you need while we are out?"

I will first head to the cloth and clothing merchant. I will also try to get anything that might be needed for the ceremony

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Kisha said the bonding ceromony only takes a few minsute but the bonding will take about several years. Longer together or near to each other, 1 mile you both will bond. at least 50% of the year together within that 1 mile radious.

The clothing store have some basic temple robes. and other clothing you can find a few items that look good.

before you exit the store you see a group of men gather outside and heard through the door.

Your family on the way? said one man
yes but why you want my boys? said the other
A elven ship dock the crew look like they are escape slaves, non look eleven, and two are clerics and they be easy to get rid off.
what about there crew? the other said
Look like only a few could put up a fight, if we capture this we could sell the vessel for a price of a small kingdom!
When we Attack?
One candle Mark after sunset, I will have 10 men and with your men and boys we have 34 men that should be enough.
So in about 5 marks then.
We meet at the docks at sunset!

Then the group parted of 13 men

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"David lets put that away for now. We will have everything we need in about 2 hours. I want to draw as little attention as possible to ourselves."

{"Kisha, we have a bit of a problem. Me and David just overheard some men talking. About 30 men will be attacking us with the intention of taking you from us. We have 5 hours before the attack. Don't alarm anyone let. They might have others watching you and if they know we are aware they might attack earlier. We will be back soon."}

We will then head to the general merchant shop then. Maybe we will find Misha there. Maybe they will also have musical instruments for sale. If not no biggy

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You find misha at the merchant shop with several men and women carrying bundles of goods.

The mechant shop have 2 instrument one is a hand crafted wood flute cost 1 gp the other is a harp like asian string instrument elfen make 3 gp

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"We need to get our supplies and get back to the ship. I just overheard men talking about stealing our ship. We have about 5 hours, 1 hour after sunset before they attack. There are going to be 30 plus men attacking us. I think we need to be out of here before then."


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