A Dragon in the Sky - I Spy #5

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A Dragon in the Sky - I Spy #5

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Copy of the deed to the land for the Order Land under the Order protection is all land that can be defend with 1000 troops in 1 day travel.

10 treaties with tribes of creatures, orcs to the north, ogres to the soutwest, several Orders, and a treaty with the Black Dwarves.
bank notes to 16 different moneylenders totaling 10,360 gold
spell book wrapped in a robe,
5 large acorns

accounting books show the Order was getting most of it income from building bridges and roads, escorting carvans, and important people, several towns were rebuilt after distaster the cities paid a small monthly fee for the rebuilding, most of the cost were drop in half on the books. income was enough to have 1000 knight 5000 squires and 50,000 men that patrol and protect the kingdom from bandits and bad orders, and creatures attacks.

The Last year in the book show lost of half the Order men from ambushes. the book showed an income of 10,000 gold a year 90% of the yearly income was being use for troops and building, labor.

and a saving of 15,690 gp is shown in the book

500,300 copper 5050 silver and 690 gold 30 plat in the bottom for the chest

3 foot high Statue of silver of the goddess Deltesta worth almost 1000 gp. weight 300 pounds

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I will lock everything back up in the chest and then head back out to see how things are going with the camp set up.

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As you head back out Sir Ralwan hail you from the entrance.

"Sir the Halfling fell in a hole and refusing to come out, he said there are encampment gear and he wanting to see what there, We hear fighting and 2 other knights dropped down, the hole too small for the rest of us, I got 4 men digging with ropes around them incase the ground goes out from under them.

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I will not let my men fight down there without me so I will get close to the hole. When I get close to the hole I will say a few words that I heard my mother say when she was casting a spell. I want the men to think that I'm casting a spell. Just after I say the words. I will change into a Rhesus Monkey. I will then jump down to help my men. When I get down there I will take a look and see what is going on.

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your three knights are fighting several brooms, mops, shovels, and other objects, as you watch the halfling was sweep up into a dust catcher and dump into a trash can the lid slam hard on his helmet head you can hear the ringing sound from where you are, Anothe knight get slap in the face with a mop, as another trips him, you see a floating buckets of soapy water get toss on him as 2 more mops move his way, the Third knight smash a shovel into and grab at a broom only to miss.

Looks like someone open a trap full of unseen servants that been assign to harrass the enemy.

Post 12 rec

seg 1
seg 2
phase 3 your move

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I will change back into Aslan. Before I try and fight them I would like to try one thing

Reserving an action

"By the order of the Lord Marshal of the Knights of the Kingdom. Stop harassing my knights."

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All the mops,brooms, buckets, shovels and other items sweep toward you and stop in a roll in formation at attention and then clatter to the floor. the room go quiet.

you hear a pleading voice from the trash bins, "Hello anyone out there, I can use some help here, helloo?

The lady knight on the ground get up, "I swear I never ever say that housework is an easy job to a woman that work at home!"

The other knight help her up and say "Amen"

Both look at you sheeply cover in suds.

"Hello?" you hear again from the halfling

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I will walk over to the trash can and help the halfling out.

With a smile. I will say

"You really need to watch out. That first step is really a big one. You ok?"

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"Gods I hate traps! that why I became a Knight, so I not have to deal with traps! Open a crate up and Bam!broom to the right of me, Brooms to the Left, then I get Mop slap from Behind! MOPS!"

"Oh there are tents and equipment for 1000 men here some in good condition."

Basic equipment for Troops, tent, utinel (cup, spoon fork, knife, flint, small shovel/hacket 25' rope, 2 poles on frame for use on tent and hold pack up. water skin.

There are several other tents very karge, one a command tent, one a healer tent and thrid is the commander sleep tent and about 10 tents that sleep 10.

about 10,000 square yards of sail cloth ( same as tent)

several fletcher kits
an anvil
forge equipment
doctor surgery equipment

2 tons of ore
1000 torches
100 laterns
20 cases of oil to (fill each lantern 5 time for 50 hours of light)
other misc items
and more and more stacks of red bricks

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"Everyone Ok? If so lets get some of the more useful stuff out of here like the tents. We may be able to use the tents while we are here.

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Experience 2 and all NPC 1 EXP


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