Father Knows Best #4

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Father Knows Best #4

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What my son does or not do is not my concern, low born. Once you make that information public do not expect any mercy from me. If I tell my son not to bother or interfer with you, he will try to dao anything he can to cause you problems.

I will double the amount given to you on 3 condition,

•you do not kill my son or allow anyone in your emplyment to kill him
•If the secret get out, by some other means, that you be willing under oath to say he is my son
•That you tell no one where you got the gold

Do you agree?

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I will agree with one modification. If I understand what you are saying, is that you don't have control of your son. I or anyone under my employment will not seek your son out but if he comes after me or my people and he dies then that cannot be helped. I will not tell my people not to defend themselves.

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If you give your word that you try not to kill him, if it within your power to, then I accept the terms. If I find out he died and could have been taken alive I will not stop until everyone responsible is dead.

Baron declared

offer his hand to you to shake

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I reach out to shake his hand but before I do I say

"I want 'Little Jimmy' delivered under armed escort to the bath house tonight, all charges dropped, and the gold tonight, if you agree then we have a deal."

If he agrees then I will shake his hand.

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He agrees and shakes your hand, "your man and your money be at the bath house in 3 hours, I have someone show you to the door", he step out of the room and the steward enter and have you follow him out through a side door, through the great hall that is fill with hugh murals of the god Koras. A large table that can hold 50 guest sit in the middle of the room, then the steward open the door to the entry hall and to your men.

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I will head back to the bathhouse then to see how things are going there. I will then go update my squire on what is going on.

Question - Back quite a few posts ago. I posted something about going to see Little jimmy in that same post I stated that I would do the below. Did I get a chance to do this while I was following the barons son and making arrangements for Little Jimmys release. If not then and if I have time before little jimmy is brought to the bathhouse then I will do so. If I dont have time then I will do it in the morning

I will then go see Lady Kettleworth. I will hire her. I will tell her that I am setting up an expadition to find a pass through the mountains and that I will be setting up a city about half way between the 2 outer edges of the mountain range hopefully in a valley. I will want a list from her of what she thinks I will need. I will want to bring all the expertise that I will need to build a thriving city. I will also tell her that we may have opsticles in our way like rivers with no bridges, tunnels to tunnel through and the like. I will also tell her about Eva and what she has to offer. I will ask her how long she will need to get this all together.

I will also ask her if there is anything else that they advice.

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Lady Kettleworth has no problem with getting things organize, she ask for access to at least 1000 gp for getting supplies and equipment. And ask for 20, 1/4 acre of land grants to get quality people interested in coming.

you can talk to Little Jimmy before his release if you wish, he be at the bathouse in 3 hours either way you can talk to him.

the Book of Time

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While I am waiting for them to bring 'Little Jimmy', if I have time, I will go see Lady Kettleworth to see how things are coming along.

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She has a blacksmith family, a stonemasoner and family, wheelwright, cobber, tailor, tanner and 3 carpenter.

She bought 10 carts and supplies, seeds for planting in mountain region,tools,winter gear and other items she spent about 500 already. each family is to bring their own cart load.

She said she know more about equipment for troops when she talk to your captain at arms. she can get the equipment for them and other supplies.

the Book of time

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"Thank you for all you have done. It is really appreciated. I have made arrangements for my CPT of the Guard. I don't know if you know him but I intend to ask 'Little Jimmy' to be my Guard Captain. I should be able to talk to him today. He should be able to talk to you no later then tomorrow.

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Your squire has been most helpful, i believe you going to need to have him back, need to know how big a poputation you want on the settlement? Lady kettle worth said.

you spent about 2 hours talking to her when one of the bathhouse beauty whisper in your ear saying that Little jimmy is here and that there are 10 mean at arms guarding a chest at the door.

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"Excuse me Lady Kettleworth. Little Jimmy is here, I need to go see if he is ok. If he is able I will have him meet with us in a few minutes."

I will go meet Little Jimmy.

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" now Ladies I hope you apprecate just how grateful you are for me to escort you here with that thar box you toting, with out me along you might have gotten lost or even rob,....no no no you not have to thank me I was happy to obige to safety make it to your distasation." puff out a round O of cigar smoke at one of the baron men. "next time you feel scare cross this city just call on your old friend Little Jimmy"

the baron guards just glare at him as you set out.

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"Hello Little Jimmy how are you going? I hope everything is well with you. Can I get you anything?"

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"Mug of beer a good woman and a blade!" he said as he walk pass you patting you with his on arm, "Oh yeah help these ladies out for me please they seem need some help with that box."


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