A Dragon in the Sky - I Spy #1

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A Dragon in the Sky - I Spy #1

Post  EpicAdmin on Wed May 19, 2010 8:53 pm

At the temple, Grace have you talk to a woman about where the location is, after 10 min the woman go into a trance and you again feel the goddess presence.

A voice you have heard in your dreams, "There is a shrine closer to the one you seek, it is not yet blessed by me. What are you willing to give for me to open this shrine?"

You feel that the goddess has no wish of money, what she seek is something that will aplease a goddess.

You see Grace is surprise that the goddess is speaking. she and the other priest and priestessa are kneeling. behind you your own men have kneel.

Then the world change and you are standing upon a white mountain top with clouds below you hidding the land below, the sky is the most blue and the air most crisp, and the clouds look like cotton.

"You not need to bow before me Aslan, we have met before many times in many lifetimes, In some we were lovers in some you anger me, but always you tried to applease me before you pass away to be reborn. Always choosing to be reborn to help mankind!" you turn and see the most beautiful woman in the world and feel you belong with her. She sits upon a bench with grapes growning from a vine near her she pluck one and eat it.

"You serve the Great mother this time! not me, I'm disappointed," She look a little hurt, "you always in the end help the Rish-as the mother."
"You are one of the few champions that we can use to aid us."

"And now you are back to save your Order, The Order you lost 100 years ago, and to protect this land for Rish-as?
Nooo" she look up at you, "you are back because of them, two women that you have love thoughout time and have lost. They are here now both of them! Of course why else would you turn down the heavens."

"I wonder which you will chose over the other?" no matter It be fun to watch, you have never bored me Aslan, and never fail me either."

I will help you, my friend, my price is high, You must bear a daughter and son, The daughter is to be raise a priestess of my temple, your son has much to fullfil in his own time. Each child must be born by the two women you loved, I mean you still love."

"Maybe after 100s of tries you can be with the ones you love and finally have a family.
But then you was always a crusader helping those that can not help themselves. You have soften my heart over the centuries to the mortals, maybe you can heal the mother goddess. each time you return there is one less dark druid to influence the goddess."

"I will put in your path tools to help you, even thou you serve the mother now, I still consider you mine. there are other gods that will seek to hinder you. Seeking me out carries a price so be careful. I am at any of my temples or shrine, you ask for help or advice be prepare to pay."

"I have talk too much I'm sure you wish to talk to me,"

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*** Off topic ****

We just got back to the house at 9pm. While at court adopting Nicki, we got a call for another baby. She is 8 days old. We had to stay at hospital for about 4 hours. About 2 of those hours was waiting for a car seat

Will post later . Getting something to eat and going to bed. Have to go to work tomorrow

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"Yes I do wish to talk because I have a few questions. First off. Why was I picked to be your champion and I assume the two women that you are talking about are Eva & Grace? You say that this price I must pay is to father a daughter and son. Must they be born one from each or can they both be born from one?"

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"FOR THAT YOU WILL PAY!" A woman voice behind you that sound just like Deltesta says.

Your feel the heat as a large energy bolt pass you Striking Detesta as she sat upon the bench, The Sky light up with a blinding flash and you are blinded for a few minutes, As your vision clears 2 women are lock in mortal battle both look like Detesta.

A blast of energy send them apart, both slowly get up, and look to you.

The one on your right say,"Aslan help me!" holding out her arms to you.
The one on your left ,points behind you and say,"Go help your friends, they need you. Dawn is near." and turn her back to you to face the other Deltesta.

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I will go help my friends

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"You Rotten little man, I would given you much!" you see the Deltesta to the right change into a Very beautiful dark black skin woman with long wavy white hair and white eyes. "turning back to deltesta," you won this battle but i will win the war!" And disappear.

As you step back through the portal you are standing where you left, listening to the seeker, "the price is one Shrineis to be built."

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Question to robert

Did I miss something how did the price go from 10gp/man to a shrine?

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10 gp per man to port, for opening a shrine portal near eva the goddess ask for 1 shrine to be built.

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"I agree to the price"

*** Note to robert ***

thanks for clarifying. I thought that we were still be transported to the original location. Didnt realize that she actually opened the closer location.

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There a large Glowing white circluar pool of water with 10 clerics around the pool. Grace said to you and the other ninetten knights when i say NOW, The first 10 jump into the pool go to the bottom of the pool count to 10 and come back up to the surface you will be at the shrine. If you do not do this you could lose a part of your body or or life. The next 10 will step forward to wait for me to say NOW again, Please do the say as first group.

You a few knights muttering jokes behind you about fear of water, never swim in their life, wonder if it cold.

She watches the statue of the goddess when you see the first rays of sunlight fall upon her face she said " NOW!" first ten leap into the water and you see them hit the bottom and vanish, she finish counting to 10 then say NOW!
You leap into the clear glow white water and landed feet first on the bottom, the feeling is almost womb like and you almost forget to count, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, and as a group you psuh off the floor and you standing knee deep in a circluar pool,

Sounds of neighing and drumming of hoofbeats in panic around you as you clear your eyes, you hear the running feet of thousands that sound like rolling thunder as your eyes clear you see racing away from you thousands of wild horses, looking around you see six of your men are kneeling beside horses that have fell and are in middle of labor. You hear Thomas order another"

"you!" pointing at a knight" I know you work with horses, this one has a colt imbelica cord wrap around his neck get to work on her," you Pointing to another She need the baby turn around," waking to another horse you see hime mutter a spell and the panic mother calms down he touches the belly, Kase! twins here she about to pop. Don't panic them let me calm them!"

You see Damin ordering 6 knights into sentry, Keep I eye out you bugger! and keep an eye in the sky we not need a dragon swoop down one us, our entrance has just been mail out for all to know because of these horses.

Damin step up to you and salute," sir all present I posted 6 sentries and Sir Thomas has a detail to help on the horses that seem to be using this area for birthing.

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"Thanks Damin. We have about 6 hours until the rest of the men make it here. Lets make to best of that time. Lets not get to bunched up. If the dragon does come down on us I don't want it getting too many of us at once. I have a few ideas about how to combat this dragon but I also want input from you and thomas if you have any. That will be all for now. I'm going to hopefully enlist some of our animal friend and see what I can find out about what lays ahead of us."

I'm going to see what I can find out from the local animals about the dragon by talking to them. I will also see if I can enlist one of them to reconnoiter the way ahead to the tree. If i can i will use my skill to see through their eyes. It does have to be a bird just something that could possibly get close enough for me so see what is going on.

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There are some birds, a few hawks, buzzards, beaver and otter in the river the river is about 300 feet across, and slow moving, abd cold, you see in the distance small and large dear, anelope, some wolves.
and you see horses to teh north of you and to the east a large heard of buffalo that 3 time the size of the america buffalo with ram horns. praies dogs and jack rabbits. take a pick

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I will try to talk to one of the wolves. Using mind control if need be and then send him off toward the tree. I will also use might sight through his to see what he sees.

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He refuse to go to the tree, the Winged one nest there. all perish beneath the tree, There is a two legged stalker that live below the tree in the ground, The stalker feeds the winged one.

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What type of image of the stalker do I get from him?


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