The Temple of Deltesta #1

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The Temple of Deltesta #1

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Looking at the temple with th erising sun you could not imagine such a place to be on earth, the temple rises from the Island into the sky by 100 stories white granite twisting and turning with stainglass windows everywhere into the sky at the very top floats a tower like building with column where a bright light beackon out from it. you feel a calm, a warm as you gazw upon it a feeling of peace.

Misha whispers that is where the avatar of the goddess sleeps until the goddess need her body, the light and the bells destroy undead for miles and hurt anything evil.
You see a column of 10men in mirror polish armor wearing white tabbard with a man riding a white horse leading them the men are carrying pole arms with white flags.

As the leader stop his horse and climb off, you realize the horse has wings of a pegaus. The knight standing a good 6 feet tall take off his helmet reveiling a mane of blond hair and put the helmet under his left arm and kneel before you and Misha.

"Welcome Ladies of the Light," Looking up to you with amazing blue eyes that seem to peirce the soul. "I am Sir Ivan White, Defender of the Light. I am to escort you to your rooms. my men will escort your friend to their quarters andshow them where they will wash and eat."

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"Thank you Sir White. This is truely an amazing place. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it. Even the Vatican has nothing on it."

What type of emotions am I feeling from these men?

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You sense loyalty, some awe from the men, and respect you also feel they are fearless.
Sir Ivan White you do not sense anything you feel the power of the goddess around him, he give off aura of strength, power, and fearness that seem to make your heart feel lighter as if all will be ok that nothing can harm you.

He stand and Look down at you and say This way my lady with a twinkle in his eyes and a smile.

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"Thank you kind sir. Please lead the way."

I will follow and try to take in all the new sights and sounds.

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The Temple is wonderful, statues of beautiful women and men every where, Stain glass windows everywhere show people being heal, or of love or children. murals on walls dipicting scene of family of healing on battlefields, palidin fighting evil, priestess holding back darkness.
all over you see White of the priestess and knights, greys of those in training and bright blue of those working. Astist from painters to scuplures to masons are at work, musicians are scatter throughout the city playing music. Most are working for free paying back the goddess for returning to life or to thank her for healing. Some have form businesses to help the temple.
You find yourself at your quarters and Sir Ivan White open the door to your place. Walking in you feel like you just enter a spa resort on a greek island, beautiful marble floor and column with white silk drapes flowing in the warm breeze. there are three rooms one of which is a large round bed full of pillows and feel like a cloud. the living area have seating with pillow and cushion that you could just relax in. the other room is the kitchen with a freezing room at one end. Misha tell you that a magic spell is cast in that room to keep temperature below freezing. as you step outside onto your patio you find three pools the upper pool is very warm water like a hot tub. next to it is another larger pool that is colder,the third pool is below that with the water from the first two falling into it like a waterfall mixing making the pool warm for bathing or shower and private. all around the pool is a flowering garden with herbs and spices use for the garden. A young girl of 13 come out to you and Misha and Sir White with a tray of warm tea and honey and serves you all at the table.
Misha tell you that a student in training will assist you when your home here. If you not need her to have her return to her dorm. On Saturday the assistant is not on duty for family visits.

Sir Ivan White put down his empty tea and bows to you both and say he expect your for defense classes in 2 days.
"Good day ladies" bowing and exit.
Misha whisper after he leaves "Goddess he hot!"

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"He is good looking. This is a very nice apartment. I've never had a walk in refrigerator before. How much is the rent? Hey! Wait a minute what did he mean by defense training?"

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The next few days of relaxing you finally learn what the rent is 10% donation to the church of any income you get. This give you access to all the island temple ground floor and the place you staying at. The people you was with was given there gold from what you found in the ship the total value you recieve was 1100 gp, the temple receive 110 gp from you leaving you with 990 gp.
There is one free meal given a day here at the temple and at the town across the lake by the temple to anyone that want it. It given in the afternoon and it is soup (like a soup kitchen) anyone can eat, help is always welcome to help cook and serve. If wanting more better food
Cost of eatting = eatting very good 10 gp per day - expensive wine, lots of fruit, duck/chicken
eatting above adverage 5 gp per day - good wine, some fruits, lots of veg, some meat
eatting adverage 1 gp per day - average wine little fruit, some veg. meat once a week
eatting below adverage 5 sp per week-poor wine (watered) no fruit, bread & cheese, little veg, no meat
eatting poor 1 sp per day poor wine, bread and cheese.

