A Dragon in the Sky - I Spy #3

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A Dragon in the Sky - I Spy #3

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"So what is your plan? I'm really not looking forward to fighting a black dragon. If we do get the babies away undamaged where and how do you plan on taking care of them. They can't be taken close to a town. Taking care of this babies is a big responsibility. I will do what I can but ..."

"By the way its good to see you again."

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"I think I can find some voluteers among your Order to help me raise the drakes they are rangers and not prone to living in towns."

she points to the other door "there is where Lord marshal and his squire is, you might want to see them."

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"I hope I didn't come across as if I don't care because I do. The questions needed to be asked is all. We need to get them away as soon as possible before the black dragon comes back. Will we need a wagon to transport them or can they move on their own?

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"I not know, it took all i have to just get in room and they already 2x theier size." I know you not being tough, I can not take them to my people they will eat all the flock. I think we ca train them not to eat but they have to grow a little to understand."
"you brought a wagon?" looking surprised

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"Unfortunately no. We were teleported here by one of the temples. We could probably build something but it will take time. Maybe there is something on the other side of that other door that may help us. You said that the Lord Marshal and his squire is on the other side of that door. How do you know that they are who you think they are and how did you know that I would be interested?

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"Your ring is a cheap imitation of the one he wearing, This book....." reaching into her backpack is the history of the last days of the Knights of the Kingdom. and their battle with the Dark druids army. over 9000 knights, men-at arms, men, women and children died in 3 days here, It tells how the druids cover their war with this lake. The last survivor died a few days after the battle he was the high marshal's squire and he put everything down in this book. so I figure since you have the ring you are High Marshal, I not seen any on any other knights. and i'm a scout I have to notice things, there is a war banner in there wrapped up in oil cloth, There look to be about 100 bows wrapped too but when I get near them, I swear the squire moves, Only when I took the book that nothing happen."

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With a big smile. "You never cease to amaze me Eva. Your wonderful. Why don't we take a look together and see what is to be discovered"

If she agrees and will then head toward the door to open it.

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She open the door to the room for you, as you enter you feel a presense of reverance, a ghostly appearance of a knight stands before you. He kneels before you his sword lay upon the floor, a ghostly voice fill the room, "Lord Marshal, I humblely give back to you the land of Our Order as was directed to me by my Lord Marshal, The ring upon his hand will open locks, and the Quiver is your to wear, I regret I can not present you with the Armer of the Lord Marshal, for the Orcs and Ogre took them when the druid Slayed my Lord Marshal, The Goddess of Light ask me to wait here until A Lord Marshal comes. This is all that is left of the Order, The bows were made by the elves for a favor we done them, They are hand grown with our symbol crest embedded, with a word the bows will put up a shield to protect from arrows.
There are books of history and knowledge here, as well as a map to build this city from the clay of the land. agaist the far wall is the battle banner that The Lord marshal had put away for fear our enemies would get it on the last day. She is 1000 years old please care for her, many a battles were won under her." If My lord have no farther need of me or my knowledge I shall pass on to my brothen."

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"Thank you for your service. I hearby release you. Please go in peace. You will always be remember. Thank you again."

I will then bow to him in respect.

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You hear "Home" as he fade away

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"I will walk over and respectfully remove the ring and quiver from the lord marshal. Thank you Lord Marshall. I will alway strive to make you proud."

I will then put on the ring and take a look at the quiver

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There is elven script on the quiver it is light and look the hold slots for different arrows but they seem to can only hold 5 arrows per slot up to 50 arrows

At your feet is the body of the Squire he wearing chain mail armor and a batter shield lay near him, across his lap is a longsword, with dwarven runes down the blade, his helmet is next to the shield and a dagger is missing from it sheave. he has only 2 gold on him. an dry ink bottle is tip on the floor and a old feather quill for writing a outline of a book in the dust on the floor.

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EXPerience for 50 posting EXP 1 NPC exp 1

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"Eva. I really need to go see how my men are doing and let them know that I'm ok. You can stay here or come with me. Its up to you. I will be back. I wan't to check out the rest of this place but first my men need to know what is going on. Like I said its up to you."

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Before she said anything a feeling of Fear fill the air and the sound of two roaring Dragons filling the the silence and a clap of thunder as the earth shook, dirt and debris fell to the ground around you, stumbling to the exit you hear the sound of two dragon battling above you, thundering down to you. You hear a gut wenching scream of dispair and a roar of trumpth as the ground still shakes.


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