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Quote from: Book of Time
You survive your first major battle was at 16 years of age, by being 1 of 103 men out of 10,000 that fought in the Grim Marshes against an undead legion. The Liche lord that ruled them escapes wounded, the Liche lord took another blow when his treasures and magic's items was haul away to the king. Then King granted each of you 1000 silver as
reward and an magic item. And given rank of sergeant.

Your second major battle can upon your 18 birth date. Losing only 5 men, you and 30 men held an mountain trail against 1000, orcs, goblins and an Ogre for 15 day when you receive reinforcement.

As such you receive 1200 silver, set of armor engraved. And title of lieutenant. Out of the 30 men 25 live. Why you was able to survive was the fact the position that you found and then fortified allowed 5 archers to fire at a ledge that was 500 feet long that only allow 1 person at a time to walk it, you waited until over 100 was on the 500 feet of path and 3 archer attacked the front and 2 attack as far back in the rear as they can in the first 20 min only 10 orcs survive out of the one hundred. After that they tried a night crossing by allowing the
2 goblins to make it across and to your position they whistle a call sign back for the area was clear, only you had all your men hiding in pits and dug out area and 2 of your scouts kill the goblins. After waiting you hear another call after 50 orcs and goblin was half way across. After no response from the goblin scouts the orcs on the wall panic and tried to go back knocking about 20 of into the gorge below. Your group arrows slaughter the rest

Third battle came on the 20th year of age, involve stopping a fleet of river pirates from overtaking a small garrison fort in which your commanding officers all died. 100+ men vs. 1500 men, taking 20 men you capture the last river boat loaded it with straw and oil and row the riverboat into the midst of the other boats and torching the river boat , all your men swam for shore, out of the 80 boats; 20 burn and sank killing roughly 100 men most drown.

On a small brushy knob out in the river you put a small catapult that flung fire upon the near by boats while they was busy with the burning boat catching an addition 10 more on fire, before the catapult was destroy by a fire ball from a wizard. As the boat row toward shore they ram into spike log that was put at an angle in the river bed 11 more boat were impale and several men die when they tried to wade to shore in armor and 5 feet of water. Many were force to abandon their armor and take only a weapon to short near shore you had build a slope
embankment to hide your 60archers and 20 spear men that killed or wound unarmored pirates the swam to shore. As your troop withdrawal they over turn barrow of pitch into the embankment creating a 2 in thick layer of pitch in the bottom.

As the pirate finally landed their remaining boats they charge forward and many jump into the embankment trenches to avoid arrows. Then the evening sky lit up as 60+ flaming arrows land into the trenches many of the pirates burn and died, the fragile alliance between several of the pirate crumble at that point as many of the pirates fled by boat When
the battle was over you buried over 350 pirated, capture 260 more, capture over 14 river boats many had to be refloated .

For this the king granted you knight hood and land

1) Find, build or create a path through the 100's miles wide of The Great Mountains to the west currently caravan travel 12 month around and through several territories that put a large toll on, items that arrive are so expensive that only those that have the money can buy. Ships take up to 6 month to travel around the continent and fight off pirate and creatures. A path through the mountains could cut travel down to a month to travel from the capital to the trading lands beyond the Great mountain

You have 10 years,

1st year you given 5000 gp. to research, supply , hire personnel and transport them to the mountains

Granted 1000 gold a year to pay troop and labor up to 4 additional years.

Expect a route to be found and the route protected : a toll can be levy on the road half must go to the King coffer.

Which means you need to build a main fort and several route forts, man them and protect your objective.

You will have to hire your troops and support.

Bonus a thriving village you will receive 2000 gp.

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Quote from: Book of Time
You spent the day rounding up maps and information on a possible route through The Great Mountains. Your squire has four meeting scheduled this evening at Bonlie Bath House. The Knights of the Kingdom get to use the Bathhouse for free but the extras cost half what merchants and other lower noblemen pay in return for keeping the peace at the bathhouse.

Your first meeting is with a dwarf name Gram Dreaduc he has a crew of dwarves and humans that can build stone bridges that you will need to span the area within the mountains. You seen some of his work in the Argo mountains to the north. Plain and efficient. He hated to have to climb into the heated bath water with you and your squire. But the fact it hard to carry a weapon into the bathhouse without being notice kept many a knights alive when dealing with the public. Interesting enough you have a short sword laying next to you under towel arrange by the Lady of the Bath. Gram proposal sound good, except the cost of the bridge will be about 100 gp for each one that 100 ft in length and 10 feet wide. The time to build a bridge that bide will take about a month. After 15 minutes of talking and many minutes on his part of silences you can tell he not a very social person. From the water displacement you figure he weight about 400 lbs and about 4 feet 6 inches his beard is trim short like most stone crafter. You feel that after either the bridges run out or the money does he will pull up his men and leave at first chance. Gram give his parting when a group of women come and climb into the bath to start soaping and scrubbing you and your squire.

The next man that came in climb into the bath with no effort, you can see many scars from battles and accidents. John Chance at your service he said. At first you felt nervous the girl near the sword move out of the way so you can have easy access from you as arrange from a look you gave her. The man seem prepare he talk about laying out a wooden structure bridge to span many of the areas from use of any lumber they come across, his men totaling 20 men are all good at with the axes and can make a 100 foot by 10 foot bridge in a week time or less. At only 25 gp per bridge. They can also build wooden fort walls at a cost of 1gp per 20 ft section or build rafts at a cost of 5 gp per raft. Anything else you have needed down with an axe they can be negotiated. The feeling you got from the man is he like to live good, may been a low born nobleman, him and his men can be bought for a price. After the
women are done scrubbing you and your company you move the rinse pool then to the shaving pool. Where a naked woman shave your face and John Chance takes his leave.