The ship is dock free of charge because it consider a living being by the goddess. The ship is healing slowly and will need lumber to absorb, better the quality of the lumber and type the better the healing and strength.
100 gp per point of health needed to heal. The ship has a 1000 hp currently it has 802 hp can repair at 10 hp per day when wood is put into the hold.

Sir White has pass you off to a squire to train you in defense and combat with a staff. After a few days you realize that Sir White remind you of many actors like Brad Pitt who is more into himself than the world around him. After a while you also know he rarely leave the island perfering to protect it shores from the temple. He is good at organizing a defense but you feel he would not be one you like to lead an army into battle but to defend a place. Shallow is just one word you and Misha talk about most when he come up as a topic during evening tea. Misha has taken you under her wing on teaching you spells. you learn that spell of healing only need you to be withing 10 feet of the person and for you to see them. As you get stronger (you gain +1 ft per level in range)

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Couple things I want to do.

I want to start exploring the town. I'm looking for musical instruments. She has skill in playing the Lute and Singing. I also want to start looking around for people who sell the would that she will need for the ship. She needs to start looking around for ways to bring in some gold. Some ideas I am thinking of are maybe singing and playing the lute. She will also spend some time on the ship getting it cleaned up. I also want her to look around the temple to see what classes are being taught. Maybe she can assist in these classes, provide some valuable information on the healing arts.

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You do hear of a musical insturment shop in the temple market district and there a musical insturment shop in the town across the lake.
The one in the temple district The Song and String shop has lutes and harps and magical instrument all hand crafted by the Bard there,the one in the town across the lake has musical insturments that commone men plays called the Rusty Strings, cheap lute, harps, and string insturments and percussions most are hand made locally by average to below average makers or bought from thoses selling their old ones sometimes a rare magic instruments show up.

There are several dozen people playing insturments and singing through out the temple paying back for treatment they feel they owe or to purchase a Lifestone. There are 2 guilds halls at the temple The Singer Guild and the Player Guild to join both is 1 gp each and can get access to who need singer or player or both.

You find noone teaching anything more than basic medical aid. You are stun at how much the magic healing does cure or mend many of the problems. The use of boiling water is not use nor is many of your surgery is taught, any time you talk about it you get the question why when spells will cure or clean. You sense that if no spell happen then there be many deaths.
You also watch a body appear on a table and several cleric rush forward while a older cleric step forward and cast a spell bring the body to life while the other pour a potion of healing down his throat. The man being thankful ask for another life stone and pull out 100 gold.
You learn that he was a guard for a merchant that got kill on the road from bandits. They was ambush he not remember much after getting hit by four arrows.

You can purchase or rent a shop in the merchant district to teach your doctor skills, or open a shop in the town. buying a shop is 10,000 gp, rent is 20 gp a month. in town it 5000 gp to buy or rent for 10 gp a month.
There are many bands of men and women at the town that looking for healer to go with them on treasure hunting to slaying monsters for village for money.
Also the ship can be use to transport goods like a merchant ship. you have room for 2 ton of cargo. 1 gp per 10 lbs (2000 lb max) per 100 miles.

pre made bandages to sell most people use rags at the moment of use, casting a spell of cleansing on them or blessing .

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I will go to the guild and look into joining both guilds. I will also inquire about their recommendations on where to go for an instrument.

I will also look into finding a shop that deals in herbs. She needs to learn what herbs there are here and what they do.

She also needs to locate someone that deals in lumber

Untill she can get someplace to settle she will look at making "House Calls" like doctors use to do back when she was young.

Unless you have something come up. She will divide her time between and not in any particular order

1. Defense Class
2. Once she purchases an intrument she will spend time each day playing and singing learning songs from the other bards and teaching them songs she knows
3. Checking out local inns. She basicly wants to get her self known to the towns folk
4. Spending time on the ship getting it clean.
5. Learning what she can from Misha about magic and teaching her in return what she can of her medical knowledge.

