A Dragon in the Sky - I Spy #4

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A Dragon in the Sky - I Spy #4

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If I feel like I can do it safely and with some cover so that I will not been see I will go out to see what is happening.

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You see a large black dragon three time the size of the drake he and on top of the drake pinning her to the ground and he is raping the dragon. His teeth dripping with blood and acid are clamp into the back of her neck his forward claws have pin her wings to the ground that look like he may have broken both wings. She let out a pitiful moan and slump, as he growls his triumph. You feel an air of fear creeping into you.
To your right about six meters from the dragons and drake the air simmers and bends then there are Ten knights of your order standing there and then the air return to normal.
Phase 12
Sir Damin begin to glow from the amulet to a glow that cover him, then the other knights, then you and Eva started to glow and then the drake. You felt the fear wash away. (+30 Presence area effect)

Sir Trow throw a ball like object that rolls up to the side of the black dragon leg and the drake and then began to vine from the ground entangling both the drake and dragon. (5body. 4 def entangle)

Sir Rigth shoot a ice bolt from the glasslike bow she welds and encase the black dragon wings in ice(3 body 2 DEF Entangle)

Sir Edgar step forward and mutter, a large cone of flash hit the dragon only to not affect the dragon, he had flash defense.

Sir Dearn leap forward and throw a javelin high into the sky and it disappear
Sir Farne Leap forward and throw his spear high into the sky and it disappear
From the heavens 2 bolts of lightning strikes the Dragon and blinds his hearing for 1 phase and do 44 stun after defenses and knock him off the drake.

Sir Hammerhand Throw his war hammer and yells a dwarven curse the hammer fly from his hand in a blur and slam into the side of the black dragon doing 22 more stun.

Sir Ralwan Leaps and flip in the air landing on the back of the dragon and slam his bastard sword down deep into the back of the dragon. The dragon scream out pain taking 8 body and 22 more stun and almost fainted.

Sir Shiel de Wal step next to Sir Edgar and mutter a word a wall of energy spread north and south 20 meter in both direction and 6 meter tall

You are surprise so not phase 12

Post 12 recovery
Seg one
Seg two
Phase Three Dragon suck in air and breathe forth a stream of Acid upon the Energy wall the wall flicker but held.
Your turn

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I will fire 2 lightning arrows (6d6 energy) and 1 armor piercer (2d6 AP +2 resistant piercing) at the Black Dragon.

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Your lightning arrow stagger him, as the AP arrow punch into his neck, The dragon Crashes to the ground unconscious bleeding from several wound under labor breath

Phase four

Sir Ralwan step up to the Black dragon head His sword is flaring with a light so bright and hot you can almost feel the heat, with two hands He thrust the blade that is hmming into the head of the dragon piercing the brain killing the beast, As the sword pull out of the head the glow fades away. And the Knight knee in prayer plunging the sword into the ground the sword glow again send pluse after pulse of light into the eath, "May the goddess cleansed your tainted Soul. May your forgive me for taking your life, Blessing upon your journey to the gods." and he raise up.

The large tree that is the nest of the Drake began to bud out new leaves and branches push out making the tree fuller.

Eva run pass you to the drake yelling to the men not to harm her, they back away.

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I will walk up to my men.

"Is everyone ok, no one hurt I hope? Lets see what we can salvage from this beast. I think eva will be looking for voulentiers to help her with the drake, if she is savable."

Unless they have something to say, I will walk over to eva. "How is she?"

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You hear a whoosh and see a dwarf slid 10 feet holding on to a hammer. the air behind the dragon shimmer and the rest of your men step through and look disappointed,

Eva look up at you she dying, too many wounds and there acid in her neck, I have nothing to flush the wound of acid,

Several Ranger step forward and deposit at her feet 10 bottles of red potion of healing. They all say this should help.

"Grand Marshal? said on of the knights that just arrive I can carry her," bring together his hand his gloves begin to glow and the man Call Sir Gart begain to grow 6 levels in to a gaint.

"So Can I" said a halfling I have gauntlet of Gaint STR but not sure if I can see where I going!" Sir Thimblefoot.

Eva look at you then to Sir Gart she said " let me pour these potions in then soak her neck in the water please then i need to find a place for her to heal."

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I will look at sir gart and the other knight there.

"Do what you can do to help."

I will tell the men.

"Lets go ahead and set up camp somewhere safe. We have lots to do here. We need to get everything we can from this black dragon. Build some carts or something to haul it. And I think we should see about taming some of the horses for ourselves and maybe take some back with us to sell. We also have an area near that tree to explore."

Unless something else happens, I will then say

"3 of you follow me. Sir Hammerhand I would like you to be one of them. One of you will be returning with something to add to our camp. It's our lost banner."

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Everyone get to work and 3 volunteer with Sir Hammerhand to follow you. Eva is witht the Gaint and they are washing the wounds, and Sir Thimblefoot set up to you, "Sur! Could the Dragon uhhh Drake heal faster at the Shrine?"

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"Very good idea Sir Thimblefoot. Lets make it happen. I will then take the three with me to the room just inside the outside doorway.

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The three follow you.

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When I get there. I will tell them. "Leave that room alone the drakes offspring are in there. We will search the rest of rooms through the other door."

I will take them through the other door. I will go over to the banner, pick it up and turn back to the 3 knights.

"Which one of you would like to take this back to our camp?"

I will also walk over to the sword and show it to the dwarf

"Can you tell me what this says. My dwarven is a little rusty?"

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The dwarf look at you for a moment puzzle then Laugh. "Dwarven rusty that funny!" looking at the sword he turn it over several times then look at you" Mine a bit rusty too we not write dwarven much but I do understand this "I Kill Gaints"

while you talk. Two of the men carry the banner still wrapped out the room with the help of another to keep from letting it touch the floor.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHH Dwarven Chainmail!" looking at the armor on the Squire. "OHHHHHHhDwarven Helmet! This man must have been important to have this! Half the wieght of Chainmail but act like Plate!"

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"He was the squire to one of the past Lord Marshall. Maybe the history books will tell us something. We will look into it but first lets see what else there is behind the other doors."

I will start looking through the rest of the rooms. I will not however look into the room holding the baby dragons.

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the next room is large the back side has collapse there are stack of tools for building, saws for wood, several stacks of 1000s of red bricks, and a road grader, several plows, and in one corner about 50 saddle and tack and bags for horses, and a large chest that has a key opening that a ring fit in. hundreds of jugs of food and drinks that gone bad, and 10 jug of wine. you and the Dwarf killed several rats but nothing big. takes about a hour to find all this, To move on to the next room require digging.

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I will open the chest with my newly acquired ring


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