Roughing It #2

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Roughing It #2

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"This clan meeting going to be here are must you travel someplace?"

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It will be near here somewhere, the Shamans will cast for nodes and ley lines for the best spot and there where the council will meet, and we will call forth our ancestors to advise us. Only once did they come forth to advise us and that was last year. Our Grandmother whom past on a few years ago spoke to the council say this clan must go to the East. For one to speak it had to be important to the Clans." she said

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"If you need an escort just let me know. If I'm not able to do it myself, I will get some of my men to escort you. ok?"

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"Really an escort? I'm sure they are good but they have to find me first, and she disappear in front of you"
you hear laughter fading away from you toward the wound dragon a voice laughing say "escort me that cute."

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I will use my tracking and discriminatory smell and hearing to track her then.

With fun and playfulness in my voice. "You will have to do better then that beautiful."

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you lose all tracking scent the smell you smell over whelms your senses, and you go into a sneezing fit,

When you come out of the fit, Eva standing in front of you holding out in her hand a clay balls.

2d6 drain verse tracking 1pt per phase recover, 2d6 flash all senses, 1d6 entangle 1 DEF vs EGO (sneezes) 1 hex area effect. 8 uses.

6 pt drain to Tracking take about 14 sec to recover, 2d6 flash 2 phases, 1 body 1 def took 2 phases to break loose.

She grin at you, "Never never challenge a scout, we may avoid combat but when it come to defense and evade we the best!" kiss you on a cheek and head over to Besty.

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Several knights are strapping down Besty, her wings are as straight as they can get them without causing her too much pain. Someone brave some how put a log in Besty mouth before retying her mouth for her to clamp down on. You see the halfling pouring a decanter of Brandywine into a gap in her mouth and telling her it the best wine in all the land, The drawf snort and say there not enough brandywine in there to numb a goat!"
The halfling grin, "it and decanter of endless brandywine, my grandfather had it made by a wizard in return my father gave the wizard a family heirloom a spellbook from the wizard great grandfather that was discover in a cave near my father tavern. I tell you the tale someday, I already drain 3 gallons into her."

After thirty minutes the Drake pass out from the brandywine and the Cleric begin to break and remend the drakes wings witht he help of the Knights. Eva is next to Besty's head patting it with tears. Both wings are finish after an hour, The halfling pours more brandy wine into mouth of the drake as she awake only to have her pass out again after 5 minutes. The cleric begins to break then rement the legs as the knight help her pull them in place a few time Besty winces in her sleep.

Clar the healer said "the next one going to be hard and we have to do it right or else she may be permantly paralze from the hind legs down. you pointing at the gaint and halfling i need your str to help put her backbone in place as i hold on to her the threads. (nerves)" she climb up on the drakes back and pulled 30 spines out and reheal the spot, then sat down on her back. "I'm ready" the one Knight grew into a gaint the halfing move behind the cleric and grab the tail his glove glowing. Clar hand Began it glow brighter and brighter until theyare bright white light that made it hard to see, and she then merge her hand slowly into the back of the dragon the dragon back begin to glow, The healer say "NOW!" you hear a loud pop and then the Drake awoke, and buckled, the cleric fell off only to be caught by the halfling and the gaint got knock on his butt, Besty rip the cord from their pegs as she rears up with Eva holding onto her head tightly" NO! Besty it alright!" the wood in her mouth snaps and the binding feel off! the glow on the the drakes Back continue to grow until the whole body fo the drake and EVa is Glowing white with light!

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I will move close and then reserve action in case i think eva is in trouble

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With a Big flash and a roar and Large Green dragon stand before you as big as the Black dragon, dark green scale on the back to yellow and white underbelly, wings extended outward head raise in a roar, with a halfling hanging on to the tell.

From the earth, the air, from far and close to you a woman voice that you felt within your soul, "I am Please"

The dragon Roars

knights are taken by surprise.

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I stand there in awl. Not knowing what to do I will still stay at the ready in case this dragon decides to attack

Not sure what we can do against a dragon like this but i sure will try.

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The dragon breathing increase for a few moment the knights all back up edging weapons out, the dragon rear up putting her head in her hands, then collasp to the ground, the halfling go flying through the air " wheeeeeeeeee oh crap!" and lands in the water, The dragon flash a bright light and the drake and eva is laying on the ground unconcious.

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I will rush over to Eva to see if she is ok.

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Eva wake up for a moment "Head rush, we merged" then pass out.

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I will pick her up and take her to my tent.

Looking at my men.

"Lets get the drake secured again. We also need to get Eva a tent set up. While its being set up I will take her to mine."

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After a few minute Clar come into the tent and check Eva, she look up at you and say, "She sleeping now, you going to need to let her rest, she and the drake share the same bodies, I heard that the first time is very taxing upon the body, she need to be keep quiet and not move until she can get up on her own."


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