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Both Guilds have a 5% fee on any income gain from sing and playing music if you do both that 5% is divide between the two. This gives you access to their archives of music and lore both guilds are base in the music hall, 10,000 scroll of music is here, bardic spell too.
The Guild recommend the Song and String shop if you wish a custom made instrument of a 10% discount. The Rusty strings is a good place to get cheaper instruments and some good bargins one of the harpers said he found a magic harp string in there and bought it for 10 silver. He said he went back and paid the shop keeper 10 gp because it increase his music income by 10 times.

Both have a many lutes more ornate in Song and String more plain in the Rusty Strings 1 gp to 10 gp.
there are lute, harps, dulcimer, recorder, viol.

There is a carpenter in town that has many lumber, he sell soft wood at 1 sp per foot and hard wood at 2 sp per board foot (ship need 10 feet per 1 point to heal)
several herbal shops in town because of the temple and classes at the temple too, 1 month to get a basic in herbism
having no problems finding dirt in the ship, misha been teaching you cleaning spells that is helping it will take a month 4 hours a day of this to clease the smell and make it look nice.
Misha put aside 4 hours in the evening to teach you spell and learning from you, your medical knowledge.
Week pass very fast and very tiring, using the magic tires you out as if you spent 24 hour shift in ER but did only 4 hour of straight magic.
several of the (11) slaves you rescue have help you on cleaning and serving you for helping them escape and for healing them.

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I will join both bard guilds. I will first vist the 'Song and String' and see what intruments they have. I will also ask the carpenter how much hardwood he can provide. She has no problem with paying the man for the wood, but she will also see if there is any chance of trading.

What knowledge, that I have been teaching her, has Misha been most interested in?

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You learn that the bards guild can perform magic too in its song and music, They are willing to teach you how to channel magic through songs and music, The first spell song will take about a month to learn from a class a week and practices every day. After you learn this you can learn others on your own but to advance will require learning from a master.

The Jack the carpenter ask you what the wood is for so that he has a better understanding of what you need. you feel that he is honest, all of his wood you understand is from trees that are about to die or have fallen he travels far in the forest for woods. Some people say he has talk trees into giving him parts of themselves.

Misha want to learn about the body, (you will need a dead body to show her, or draw a detail body.)

At The Song and String the a man greet you and holds your hand for a moment, "I am William Strings I can see your hands are made for a lute." he turns your hand over then reach out and grab your left hand and feel it. "Aaaah yes I have a lute for you," and turn and exit the room. A elven woman steps in and see you.
"Hello I'm Raven Song I see my husband is helping you, If you need any music or spell music let me know I have some song sheet for sell."
In walk William Strings carrying a beautiful lute light in color and weight, with silverly strings the lute has symbols of healing upon it.
Looking excited "This is The Lourdes the lute of health, I made her a year ago from a dream I had I not understand the interwining snakes around a staff yet I carve it into the lute. The strings are from another lute that was destroyed over 100 years ago and was to believe to have powers of healing. I felt as if the goddess herself guided me to make this lute and then it just sit here waitting for you I believe.

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I will hold off on learning to channel music through my playing and singing for now. It is something I think she will work on later however.

To Jack the Carpenter
"I don't know if you are aware of it or not kind sir, but I'm am the companion to the elven ship that just docked into the harbor. She is not at full health. She needs the wood so that she can heal back the damage she suffered from the slavers."


To William Song
"She is very beautiful."

I will hold my hands out to pick the lute up.
"May I?"
If he allows me. I will pick it up and play a little tune to see how is plays.
"How much do you want for her?"


To Misha
"If you want me to show you more about human anatomy then I'm going to need someone to volunteer their body after they die. Do they have a morgue around here?

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Jack the Carpenter said he can supply iron wood that can increase the hull strength by +2 DEF + 2 body : cost 100 gp per body

STR 60
BODY 20 (26)
DVC -5
SIZE 9M X 3M X 3 M (30 feet x 10 feet x 10 feet)

picture of the ship is in galley pic

William song will sell you the Lute for 13 gp

Misha said there is a morgue called The Rest, they have bodies but you have to ask permission from people who are dying and not want to be rezz.


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