A Shadow of Intrique #2

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A Shadow of Intrique #2

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"Looks like you have been having fun while I've been gone Captain. So what is going on?"

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These halfling are here to see you Sir, sighing with relieve, "They said they have a duty to the Knights of the Kingdom that their grandfather made 100 years ago.This is Gar Claymaker, Harp Claydigger, Kal Brickmaker, Jonny Potterson and James Bricklayer they repersent the Halfling that was hired to build the city and fortress of the Knights of the Kingdom."

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"Nice to meet you."

I will hold my hand out to shake their hands.

"How can I help you?

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" Remarkable. Remarkable , Remarkable" each of the halfling say to each other you hear other nearby looking at you and whisping in each other ears and saying, Remarkable!

Our grandfathers have told us about a man name Brighton that was honorable, he said he was the man behind the Leader of the Knight, that he was a Squire, A squire that was willing to let his brother shine in the light as the hero, a hero that did not know how to govern his men, That the squire easy that burden from his brother.
"You look remarkabley like the painting of the squire."
Our grandfather said he was the most hororable man in the land, When the battle was near to the end he gave our grandfather orders to flee home with the treasure and our pay. He made them promise to rebuild the city and fortess for the new lord of the Knights of the Kingdom."

Our grandfather use the money to build many other cities for men and dwarves and gnomes, We grew weathy because of that money, and we build bridges to the north and road between cities. Our father build canals, and windmills and water mills, new ways of building with brick was learn daily waiting for the day the Knights will return, We have waited 4 generation 100 years to pay back the debt that our grandfathers promise. We are here to build you a city and fortress." When the King made the Order a few months ago word travel from town to town village to village , city to city and we came. We want to know if you are ready for us to build you a home for the ORder of the Knights of the Kingdom?"

all eyes are on you you see hundreds of halfling looking into the room.

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"The brothers that you are talking about are my half-brothers. From what I read from the Knights history books they were truely honorable men. I will forever strive to be as honoralble as they were. The gods must really be looking out for us. I have just found the place where the knights will be living. Your great great grandfather will forever hold a place of honor with the Knight of the Kingdom If you are ready to honor your agreement then we are ready to receive it."

Looking out at all the halflings

"Are you ready to hold a place of honor with the Knights of the Kingdom my good men?"

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"WE ARE!" They cheered they stand and cheered "WE ARE READY!" and out the door they ran allong with those looking in.

Jimmy just look at the door then at you and took another gulp of beer and shook his head.

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"A silver for your thoughts Captain. So what are you shaking your head about?"

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"Just a thought on an invasion against the nighthawk of 10,000 halfling. Chuckling I thought at first they pull a prank on us by sending these guys here."

"Ahem. if we halfling was to invade this whole city would fall within hours," You see a very old Halfling walking in with a staff, and help along by two women halfling, behind him is four robe halfling, one in blue, one in red, one in white, and one in brown." you must be Grand Marshal, you look remarkable like your namesakes." sitting down on a chair and hands one of the women his staff. I am the artitect Thomas Plans. I am here to build what we promise before I die, I only ask that when I do that I be bury with my wife whom is bury on your land 100 years ago."

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"Thank you kind sir. I hope to live up to their standard. Can I offer you some type of refreshment?"

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"Asmen tea if you have any if not black tea," and sigh from weariness," these four are head of our people first elementalist guild, Kela of the fire, Jerl of the water, Hast of the Air and Kane of the Earth, When my friend was attack by four of the world most powerful earth elementalist, The council decided to use part of the money to build a school to teach the four elements over the last 100 years we have taught over 400 students They may not be as powerful as the ones that destory the town then but combine we are stronger. They will be with us to defend us as we build your city."

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I will get someone to get him some tea

"Can we get some Asmen tea or black tea for Architect Thomas Plans and a Ale for myself? What would you have Captain? I would be glad to make sure you are buried with your wife. Can you tell me something about the history of my brothers. I didn't know that I had any brothers let alone that they were part of the Knights of the Kingdom untill just a couple days ago."

Thinking to myself I really need to talk to my father.

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"You are almost like both of them combine in one," They were insaperable both fell inlove with twins one was a healer she died a few months before the fall and the other was a elementalist that died from when she destroyed the earth elemental. Both of them wanted to make this kingdom strong, they felt the king move to capture other kingdom was a waste of time and material that could go to make this the most wonderful kingdom in the land, They say the protential of this land to end starvation, and that cities can live in harmony with the land around them. The Dark Druids made sure their dream failed."

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"Its surprising how much my views run down the same path as my brothers did. I'm not sure if it would be of any interest to you, but I was able to locate some blueprints of what was planned before the Dark Druids attacked my brothers. Would they be helpfull to you? Much has changed as far as the lay of the land is concerned. Will the two of us be talking face to face throughout the whole process or will there be a liason between us?"

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He take the tea from the serving girl and sip it and nods his approval, "good tea, I and many of my kinsmen have travel to the lake over the hundred years taking measurent of the lake at it lowest and highest points, buring the dead we found in the lake and around it. We avoided the Tree and the area where the city was for fear of being detected by the Dark Druids.
We study and plan and study and plan for when the day can that the Order was restarted. I have before me." several halfling unscrolling blueprints. "a city in the middle of the lake built from the floor up by bricks, each block will hold several building and small corner towers to defend the city, no walls will be needed, The lake is over 40 feet deep in many area only near the center a small hill in the lake is about 10 feet from the top of the lake at it lowest time of the year, 20 feet at the flood time. water is slower here and make a good defense, fire and earth elementals can not cross large body of water. and we can put protection in place to negate or combat water elementals, air elementals we just have to have strong building. we can place a series of raise bridges to land and each city block will have it own raise bridge to make it more defendable. Wals will not be a problem because the enemy will have to travel across a mile of water to get to the spot. We have elementalist that will help on lowing the water and holding it back so we can build the foundation, we going to start on one foundation first and when it complete a second group will start the work on building and adding in soil. From what we see we can make this a large city over the years and create 1 square mile of city or more. the lake is over 300 square miles. We can have the first block 100' by 100' square and 10' above flood stage 100'x100'x40' built in 4 months, 2 foundation a year. Winter be too hard to work in and we will use that time to build up more brick. or we can build on land if you wish? we have enough money invested to build you 100 blocks of land on the lake. and 200 building."

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Sounds like a good plan. I have a couple questions though.
1. Could we build a central square for the main castle and then have other blocks surround it?
2. Could the blocks be bigger then 100'X100'?
3. If the answer to the above questions are yes. Could we concentrate on the outside blocks first and then build the inside central square later?
4. Would building our city on the lake effect the fishing? Im sure we will be relying on that for part of our income at first.


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