Father Knows Best #5

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Father Knows Best #5

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103 post exp +1 to all henchmen and yourself

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I will send someone off to get 'Little Jimmy' a Mug of beer and something to eat. I will also get a couple more trustworthy of our men to help with the chest. If Daisy is there I will say.

"Daisy can you have this," (referring to the chest) "secured somewhere and put a couple guards on it?"

"The mug of beer I can help you with right now. The woman and blade will come later. If you are up to it I have a proposition I would like to talk over with you and I would like you to meet someone."

If he is up to it I will have him follow me to where "Lady Kettleworth" is

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EXP for adventure +3 all henchmen get +2 exp


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