Roughing It #4

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Roughing It #4

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Sir hammerhand look excited looking around and whispering low to you," Mylord my family been very unlucky after we used up our luck saving thousands of dwarves from the war of the three empires. My family was wealthy and powerful and it was our duty to protect the people as they fleed the mountains, we was the last to leave, leaving behind all our treasure and homes so that others survive. We cross the plains to the west and settle in the small mountain to the north, being the last we ended up with slim picking, since that time we pride ourself on being warriors, That been 3 generation ago. There only a few of my clan left that remain most change their name, other married into other family. We remain poor, serving this kingdom in war as mercenary or in orders.
Every where I travel I take my great great great great great." pausing counting on his fingers."great great grandfather Panning pan that been converted into a helmet and have been pass on down." Taking a big breath of excitement

"I found about 1/2 oz of gold dust, 1 carot diamond and about 1 oz of iron in 15 mins of panning, some quarts and small flaks of various gems that too small to be of value but tell me that there bigger gems to be found!"

"Sir with respect I ask to lStake a claim for my family and give you 60% of what we find to you? if I'm right I think we can get about 500 gold a year from the river, giving you 300 and my family 200 gold, the gems I not sure about how much we find, The ore we can get about 10-20 pounds a day maybe more after it been smelted and purified"

"I can get 50 of my clan men here with their families, for this claim we would fight to the death to keep anyone from taking this land from you. and not a word will be spoken of about where we get the gold, we be saying we are mining the river for Iron."

Realizing he been talking all this time he pause and saluted.

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"I like the idea but before I give you my answer can you show me where you found the gold and ore?"


I have a few question out of game.

1. Where did we currently set up our camp. Close to the tree, close to where we ported in, or elsewhere?
2. How much is an ounce of gold worth? I would have thought with as much gold as he found that he would be able to find more then 500 gold a year.

Thats all for now.

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Camp is near the shrine for easy access unless you want to move it closer to the tree.

16 gold coins = 1 pound, 1 oz of gold = 1 coin

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"Where do you plan on setting up your claim? Further up the river? I'm planning on setting up the main city here where the river meets the lake."

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We can build a small dwarven village about 3 miles up river and set up a dedge for dredging th river and lake, If you can find a way to make the coin from the gold we can smelt and pour it once a month bars and coins and send to you with the ore load.

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"Sounds like a good plan. Lets make it happen."

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Then I be on my way this evening I going to ask the cleric to send me to my family area there a temple 30 miles from them and I have a gold to travel there with no problem. It take us about 3 months to get them all here but I have the 10 men here in 4 weeks to set up camp and start the building of the dredger.

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"Good Luck"

Unless you have something else that is going to happen I will then head back to take a look at the baby dragons. I want to see how they are doing, who is taking take of them, have all of them been claimed, are they with there mother, are they causing any problems for the knights, does it look like they will be any problems in the future. Basically anything I can find out

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When you see them several of the knights are caring for them 4 drakes have not chose anyone, the 2 females and 2 males they have double in size in last 2 days at this rate they be adult size in about a month.
4 male drakes have bonded with 3 male and 1 female knights.

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1. How much time does it take from your day to take care of one of the younglings?

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The female knight say" those that bonded with us we can communicate by emotion, and starting to see and hear and smell through their eyes ears and nose, It almost as if they have become an extention of our senses, there very little care, other than feeding they perfer that the food be cook and fed to them, EVA was here earlier and said ahve they finishe growing they be consuming less food, Too much food will make them hybernate for a few months to a year or more. About a deer a week will keep them feed when older but if active 2 or 3 deer. They are are breather on weapons, drakes adapt to the environment and require to hybernate to evolve. Ice drake breath fire, fire drake fire, grass drake breath gas, and black drake (swamp) acid. Take a year hybernation. These are gas breather NND gas that knock out anything that breath it. as long as we not face the wind," she laugh, They not able to produce the gas yet from what we see. Sir Kenworth thinks that the last to devolop. so we know in a month or two."

