A Shadow of Intrique #1

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A Shadow of Intrique #1

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Grace get up and give you a hug, "thanks for coming" looking into your eyes searching "you found your friend ? I prayed that she was safe."

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I will return the hug.

"Yes I found her and she is safe. I've missed you Grace. I don't know how to explain it but I think there is some kind of connection between us and I think I've falling in love with you. Please let me finish before you say anything because if I don't say it now I think I will never get it out. Ever since I saw you in the King's court, I've felt drawn to you. I don't know why I feel this way but I feel it none the less. I think there is something way beyond me and you at work here. There is more and I'm not sure how you will take this. I feel the same way about Eva. I've fallen in love with her too. I hope this doesn't make you think any less of me. I would really hate it if my feelings for the both you would tare me away from you two. I've haven't told Eva this yet but I really didn't know how I felt until just now. I will tell her though as soon as I see her again. Sorry to blind side you like this."

I will then wait and see what she says or does.

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"I am flatter and please, but I am bound to the King to marry whomever he chooses, I have no say in that, My soul is to my goddess, my body and mind is your but my obigation is to the Kingdom. I can not marry you unless the King bids it. I.... can be companion to you on your long nights.

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"Im the luckest man in the world. I have two beautiful ladies that I love and love me in return. I dont think I could be any happier then what I am at this moment. I understand about you not being able to marry me. Eventually down the road, if god and king or willing, maybe that will happen but right now I'm not even ready for that. I still need to tell Eva about us. I hope she is as accepting of the situation as you are."

"How secretive do we need to be about this? I'm not too sure we want to king to know about this. Do we need to keep this from your people here in the temple? If we need to keep this from the king, I'm not so sure that my people need to know. They are all good men but when it comes to their off time in the Red Light District, there might be pillow talk."

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"I doubt many will know me in my true halfelven form among your men, and they I know do not run in the high class circle that Grace must. Most of the population believe me to be human. only a very few know other wise." I can travel to your order to visit or out upon the land as Gracy the Elven Healer." her image shift to almost full elven with long pointed ears and larger eyes. her face slim take on the elven appearance, she become slightly taller and thinner, and more beautiful. The woman before you look like grace but as a distance cousin.

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"You are truely beautiful in any shape or form."

I will walk over and put my arms around her. I will bend over our lean up (depending on if she is taller or shorter then I) and give her a kiss. A long kiss if she is willing.

Reluctantly I will break away.

"This must hold me untill I can see how my men or doing? Can we get together later tonight or tomorrow?"

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"I can meet you where you wish tonight." I believe your order been here several times today asking if you return yet.

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Have you any idea, what is going on?

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"there been rumours going through the city that the bathhouse is under seige by a thousand halfling, but I not heard of any injuries or problem all day. one of the other temples have done some healing for the night hawks that been injure in fights but nothing serious."

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"I better go see how my men are. We will make some time for ourselves after I see to my men. Does that sound good to you?"

If so then I will give her another kiss good bye.

"Could you help me get out of here unseen. I have the ability to change into animal forms. If I was to change into a bird could you let me outside?"

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"I can let you outside with no problem. I be waiting"

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I will turn into a dove then and fly away to the bath house as soon as grace lets me outside. My plan is to fly away a bit then turn into the hawk and fly rest of way to bath house. I will fly around a few minutes to survey the area to see if anything is wrong. if i dont see anything then i will fly down to an open will and land on the window sill. If I still dont see anything then I will find a out of way spot and turn into aslan

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For about 5 blocks in all dirrection there seem to be halfling in every street, most seem to be talking and milling around. outside of the 5 blocks radius there are a few nighthawks men keeping their distance, The bathhouse have a line of halfling that go bakc 3 blocks and several of the restruants have long lines too, you lost count after 500 there is maybe 10 x or more. your men are walking calmly through the halfling horde looking a little puzzled. you see Jimmy through one of the window trying to explain something to several halflig but seem to be at lost on how to explain it.

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I will try and find an unoccupied room that I can fly into. I will then change back into Aslan and make my way to where Little Jimmy is.

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No problem finding a room to change back, you past dozen of halfling bathing and find Jimmy gulping beer and staring numbly at 10 halfling that trying to explain something to him.


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