You glance at the squire and wonder when the last person coming in? He said They said they be here. The woman finish up the shaving and wash off your face and put away the shaving knife. And lead you to the soaking pool where she then sit across from you and your squire. I'm Eva Sterna and my family make bridges. You may consider stone and wood
to be of good use in mountains but being an experience mountain climber the mountain are quake prone in the area you planning on crossing. Stone bridges and wooden bridges will fall and have to be rebuilt at a large cost to you over time. The sterna family have been making rope bridges some that span over 1000 feet and can hold wagon weighing more than 3 ton. We use lama hair to make the ropes same hair to make many of the wool items you need in the mountain as well as good pack animals far superior than mules. We use wood for the floor of the bridge but make our rope as we travel, we comb all the lama daily for the hair and twine them into road by night. A rope bridge can be build in a matter of days. There are 50 members in my family we are willing to trade bridges and their upkeep for land for our family and our lama, we have 200 lama at our camp that can be use for hauling.

As to why we been force out of our homeland to the west by a greedy king and force to travel into your kings kingdom. We been given 30 days to move on or be escorted to the nearest border.

"It your decision" climbing out and drying off as she exit the bath area.

Where you go from here? It is the 3rd day of the Month of the Goat, the rainy seasons. it 4 in the afternoon from the Dalocica Temple bell.

1)The MapHouse rumour to have a map of part of The Great Mountains
2)Go to an Starhope Inn to eat. said to be having Elk steaks with there famous whipped patato and onions and Elven ale.
3)Tavern of the Bow for a Boar beer with other rangers you know.
4)Make decision on bridge builders.
5)or something you want to do.

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Quote from: ArmyNCO
You said in the first part that I had 4 meetings scheduled for the day but it looks like from my reading below that I only had 3 people to talk to. The last lady I talked to, did she know that I had the sword under my towell? I think I will go to whatever inn that I can over here the most talk from. While there I will also look over the maps. What city am I in and is this the city where the king resides? Before I let each of the people that I talk to go I will ask where they can be reached. Are weapons forbidden in the bath house? Do I know from my own experience that stone and wooden bridges will fall or is this what she told me.

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Quote from: Book of Time
1) 3rd man fail to show up.

2) Eva Sterna did know you have a weapon.

3) Bonlie Bath House allow weapons for the knights ONLY as a way of keeping the peace at the bath house. Most of the women that work there are train in defense and will come to protection of any knight, many a knight been dunk by one of the bathing beauties at one point or another.
3a)The Night Hawks is the local district militia guard that patrol the area they have little love of knights that are appointed as those that make use of the bath house. The Knight Hawks are knights or son of knight that inheir their title. There been a few times that the Night Hawks have raided the Bath house only to find no knights.

4)On bridges your character know about stone and wooden bridges in mountain are not as steady from your champaign in the mountains yourself. she only was giving you her presentation.

5)City of LE Fra La del Mon it is the summer residents of the King, the cool breeze off the sea keep the city comfortable.

6)Each person give you location of inn or house they staying at
a) Eva Sterna is staying at The Goat Inn an small modest Inn about 20 min walk in the merchant district. Mostly herdsmen and farmers stay there.
b)John Chance is staying a his resident in the Keltin le Mair district at 144 Kelamor deLat street (rich merchant and low level lords live there.
c)Gram Dreaduc is staying at the Te Fon Grate, the Stonecrafter guild in the merchant district off of Le Grate street.
d)William Gram never show up and have not let a place of residents.

7) Will do inn on next dialog:

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Admin's note: I'm getting lazy...

Quote from: Book of Time
Starhope Inn:

The Roasted elk with the whipped patato and elven ale seem to hit the spot. Listening to the hunters and trappers talk about stories of the largest bear, or the meanest wolf. Talk difted to stories of the Great Mountains and about finding passage within. Each commenting that it virgin territory that just waiting to be open. Several mentions paths into the mountains only to be dead ends. One old trapper talked about a great fall that roars out the clouds and pours into a large lake that has no river flowing from it. Many other mention it to some say the
watering hole is haunted other say it a monster with many arms that drag a person into it depth. but all agree it the same creature that been sighted at Lake Othois and several of the great wells that run between the two lakes.

A Drawf near the fire spoke aloud "Nay. they are not wells they were once dwarven communities that was link by a great hall that span 200 miles. When the dwarven empire collapse so too did the great dam, that held back the Great river of Ranee that flowed most of the length of The Great Mountains at one time, the dwarves build to power their great manchines. The flood fell over the edge and bore down upon the city of Drakel and collapse it flooding the great hall killing dwarves as it explodes out the other end destroying the sister city if Krakel. A million dwarves died that day, million more when the Great mountains shook and fill the sky with darkness that lasted several months. Crops froze in the middle of summer the air tasted of ash many more died as they survivors sought refuge. That been a long, long time ago." The old dwarf stared down at his beer before gulpping it down. Then the buzz of talk about grizzly and how to lay good traps once again feel the room.