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If there is still an unbonded dragon when I get back from my trip to town, I might considered taking care of one. The rest of the day, unless you have something going on, I will spend either with eva, if she is not busy, or exploring the area to the east between the 2 rivers. This area is where I would like to start building my main city. I also need to make sure I place someone in command while im gone. Things that need to be worked on while I'm gone are.

1. Start Patrols
2. Explore the underground area
3. Finish picking the Black Dragon clean of any usefull items.
4. Explore the area where we will be build the new city as noted above.
5. Start gathering food stuffs, firewood and the such. Basicly items that will be needed for the up and coming winter

If anything happens during my time with eva, ie if we start to get frisky, I wan't to make sure that she does not end up with a child.

I plan on taking a port back to town via the cleric. I want to make sure that it is not known that Im back in town. I plan on see at least 3 individuals while I'm in town. They are listed below

1. Grace
2. Jimmy
3. Grace's brother

Not neccesarly in that order.

That is all that I can think of at the moment

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I will spend either with eva, if she is not busy, or exploring the area to the east between the 2 rivers. This area is where I would like to start building my main city. I also need to make sure I place someone in command while im gone. Things that need to be worked on while I'm gone are.

1. Start Patrols next few days patrols will give you a detail map of a mile each person will cover a area and detail it for a map
2. Explore the underground area 4 rangers will work on this
3. Finish picking the Black Dragon clean of any usefull items. 3 rangers are working on this
4. Explore the area where we will be build the new city as noted above. 4 rangers are checking this out
5. Start gathering food stuffs, firewood and the such. Basicly items that will be needed for the up and coming winter, Early spring now got lot of time.

Eva have time to go with you pn patrol today, and spend time with you.

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While walking with Eva on a foot patrol, she begin to talk," My people were 2 peoples, the women were once member of a barbaric trible of sea nomad that raided other people and cultures killing and steall all they come across claiming the land for themselves enslaving the women and childern. The Nomads were call Dragian for they worship the dragons as their gods. The women of these men became tire of being used, force to stay behind to defend our home from other Dragian, So many fled by ships to the sea and travel for a year heading East until we found an island that could support us, A goddess took up with us taught us to live and fight and she sent us men to mate with, whom later awaken 100s of mile from us near villages we have seen in our travels." pausing" we form a government pass down from mother to daughter, The male child was deliever to villages that the goddess found for us a home for our male children. And we rule in peace for 200 years mother of clan to mother of clan it pass down until we was found by the Dragian in flying ships that sail upon the wind, half of our people died other half fled east, the Dragian fled west to lick their wounds, we fled the sea to mainland and found the Lamian and their peaceful herders, we conqueror them without a fight, without effort. In the end we found they conqueror us with their peaceful ways, we became Lamian and they gave us clans we spread out raising the Lamas peaceful for 100 years then they came again, and we fled before them not willing to face them for land that barely kept us alive. The next Three generation we move East spreading out but always intouch with each other, we was despise and look upon with distain yet we continue going East know those we leave behind will oneday be force to fight or flee. Until the Goddess brought us here to this land we was giving a vision a land of endless grass that will give our people a haven and a place to die for. The clans are coming Thousands will be here to the north, we are going to summon the avatar of The Mother of all, She will tell us our next move, we summon her 4 times When the women of Dragian left, When the Dragian men found us, when we merge with the Lamian people and when the Dragian was seen again and we fled East.
I am The Mother of my Clan it protector, it's guide and It leader, I was made Mother when my own mother died a few years ago. I must be there to help summon the avatar.

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Third day you wake up just an hour before daylight, Eva is already gone you figure she just left, the room still smell of her, and you see hot water being boiling for tea, and a pan of warm eggs and meat ready for you next to fire. The sound of camp awakening fel the air, as rangers are getting up to change post at daylight, You hear the cleric giving morning pray near the shrine. Somewhere in the grass a rooster crow and a Buffalo Ram Bull Bellow his challenge to all young bulls. somewhere north Eva is going to her clan, and the air feel fresh and inviting, A feeling of a good day feel your soul.


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