Roughing It #5

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Roughing It #5

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I will get up and eat the breakfast that Eva prepared for me.

Thinking to myself "I could get use to this."

Things on the list to do today

1. See the cleric and ask her if she would transport me home this afternoon.
2. Make sure someone is left in charge while I'm gone and that they know that I will be back after I take care of things in town.

Unless something happens between now and the transport thats all I got planned. I want to make sure that as few as possible people know that I'm back in town.

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Sir Ralwan seem capable to be in charge since he led the men against the dragon, The cleric say she can transport you at sunset to be ready. The rest of the day gone fairly well, There been several trees that been pull from the water, and all the rangers now have horses that teh horsewhisper been able to find. several rangers are working on canoes made from hides to cross over to the East side of the lake. two rangers have fish being smoked, they been doing good at catching fish. The Dragon meat is being smokes and another is filling clay jugs full of meat.

The camp look fairly strong and 2 side of the camp have shapen logs angle outward. by time you get back there be a fair decent defense here in a few days. The rangers have build a trench on the north side of the camp and a latrine not to fare away.

When sunset come you get your gear and paid the cleric she tosses the coin in to water at the shrine and start chanting she nod to you to jump in as she chants.

You hit bottom of th pool and count to 10 and push up ward and find yourslef standing waist high in the Temple of Deltesta looking at 2 clerics another man stands up next to you and wades out, Big robust man wearing cleric clothing, "Goddess! I never get use to that!" and he amble off with the other clerics

The temple is quiet and semi dark with glowing light near the entrances from magic lanterns.

the last rays of the setting sun touches the face of the goddess and a chime tones the setting sun.

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I will climb out of the pool. Thinking to myself.

"I don't think I will ever get use to that."

I will try to find something to dry myself off. If I can't find anything then I will try to stop on of the clerics and see if he or she could get me something. If I find someone.

"Excuse me kind sir/maam could I please get something to dry myself off with? Could I also possible get an audiance with 'Grace' as soon as possible?"

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one of the women point to a side room. you find robes and drying vent of warm air in here, you can undress and put on a robe and let your equipment dry. there an area to clean armor and weapons. there a few servant women (young acept) that are cleaning or drying other people lothes and weapons.

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"Thank you Maam".
I will go and get out of my clothes and put on one of the robes. I will hang up my clothes and make sure that my weapons are dry and taken care of. After I'm done I will see if I could get and audience with Grace

I will try and stop one of the clerics

"Could I possibly get and audience with Grace please?"

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She is in the her room do you wish for me to tell her you are here? the cleric said

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"Yes please. I would like that very much."

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A few minutes later you are excorted into a room where Grace is waiting for you. The woman leave and Grace said, "You are Well?

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"Very well. How are you?"

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Post 450 EXP 2 for Aslan all NPC 1 exp


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