2 hooded black cape dwarves stared at you intensely. When the barmaid ask you about another elven ale, they was gone as if they never was there.

A man of wealth was found near Bonlie Bath House both of his legs been hack by an axe and his thoat rip out. They said he still had his money bag on him.

Several fine horses been stolen over teh last few weeks

A griffon was rumor to have escape from the private zoo of the King.

A man selling a treasure map to Captain Mad Muggian treasure.

The Diamond shop had a foil attempt of a robbery. 2 burglar tried to get into Castorly Vault and fail (same vaults that hold copies to your maps).

The Very Rich Willow Fhankla is looking for a husband number 4, she only 67 and own an large carvan company and a merchant ship company.

Quote from: ArmyNCO
If I have a chance I would like to make a smell perception roll on the two dwarves that were looking me over. What I would like to do is indentifiy them buy them smell and then go outside to match there smell to the tracks that they made. With that I would like to go investigate the castorly vault to see if the two that were looking me over are the
same two that robbed the vault. I sure dont want someone to beat me to the punch in finding the trail.

Im am going to try and post my follower tonight. I will go ahead and pay for him but it might be nice to play out me finding him or him finding me. I picture him or her being a intelligent animal. Kind of like the intelligent horse in I think the mercades lacky books.

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Quote from: Book of Time
need 20, 1d6 roll roll up and posted please. before i can do anything.

Quote from: ArmyNCO
6 4 3 5 4 5 4 1 2 1 5 5 5 6 6 5 3 4 1 6

Here are the die rolls. I found a website that will fill a whole page with die rolls. Here is the link.

I posted his follower. Shadow is the main pet and Shadow pet is the smaller version that was bought as a multiform for the main pet.

Note: The link mentioned here has been included on the "Links" page.

Quote from: Book of Time
6+4+3=13 or less -3 due to number of people in the inn and smell of food= 11 or less is required, you did not pick up any scent where you was, when you exit outside 5+4+4=14 (-1 on not know whom to assign smell to = 13 or less needed miss

After paying you exit the inn and tried to pick up smell of the two figures but lost it in the smell of all the men, women and food that premated out of the Inn, you head to The Diamond shop where Castorly Vault is located it currently just about sunset when you arrive at the shop the shopkeeper Johan Castorly is in the process of putting away his jewlery and gems. There are 4 arm men here wearing the sword and shield emblem of the Protectant an local guard for hire service that been around for 50 plus year. with a very good rating on protecting
their custumers goods.

Johan tell you that there was an attempt to burrow through the outer wall but Eyeball stop them from entering. a body of a dwarf in black was haul away this morning to The Crypt (the morgue) by order of Captain Smite of The Night Hawks. Johan had the wall replace today the vault was not even touch. He assure you your maps are still safe and show you where they are pulling out one and open it showing part of The Great Mountains about 500 years ago. he close up the vault the feeling of spells relocking into place around the vault as he relatch the handles into a secure postion and mutter a word.

When he escort you out of the room to the shop one of the guards open a large box and spoke a command out floats a small Beholder with 6 eyes, 2 with patches over them. the guard give the beholder a long rub down while talking to him in a soft voice you almost believe the creature was purring. the other guard walk back in and said the food and water is in place. The first guard take off the patches while and close the door and whisper Guard.

Johan say as you can see Eyeball will make sure the vault is safe. plus the vault is protected by gyph and wards that keep anyone from breaking into it. Ok gentlemen see you in the morning talking to two of the guard as he closed the door and lock it. Good day to you I hope everything to your satifaction. If no more question my guard here want to get me home so they can go home too.

scent near the recovered hole was strong 4+1+2=7 it smell of dwarven with a touch of earth and ash but not the normal smell of dwarves.

Quote from: ArmyNCO
1. How many days would it take to get to this waterfall that may be the entrance to this secret way through the mountains?
2. How many men do I have in my service and how many are with me?
3. What time of year is it again?
4. Do I have a place of residence here or amy I staying at a local inn?

Now that my mind is set at ease, I will do one of two things.

If it is not to late and I feel that Eva will still be up at the Goat inn then I will head that way with the intentions of telling her that I like her offer and to get more of a feel of what type of person she is.

If it is too late then I will head back to where Im staying and then try to find her in the morning.

Depending on what happens I will start planning a trip to the waterfall. If it will take sometime to get there I will get enough supplies for the trip there and back with several weeks more to be on the safe side. If it will be to much for me to take then I will get a few pack animals.

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Quote from: ArmyNCO
1. How many days would it take to get to this waterfall that may be the
entrance to this secret way through the mountains? about 1 month travel there not any good roads heading to the mountain through the plain lands, going by ship you could cut off a month but the fee to haul is higher
2. How many men do I have in my service and how many are with me? squire and about 1 family that farm a 25 acre of land Called yardland (24-30 acres) for you that you bought with some of the bonus silver when you was younger, could generate grain for sale that would bring 150-200 silver a year that the farmer sale, (what percentage do you demand, 25% is light tax +2 moral, 50% average tax +0 moral , 75% harsh tax -2 moral) this is your yearly income. You invested 1200 silver into purchasing this land at 20 and it been helping you on steady income.

Quote from: Book of Time
you also make 1200 silver a year as knight in the king service. part of this you use to feed and cloth your squire.
The Squire is Jotn(John)Westcountona 16 year old boy that been squire to you from a merchant that live next door to your land near the winter capital. As payment he for taking the squire he gave you and his son a horse of good quality.

