The Village of Charity - The Slow Death #1

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The Village of Charity - The Slow Death #1

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Selga bow to you both, " there are 2 building for housing the men and women that helping, the rest of the building are use to care for the sick. Just keep them comfortable and every patient get a healing draught in the morning. there is one building that house our healing material and equipment." waving her hand around her, "find a patient and help.

An Half Orc step out of one of the building wiping his hand on an apron (you know it a half-orc because he look like those that capture you on the ship) "Selga, We need to open up the body of one of the dead so whe know what we are dealing with, how many more are we going to lose before you agree? Just because I am not a healer like you, I know you do not respect me as a herbalist and healer, I do know many things."
As he stop in front of Selga you notice that he more human than orc, his tusk like teeth appear to been remove giving him a more soften look, he about 5' 5" tall, strong and slightly hairly, his face is shaven and his claw nails been file and cleaned. He wears a Blue linen talbert over his clothing beached tan linen.

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"Well. That's not the reception I was expecting. Lets get our gear stored away. Try to keep it separate from the rest. You two." looking at the two that came with us. "get two boiling pots, put some water in them and get them to boiling. We don't know what we are dealing with but at least we can be prepared. Misty unless you have some other suggestions, I think we should split up and see what we can find out."

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After 30 minutes of getting your gear unpack and equipment out, David and John have set up camp outside of the village using the wagon and tent and housing. They have 2 large pot boiling with water. by the time you came out with your apon, gloves and mask and hair cover,to check on the sick.
The Misha look with surprise at your wearing gloves and mask hair cover.
Misha said "what with the covering?"

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"Back where I come from there is a saying 'Cleanliness is next to godliness'. In my world, germ's, which are very very very small organisms, live everywhere and on anything. Some germs are beneficial but lots can even kill. By covering my face I not only protect the sick from my germs I protect myself from theirs. During surgery, if the slightest piece of hair gets into the incision before you close, that can even kill. Since I don't know what is going on yet, I feel its better to be safe then sorry. That why i also want to keep pots of boiling water on the boil. When you wash in boiling water it kills germs. Something I want to keep an eye out for is 'Soap root'. It makes a lather and helps to keep oneself clean."

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Misha say "Oh I understand, we use spell called purified, it clean a 10'by 10' by 10' area of all thing bad from bugs to paricites and i believe those germ you say we can't see. I can make spring of bad water good.

The first patient you look at is a man about 40 he look pale and guant, and look about 80 now. his skin is so pale you can see his blood veins, he been ill for 3 months and from what one of the healer tell you he got maybe hours to days left.
no fever, it seem as if his life is slowly flowing out of him.

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"That sounds like a good spell to know. You will have to teach me that sometime."

"How are you doing my kind sir. My name is Celena Brown and I'm a doctor. I'm here to see if there is anything I can do to make you feel better. Do you mind if I take a look at you?"

I will take a look at this man. Does he have pain in any particular area? When I use my detect Illness/Disease on him, do I detect anything in particular? I will also try my mental healing on him. Does that make any difference? My detect Illness/Disease is microscopic does that help me find anything foreign that might be causing this? I will even make a telepathic scan to see if I see anything

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The gentleman just moans, when you do a detect illness and disease you feel there is nothing there. When you do a mental healing you become trap with your hand on his chest you can feel your power draining from you into him then into something alien and dark! Misha pulls you away you both fall to the floor. The man sits up and gasp, "I coming Ellen!" and collaspe back on the bed, you see his very faint spirit rise part way out of the body from the mouth only to be pull back inside the body and vanish. The body jerks for a moment and you and misha saw a blur leaving the body and hit both of you. You and Misha instantly feel tired.

"Oh goddess! you both got the plague!" Selga said as she walk in.

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"Did you see that? It was as if there was some kind of alien intity inside him. I saw, just briefly, his spirit being lifted out of his body, from his mouth. It was then pulled back in before it vanished. After that a blur left his body and then hit both me and Misha. I tried to do a mental healing and my hand became trapped against his chest. All the power that was in me was being drained out of me into something dark. If you hadn't pulled me away, I think I would have been a gonner. Thanks Misha."

"What in the world is going on here?

