A Dragon in the Sky - I Spy #2

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A Dragon in the Sky - I Spy #2

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The winged one you see image of a dragon creature, the stalker is just shadow of someone moving in the shadows, they fear the stalker, the stalker can kill from afar they seen it kill a deer from 15 leaps

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I will go tell one of the men. "I will be back in about 30 minutes. I'm going to see what I can see."

I will go to the edge of the river and then turn into the trout and go see what I can see.

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You swim down stream narrowing missing getting your tail bit a few time and you see near the tree a opening into the mound near the water edge where the tree is. standing there is Eva she look like she staning in a door way.

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I'm not liking this one bit. I will find some tall grass and change into a snake. I want to get a closer look. I will then slither using hopefully tall grass to cover my travels up to the door to try and get a closer look. I will use my concealment and stealth to try and make myself not seen.

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You miss your stealth roll and you see eva look down at you and crouch, "Sorry little snake you will have to hunt somewhere else for your food, I got enough problems with Reptiles," she pick you up and gentle put you back outside. you hear her said to herself.

"why do I get a feeling that noise to the east is you Aslan?" She sign, I pray you not do something foolish and try to attack the tree, That not the dragon I'm worry about!"

"Goddess keep him, safe please!"

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I still going to try and get a better look around the area. See if i can succeed in my stealth and concealment this time. I would like to see if there is any hidden dangers.

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You get pass her this time and you are in a tunnel that has an arch roof that goes 10 feet and branches right and left you see the dirt on the brick floor is more pack to the right you go a few more feet and find a large room with torches burning, you see Eva's gear in the corner and a bed roll on the floor and a pigeon box that can hold 5 pigeons only 2 left inside, there are a pile of oil leather on the ground and a open book. there are 2 close doors in here one to the east and one to the west. and near the bed is a pile of hair that being weave into rope.

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I will try to make just enough noise to get her to come back through the door way without her seeing me. I would like to be by the door if she enters

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You almost didn't see her, she was a blur as she move into the room, then she was there holding a dagger in both hand, in a crouch looking at the door to the far side. She stop moving and you see her slowly fade away almost blending with the wall. she not see you.

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I will turn back to Aslan. Reserving action, I will say "Don't turn around its me Aslan". I know I will probably scare her so I will be ready to stop what ever attack may come my way.

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She reappeared and drops her knives and turn to you and leap at you with a big hug with tears flowing down her face.

"Thank the gods!"

feeling your back she said "you are real, I been here for almost 2 weeks!"

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"What exactly has been going on and what dragon are you worried about?

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"I went scouting ahead of my group and came upon this huge Oak by a lake, when I got too close a dragon leap out and i stumble upon this door. after a few days i sent off several pigeons, then started scouting, The dragon is a female and she not a dragon but a Drake, they are offspring of the dragons that been curse by the Mother for turning against her. They are about 1/3 the size of dragons and are hunted down by them and killed. Male drakes have no wings and female have wings instead of front arms, Dragons bear about 2 to 3 eggs and drakes can lay up to 12 eggs, they have a high death rate, mostly other dragons,
They almost as smart as humans, but unlike dragons they can not pass down their knowledge and memories from parent to hatchling. when a drake is born they must learn everything new again like humans, when a dragon matures it memories and histories and spell are remembered."
Holding up her fingers "bear with me please i done a lot of reading here. "

The female drake above is has been untrained, she has no language, no history, she has the mentality of a 10 year old with no education. and she been rape repeatly by another dragon, That is the dragon i have a problem with. He a big Black Acid breathing Ass of a dragon he came last week and raped her and left her for dead she climb back up into the nest and she has heal herself as best as she can. I been laying food for her beneath the tree she finally been eatting it. Her wings been broken several times she barely can glide, her back been broken and rake a few times and her neck been bitten and acid. She still climb back upon the nest, This is her 2nd batch of eggs, the black dragon kill the babies when they was born, I found them half buried 100 yards from here."

"Tears falling down her face, We need to help her!"

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"We will help her but first we must make sure everyone is safe. Can she move on her own and do you know if that Black Dragon is going to be back any time soon. I would assume not since he left her for dead but where dragons are concerned I won't assume anything.

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A strange noise came from the door to the right, Eva not look surprise but she seem nervous,"There a slight problems, She hatched her babies yesterday and I have all 8 that hatched out of 10 in that room."
" She caught me in the open yesterday and instead of killing me she push me to the tree, when she flew up into the nest i could have ran but there was a pleading in her eyes. I waited, she landed again and open her mouth and 2 baby drakes stumble to the ground, They tried at first to bite me then she Pee on me and snapped at the babies, I was wet and smelling badly and the 2 drake started rubbing against me.
She leap back up and brought down all 8 drakes, 2 females and 6 males. She push me to my hiding spot and i took the babies below. I just got a bath a few hours ago and kill a small deer for them." point up She been cleaning her nest and the area around the tree of the eggs I think she going to try to get herself killed so the babies wills survive."

Note (female drakes fly but can not walk well on land, Males drakes are smaller than females and have no flying ablilities but are fast runners, normally 1 male drake will survive out of a litter of 10 to full adulthood, they grow fast and reach their full sizes in 1 year, after 5 years they can start mating. Drakes have a split tail unlike the dragon and drakes live up to 1000 years so far.) http://shiverspine.com/eamforum/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=6


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