Quote from: ArmyNCO
3. What time of year is it again? early spring
4. Do I have a place of residence here or amy I staying at a local inn? you staying at a Starhope inn, you could purchase a small home 500 gp, modest home for 1000 gp, large home 5000 gp.

Quote from: Book of Time
cost of Inn, food, boarding horse and feeding each day is 5 silver + 10 silver + 2 silver+ 1 silver= 18 silver a day
started with 2333 silver in bank + 5000 gp in bank when you arrive 2 weeks ago

18/day x 14 days = 252 silver you have spend about 100 silver on
drinks to loosen up tongues total spent is 352 silver.

2333-352= 1981 silver in bank 100 coins = 1 pound

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Quote from: Book of Time
On the way to talk to Eva you see black smoke rises from the distance, a large clanking sound and many hooves beats pounding the ground behind you, that made you jump to the side as a team of 4 horses pulling a red wagon with a large barrel go shooting by as sweveral men hold on for dear life and another hitting a triangle bell.

What you do?

Quote from: ArmyNCO
I will head off into a dark alley. Looking around to make sure that no one is watching or following me and if no one is, I will turn into the hawk and fly off in that direction to investigate.

Quote from: Book of Time
1 5 5 5 6 6 5 3 4 1 6

As you fly in the directon of the fire you see that the smoke is rising from an inn, PER 1+5+5=11 you see symbol of a goat on a board above doorof the 3 story building that is on fire.

As you fly PER 5+6+6= 17 or less you fail to see and was surprise AC 4 - DCV 3 +9 = 12 or less 3+2+4=9 a hit and large net falls over you and you drop to the flat roof of a building. 13 def 4 body next cover you.

you hear a man spit and a voice say "Already you old bird you not get Davey birds anymore. Old Davey finally got ya you thieving bird killer." spit a gain on the ground " Now to decide to kill ya or sell ya" as he pull out a long knife. from behind him you hear the cooing of several hundreds pigeons.

The Book of Time

need more rolls

Quote from: ArmyNCO
First thing I try is change to the wolf and looking at Old Davey I will let out a very loud growl and showing my looooong Canine teeth which will be a presence attack. I will post the wolf too in a few but his base PRE is 10 with an additional +10 to create fear only and only while growling. If he runs in fear I will then turn back into my human form to take off this stupid net and then turn back into the hawk to continue my journey. If he doesnt run in fear then I will react depending on what he does.

I post a whole page of die rolls to the files area.

Quote from: Book of Time
Phase 4 you shift

Phase 5

Phase 6 Aslan shape shift into wolf form (note edit mistake the net is body 4 def 3) 3+6+5+1=15-5 PD = 10 stun and 4- 5 pd = 0 body damage when you shifted from a small falcon to wolf form 30 stun - 10 = 20 stun LOC 6+1+3= 10 Chest you did 1 body of damage to the net (def 3 body now 3) 1/2 movement, you growl and do 20PRE+10PRE growl = 30=
6d6 + 3d6 for surprise and response 2+5+4+2+1+1+4+3+4=26 x 2 his PRE rolled a 16 on ego roll and fail, he turn and run for the stairs dropping the edge of the net and knife. Spd change to 3


Phase 8 you shift to human form

Phase 9

Phase 10

Phase 11

Phase 12 you shift to human form 1+6+6= 13 stun and 4 body {due to size of wolf to human for in net.} LOC 5+4+5=14 your thighs take the blunt of the damage 13 stun -12 PD=1 stun (20 stun -1 = 19 stun left) damage to net is 1 body now (Body 2 Def 3) you tear at the net with your STR 10 6+6= 4 body doing 1 body to the net (body 1 Def 3)

(OUT Character: KEN re edit your shapeshift all END, STUN, BODY and INT and EGO should be same as main character. it hard to figure out how much stun damage and body damage to apply when shifting back. SPD change to 4

Post 12 recovery recover 5 STUN 5 END 19 +5 = 24 stun (it show 0 END use on shape shift? is this 8 times a day or 8 form? or is there 0 END)

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3 you go, you can either do dex roll to get a dagger out to use, or push str and bust out or whatever?

6 1 3 2 5 4 2 1 1 4 3 4 5 4 5 6 6 6 2 4 6 4 6 5 6 6 5 1 2 4 1 3 4 2 6

Quote from: ArmyNCO
Thinking to myself. Im sure glad that guy ran. I sure didnt want to hurt someone protecting his pigeons. I will push my str if I think it is neccassary and try to break out of the net. I will then take a few seconds to recover and then change back to the hawk to continue on to the fire. Unless something happens on the way there I will then take a
couple flights around to survey the situation.

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Quote from: Book of Time
Phase 3 you push against the net tearing it (6+2+4= 4 body - 3 def = 1 body net break) you stand up and take a full turn to rest up before leaping into the air in Hawk form.

Circling the building you see that the lower level of the building on fire and the second floor is full of smoke, about fifty men and women and chain buckle of water to the throw on the fire while a gnome and several human operate a pump like manchine that sending water up threw a hose far into the building. another man are directing the people to put the bucket of water into the large barrel on the wagon. you narrowly miss being hit by a spray of water from the hose 6+4+6=16 you not see anything on the roof 5+6+6= 17 or less and you fly threw the black smoke as the wind shifted turnign around you spot PER 5+1+2=8 movement at one of the upper window as you near you see Eva slowly crawling to the window on the floor with blood flowing from a cut on her head.