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Both you and Misha is -1 body, -5 stun, -5 end, until cured. Also any healing spells from the goddess are at 14 or less to be cast.

You feel as if something has move through your body under the skin and stop somewhere between at the base of your skull. everytime you try to touch the spot you would get ill. You sit down on a cot for a while in a slight daze, voices sound blur and slurry and not understandable your own vision also blur and twists, making it hard to focus, then slowly the world around you seem to come back into focus and the sounds becak to normal. You watch several children outside play with round rock marble trying to knock other marble out of a circle they draw, near them you see several broken marble they toss away when they broke, The children laughter finally snap you out of the dreamy surreal look around you.
"You alright ?" Drak the half orc say to you, wiping your face with a damp towel.
"you lucky you not pass out like Misha is, she will be sleeping like that for at least one to three days. Most cleric whom are strongly collected to the goddess never recover. The lost of contact and the illness sometime kills them within a week.

you still free the pressure at the base of your neck and feel an evil alien presence but no intelligence in your body.

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"I don't know. I don't know that I'm that strongly connected yet. I'm from another world, and have only been in this world for several months. Maybe that is what kept me from going unconscious. Did you see what happen?

"It was as if there was some kind of alien intity inside him. I saw, just briefly, his spirit being lifted out of his body, from his mouth. It was then pulled back in before it vanished. After that a blur left his body and then hit both me and Misha. I tried to do a mental healing and my hand became trapped against his chest. All the power that was in me was being drained out of me into something dark.

"I still feel the pressure on the back of my neck. There is an evil alien presence with no intelligence back there. I've never felt anything like it before."

"We have got to find out what is going on before anyone else dies."

Re: The Village of Charity the slow death.
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Drak, sit you on a bed and lifts Misha to a bed too.
"They will not let me cut into bodies or into anyone and see what going on." Drak said, "They feel it barbaric and not needed"
"I feel that those that have a strong belief and have a god or goddess they are link to or bind too make them a target, I don't think it just the lifeforce that being destroyes but the spirit link too." Drak said. "so when ever one of you become ill the god or goddess cuts the link to keep them from being harm."
"It can not be a parisite because the pufified spell should kill that, yet it act like a parisite." It started over a month ago, about the times that the locals said the stars fell by the thousands, some of the farmer field were burn and a few cows dead with holes through them the size of a fist."
Drak look puzzle, "I know I seen movement in the bodies just before other get killed. I find two to four small hole at the base of each neck but Sister Selga forbid me to look."
"I have been an herbalist for ten years and a student to shamanism until my people were killed by a more hostile clan of orcs, I was found by the Sisters and have adopted many of their ways In hope that the goddess will accept me as her servant." he said.

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"Nice to meet you drak. My name is Celena. Where I come from we depend on science instead of magic. I'm a certified surgeon, which means I can perform surgery and I know lots about the human anatomy. Perhaps we should look at one of the dead to see if we can find out what is causing all this pain and suffering."

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There the patient that just died we could" pausing looking around " go bury the body in a grave on the otherside of the island." winking at you. Drak said. "what a certified surgeon?"

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"Sounds like a good idea. I need to get a few of my tools first."

While we are getting my tools and taking the body to be "buried" I will explain what a certified surgeon is.

"In my world we spend about 6 years studying medicine, herbs, human anatomy, and surgical techniques to name a few. After that 6 years we have to take a test and if we don't pass then the government will not allow us to practice medicine on other people. Its a way to make sure only the best are allowed to pratice. If they let just anyone then it could lead to people getting harmed from those that are not good enough. A surgeon is someone who can cut into someone even when there alive and repair damage done on the inside. After the repairs are made then they are able to close them back up. The world that I came from does not have magic like this world and sometimes the only way we can help people is to fix them from the inside."

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I would like to learn more about surgeons but we must get the goddess permission because my race god does not believe in healing, only the strong survive, There are rules for changing beliefs, I petition to Deltesta for her to be my patron god, she passes that petition on to mine and he will set a task that will allow me to change. Then I must pass a test to become a servant of the goddess." Drak said.

When you went to your camp to get your tools you nearly fell from stepping on one of the stone marbles, you see one marble broke in half and hollow inside. One of the children rush up and grab the marble and went back to the others to play.


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