The window is open but no balcony

Post 12 your action

Quote from: ArmyNCO
I will fly down to the window. If it looks like I could fly in and land safetly behind her I will do that and then turn back to human, I will do that. If not then I will land on the window sill and then jump down somewhere safe around her and then turn to human. I will then say "Can you use some help eva" I will then, if I can do it safetly without hurting her, help her up. Help her to the window. If she can stand by herself. "Eva can you stand?". If not then I will prop her against the wall by the window. Pull my bow out and then shot a sling line out the window. I will then take her back in my arms. "Ready to go?" If so then I sill swing out of the window with her to the ground.

Quote from: Book of Time
Phase 12 surprise:
As you fly in you are buffet by the heat rising along the building you narrowly miss the window as you enter into the window and land behind her, you notice that the room is half filled with black smoke and dark.

You shift into human form and say "Can you use some help eva?" she rolls over onto her back, you see her hands are bound infront of her and as the light brighten a little you see her legs are bounded, a wad of cloth lay on the ground near her as she say "It a Trap! Get out!" An Arrow pierce through your right shoulder. AP 6+2+3 body 12/2 = 6 resistant DEF = 5 body got through, Stun x3 stun= 33 - 6 stun = 27 stun - 30 = 3 stun CON 13 = Stunned.

You stare at the arrow head that protruding from your body. With a click the arrow head open up into a grapple and slam into you should as someone or something tug from behind.

Post 12 recovery UNstunned

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3 you feel the tauntness of a rope pulling at you from behind and the pain of the wound tearing into your shoulder and the grapple bite more deeper into the wound.Eva give you a look of horror when she see the arrow biting into your shoulder.

What you do?

Quote from: ArmyNCO
Did the arrow enter through the back or did it enter from the front?

Since the attack came from behind me. Leaving the arrow in my shoulder and biting through the pain, I will turn around so that im facing in the direction that the other end of the rope is coming from. Using Nightvison and +2 with all senses. "I dont know who you are but you have started something that your not going to be able to finish. So here let me help you". I will launch 3 arrows in this order
1. Flash arrow
2. Armor Piercer
3. Entangle

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Quote from: Book of Time
The arrow entre from the back.

There will be a diffuculty of turning because of the rope to the grapple arrow is taunt, and you barely keeping yourself from being pulled back low STR. 2nd is you will have to make a EGO roll and STR roll just to pull back your bow, the grapple arrow is in your shoulder lifting or pulling on bow string will take effort.

from what you saw you are about 1 meter from the door way leading out of this room where the rope is being pulled taunt, you feel the heat rising from the stair well and see glimpses of flicker of flame rising up the stair wells. whoever have ahold of the rope is on the other side. your still a target.

Not started on combat yet you can revised what you want to do

Quote from: ArmyNCO
Dont know much that I can do. I guess I will trying moving to the side so that out of line of sight of the door. Then I guess I will draw my sword in hopes to cut through the rope.

Quote from: Book of Time
As you move to aside the doorframe help brace a little against the pull enough that you might be able to twist your body around to wrap the rope around your body to cut it or you can brace yourself and allow the flames from the stairway to burn through the rope. 1/2 move to the side you pulled the sword, you still have a 1.2 move to do something.

you see Eva has row out of the door way and using her mouth to unbind her hands.

Phase 3 still

Quote from: ArmyNCO
As I said in my last post I want to use the sword to cut through the rope. Once that is done I bite through the pain in my shoulder and help Eva get out of her bonds. I'm going to leave the arrow in the shoulder for the moment because as soon as I remove it the wound will bleed faster.

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Quote from: Book of Time
4+1+3 = 8 to hit dam=4+2 +(6/2=3)=9 body vs 3 def 3 body rope = rope cut the rope shoot away from you, you hear an oomph and several thuds. the sound of wood crashing and a scream of terror and pain is hear from below over the roar of flames. You see Eva unting her feet as you move to her side

Phase 4 when you bent over you felt the arrow just missing you and it thud into the wall behind you and embedded itself through the wall and click open the room is now over half full of smoke only breathable smothis about 3 feet from the floor. you feel the rop brush pass you as it goes taunt. You both hear a voice in the other room in common say "Got him!"

Phase 4 EVA pulls your dagger out of it sheaf 3+2+1= 6 and use it to cut the bands on the rope around her feet. Looking at you she hand back the dagger.

Phase 5 your turn ( the fire is currently filling most of the 2nd floor the boards around your are smothering and near the door the floor give way as flames roar up.

Quote from: ArmyNCO
I will help Eva to her feet and make my way as quietly as I can to the window. If there are some sheets or anything that I can use to help us get out of the window then I will grab that also.

Quote from: Book of Time
She point to 2 back packs and say ther e a rop ladder in the tan one. you pull out a 20 feet of rolled up rope ladder that has 2 metle clamp the hold onto a window sill, she have hearted grin and shrug "I perfer a back door to my room" taking th rope ladder she hook to the window and toss out and help you out first, When you start to argue she hiss in you ear "don't make me knock you out and carry you n my back out of here, beside i not got a arrow in my back just a bump on the head" She follow you out narrowly being miss by an arrow flying out through the window.

you both have to drop a last few feet into helping hands that lower you onto a strecher an healer take a look at the arrow and bark out command to take you to an temple as her pour a potion into you mouth. as you drink the roof crashes into the building as more flames roar up. 2 wizards step out of a coach near you and start weaving a water spell as a gaint water like snake raise out of the well and flow into the fire. your eyes become heavy as the world become black.

Dream of mountains, dwarves and gaints and a Ice dragon fill your fevered dream. you awaken in the Temple of rash-sa in the morning to the sunlight and sounds of birds.

Quote from: ArmyNCO
I will attempt to sit up and survey my surroundings. "Where am I"

Quote from: Book of Time
EXPerience = 2

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Quote from: Book of Time
"Where am I" the sound echos through your mind. You laying uppon an altar in battle gear, an golden bow clinched in your hands as you lay upon the funeral altar. streams of light filter through the circle of pillars around you as six color curtain flap in the breeze. each one bearing the symbol of the gods they repersent. A cold as cold as death fill the chamber as you start into the heavens above through the opening of the chamber for her you can see the stars and the planets in the night sky while sunlight is peeking throught each of the curtains.

"who is he?" a female voice spoke that warm your heart
"Why is he here?" spoke a male puzzled
"Destroy him" another male anger voice
"He is just a mortal" a soft woman voice said
"Is he the one?" spoke a male in dwaven accent
"It is time?" spoke a voice that filled with death.

"He is the one" spoke a woman voice that sound almost like your mother.

The veiw change around you as a battle between the dwarves, the gaints and the dragons wage on about you. Three Great Empires collided in one massive battle that even pits gods
against gods The Dwarves whom protected the sub earth of the mother. The gaints that protected the land, and the dragons that protected the air each fell to the evil of greed each turn upon each other until Rash sa had no choice but to end the war with one mightly blow.

You watch how the dwarves cap the great mountain of fire call Firehome. Where the dragon lay their eggs to hatch. beneath the great mountain lay the largest city you ever seen the home of the gaints a city that is over 20 mile across with wonderous beauty. All three Empires gone in a flash as the mountain explodes sending a wall of burning ash over a 1/2 mile high down the valleies in all direction wiping out all life, rivers of lave flowing into the dwarven cities filling the great halls and killing dwarves and gaints alike, thousand of dragons were caught in the explosions and the ash wall. The great empire of the Three died that day.

The view change you are standing upon a small island that has a great lake that surround your view of a lush wonderous land of forest and rivers nestle within the mountains cover by a blanket of clouds. And eagle shrill as it fly above you. A wonderous tree stand at the mount that reaches into the heavens. The tree of life you feel the life of the tree giving you strength as a shadow pass over you, above you see a great dragon of ice staring down at you deciding friend or foe.

You lay again upon the altar a wonderous beautiful woman kisses your forehead, "A great evil have awaken again, to work his evil upon the land I love, upon the creatures I love, you are my protector of the Land of the four, Seek the four guardians, one of air, one of earth and one of water and one of fire. They will aid you in your darkest hour.

The air glows and all is darkness. You see a Skull of red fire staring back at you. beyond his flaming eyes you see undead by the thousands and orcs by the thousand burning forests, cities and killing all before them. Laughter fills your head as a chilled voice speak out of the night, "you and your gods are doom."

You awaken sweating, the wound on your shoulder has a twing to it, you feel the cool night air and the warm sheet around you. you see you are in a temple to your right is the statue of rash sa the goddess of the earth. The darkness has a feel and look of early morning as the sound of a rooster in the distance crow out the morning. dawn is but a hour away.

Quote from: ArmyNCO
Thinking to myself as I try to sit up. "I will have to asked the healers what it was they gave me. Whatever it was it was sure good stuff. I have never had dreams like that before. Those healers really have something there."

If I make it up to a sitting position without any problems then I will take a look around to see if I can see any of my weapons or armor. I will move my injured shoulder around tentively so as not to hurt it more and also to see how well Im healed. I will also look around to see if there is anything close at hand to eat.

What am I currently wearing. If im decent and I fell like I can get up without hurting myself then I will get up. If my dagger is close by then I will grab it and try to find the facilities so that I can relieve myself. After that I, if there was something to eat close to eat I will then start eating. If there wasnt anything then I will look around for something to eat.

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Quote from: Book of Time
At first you thought you might be in the Temple of Rash-as because of her statue in the room. It was when the barely clad clerics of Lusryus, goddess of love; daughter of Deltesta, the goddess of Live; daughter of Rash-as. Lusryus is not of the Seven Gods that shapes the world, Kruntos, God of fire; Jorn, God of Air; Gelas, God of Water; Ramus, God of Earth; Deltesta, Goddess of Life; Salena, Goddess of Death and Rash-as, The Mother. They were the shapers of the world, only Rash-as can directly affect the world, all other must do so through their temples and servants. An Avatar can be created to bring a god/goddess upon the world in mortal form. But at a great cost, The last avatar was of Ramus whom was destroyed during the Great War of the Three Empire, After a thousand years clerics are starting to understand and receive spells that once made the dwarven people a might trade and armed people.

The young clerics wear only skirts ease you back upon the beds, massaging the shoulder wounds as one woman sings a soft song that you could almost pick out words but they elude you. You hear a woman voice in your left ear"Sleep knight allow the wounds to heal so you not have tightening of the shoulder muscle." The music make your body feel heavy and your eyes closes on their own.

You awaken to chirping of birds you sit up and take in your surrounding. To your right is the statue of rash-as to your left the statue of Deltesta and behind your bed is the naked glory of Lusryus in statue form looking down upon you. There are six Marble columes that surround you with green, blue and white curtain hangging between. You hear women singing in the back ground as a woman step in wearing a Blue shirt and topless. (Miss Ego Roll) You may leave with in the hour easy but if longer than that you have to re roll to leave again.

"Thank Lusryus that you was able to accept our healing." a Wwoman say as she adminster some medicationsfor you to drink, " that should be the last potion you need today."

"If you looking for your weapons they are at your room at the Inn, we do not allow any weapons or armor within the temple." Clothing are options.

Note: while here Comeliness is +4, Ego +2, Presense defense +4, + 2 REC
EGO roll is require to leave the temple if fail you spend another day , or get caught up in the heady feeling of love and love making.
Chances of becoming a father is a roll of 3 to 5 each day there.

This Temple is for those whose family seeking another way for having a child. Eithre by becoming impregnated or adopting a child from a cleric.

The Book of Time
noting any possible family line for future refrence.

Quote from: ArmyNCO
I will pull myself out of bed. I will put some clothes on if I dont have any on. As Im putting on my clothes I will ask. "Excuse me but where is Eva, the girl that I came in here with." If she is here then I will grab all of my stuff and then go see her. If not then I will asked where she is at. If she is outside of the temple then I will get all the stuff that I have here and then go to my Inn to get the rest of my stuff and then go see her.

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Quote from: Book of Time
You find out that Eva was release a few days before you awaken and that she dropped by last night, leaving you a note.

Taking my people to the lake beneath the falls, we travel slow and have to bypass many towns so leaving early will help us have a camp ready for you when you arrive, should take us about 30 days to reach the spot. my people felt i be safer under their watchful eyes, saw you was well, try not get bog down from the swamps of politics.

When you arrive at the Inn you find a very stressfull and relieve Squire who has you line up with 20 to 30 merchants to buy equipment from.

of note:
A chainmail smithy is offering reject/apprentice made chainmail at 1/4 the cost he has 30 full set.the armor is 1pd and 1ed less than normal chainmail.

padded armor has 40 badly Green stain padded armor that is 3pd that can be put under chain mail for added PD armor

The squire found an armor that over produce 50 kettle helms

Padded Gambeson: +3 PD (5 Active Points); OIF (-1/2), Real Armor (-1/4), Full Coverage Helmet, Long Jacket with Gauntlets, High Boots (Protects Locations 3-5, 7-14, 15-18; ).

Kettle Helm: Armor (7 PD/7 ED) (24 Active Points); OIF (-1/2), Real Armor (-1/4) Protects Locations 4-5 (-2),

Chain Mittens: Armor (5 PD/5 ED) (16 Active Points); OIF (-1/2), Real Armor (-1/4) Protects Locations 6 (-2),

Chain Sleeves: Armor (5 PD/5 ED) (16 Active Points); OIF (-1/2), Real Armor (-1/4),Protects Locations 7-8 (-1 1/4),

Chain Habergeon: Armor (5 PD/5 ED) (16 Active Points); OIF (-1/2), Real Armor (-1/4) Protects Locations 9-14 (-1 1/4)

Chain Leggings: Armor (5 PD/5 ED) (16 Active Points); OIF (-1/2), Real Armor(-1/4),Protects Locations 15-17 (-1 1/4)

Military Boots: Armor (4 PD/4 ED) (12 Active Points); OIF (-1/2), Real Armor (-1/4)Protects Locations 17-18 (-1 1/4),

Protects Locations
3 +3 = 3
4-5, +3 +7 = 10
6 +5 = 5
7-8 +3 +5 = 8
9-14 +3 +5 = 8
15-18 +3 +5 = 8

Your squire also found a tailor that made over 100 tabbard of a green tree on a yellow background only to discover that the tree was too big and was to be yellow on a green background with and sun behind the tree. He offering to sell the whole lot at 1/4 the cost.

found 4 wagon at normal cost 10 mules of average cost and quality

have interview with 3 blacksmiths line up have interview with a list of people that could keep you busy for 3 days from cobber to wainwrights to cooks. about 30 people in all

your squire is asking what to offer the troops and how to pick them. (one of the knights comment to you about doing atournment and hire the best ones

you also recieve a letter from your mother.

Quote from: ArmyNCO
Question #1. What is my squires name

Agenda #1. Ask squire to find me three people that I can interview for the position of Champerlain. I will need someone that I can trust to take care of the mundane everyday items. Since I am more of a military man and have not ran a city before or do not know all that is needed to run or build a city, I will need some that I can trust to acomplish the task.

Agenda #2. I will do find someone that I can trust to be my Captain of the Guard. I will look for someone that has served with me before. Once I find him he will be the one that I trust to find all the soldiers or guards that I will need for this trip. They may need to pull double duty not only as guards but as workers once we get there untill we can get others.

Agenda #3. I also want to talk to the man that I ran into on the roof with the pigeons. I want to find out if can be used to move messages back and forth from here to moving locations as we are traveling to our destination.

My command philosophy is going to be to hire the expertise that I need. I can not be everything so I will hire the people that I need and can trust.

I will also read the letter from my mother.

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Quote from: Book of Time
(Your squire is Jotn(John)Westcounton) the third son of James Westcounton II (age 49)a local moneylender and accountant of merchants in the City of LE Fra La del Mon [the city of the King). He fairly rich and have supplied you and his son with 4 horses and ring mail barding and his son with chain mail, shield and short sword and pole arm. The squire is only 16 you had him since he was 14, just now starting to fit into the chain mail and have a familiar with weapon you have train him. He has a keen mind and very organize due to his father and mother and know how to crunch numbers. both of your armor have been kept in prime condition and well sharpen and oil because of his ability to multitask. His father purchase a crossbow for The Winter Fiesta as a gift for his son a month ago in the pass month he has acquire a good skill at using it. James Westcounton II oldest son James Westcounton III is being groom to take over the company when James passes on he already married to another moneylender in the town of Fra la Stonre [the city of Stone] that is a port city 50 miles to the east, merging the two moneylender it to one company called The West Accountant and East Finance Company. Father also supply you with a monthly allowance for care of his son of 20 gold a month.

Agenda #1
His Stewardship Devin Alfred Steward the fourth, Age 56 Balding and slender and tall about 6'7" clean shaven look to be 80 with a hawk nose. Work for the lady Catherine estate for 20 years before she pass away at 90, then work for Harry Don Truttleworth an baron for 16 years before he pass away a few weeks ago. The Baron son release him from his job with a small pension. Well dress and manner, with a list of references from both previous bosses and many other merchants and 2 noted baronet. gruff manner, look as if he ate something sour all the time. Eyes bright and don't seem to miss anything, Although his health do not look good for long trip, has a slight limp and walk with a walking stick. He look able.

His stewardship Paul Jon Dev Kindship Age 43 Steward for 16 years for the Kelodland Family a minor lord in town. Looking for a more exciting job that can accommodate his talents. Very good looking and look the part of a steward classic suit and jewelry some look valuable hands very clean. His skill in keeping a manor running smoothly. Has not work with thoughts of keeping a manor defended.

Lady Stewardship Margetta (Marge) Kettleworth age 45, widow with a 12 year old daughter, work as a cook at Hapthorn Keep a frontier Keep to the Northwest, from age 6 to 10 and handmaid from 10 to 16 then married a steward and took over house duties while her husband did the rest, at age 35 her husband died during a raid with trolls upon the Keep. She took over all his duties for the next 9 years running the Keep as Steward and also fought and held off several more troll raids. Until the keep was overrun last year, The Baron and about 50 men and women escape through a tunnel and fought a retreating battle against 30 trolls over 30 miles to a neighboring Keep. Only 30 men and women survive and the baron died during the fighting. The Keep is still uninhabited by the kingdom rumor to be inhabited by the trolls. She has 2 recommendation for her work one from the baroness and one from the Baron of the neighboring Keep.

Agenda #2
Sergeant Jimmy Kalmor (age 45) known as Little Jimmy, about 6' tall and barrel chest about 300 pounds of muscles. He help keep you alive on your first battle and was with your on the last. Battle, he lost his Left arm during the river boat fighting and still proceed to burn the boats. 2 of your men drag him out of the water. The cleric could not mend the arm back because it was missing. Last you heard he was force into retirement. And open a training shop in town teaching men to use a sword over in the La Mare district.

Agenda #3
Gib the pigeon man is owner of Gib's Pigeon carriers a messenger service in town, he be willing to supply you with 100 pigeon and a boy (14) to send messages back to the capital. for a fee of 50 gold. (covering the expense of feeding and handling ). If you need 100 more he can have them ready to be pick up at any time. Gib as over 10,000 pigeons on several roof tops and about 10 apprentices that clean cages and haul away the pigeon waste. Bird gold as Gib say the waste is transported to Gib's Quality Dirt. The dirt pay for most of the feed needed to raise the birds , trading farmer for seed for dirt.

Quote from: Book of Time
Dated 30 days ago

Dear son,
Your father is missing he been gone for about 6 month now, you know me I worry when he gone a year normally consider he a druid and all but your father health been slowly going down hill, his Bond tree is not looking too well but still alive which mean he still alive out there somewhere. I know you and Jack has not been the ideal father and son you both wanted,I know age on his part being over 200 years old may be his excuse, all he ever wanted was you to follow the druidic path not as he say the path of roamers, He blame me for giving you my skills and love of exploring from me. Your father rarely travel beyond his Cedar Delve Grove, until a man drop by and told him about spotting a rare canine called the Foxwolf in the hill of Gal Thon west of the capital near the plains of Les Gardon. the map inside is a copy he left on his desk. I believe your father is hurt and need help. Please put aside the bitterness you have toward him and bring him home.

your mother
Celine Brighton

PS We are very proud of you for recieving Knighthood.

Quote from: ArmyNCO

Have I actually talked to all 3 chamberlain candidates or is this just information that my squire gave me.

Are all the stewards able to travel?

You said that Steward #2 was "Has not work with thoughts of keeping a manor defended." I dont understand that statement.

About the Pigeons. Will they be able to find their way back to my moving caravan in case I need messages back. Im questioning how they will be able to find there way back to a place 15 to 20 miles away from where they left the caravan.

How far as the Hawk flies and which direction from the captial is my mother and fathers inn?

How far from the capital is "The Hill of Gal Thon". Time to travel as a hawk and time to travel on horse back. Will maybe need to take a
horse with to bring my father back

Comment - I dont remember saying anything about having any bitter feelings toward my father. Where did that come from?

May have other questions depending on what your answers are.


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