A Shadow of Intrique #3

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A Shadow of Intrique #3

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•no the lake abot 300 sq miles and the city only effect 1 square mile. sewage can ge contain and eaten by monsters the by product can be use as rish dirt, dirty water can be purified by priest before allow to re enter the river in containment pools

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Looking at the halfling

"How soon would it take you to be ready to leave for the lake? Some of my men are already there. We should be ready to leave the day after tomorrow in the morning. It will take my rangers about a week and a half to get there. Your welcome to travel with us if you wish."

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We be happy to follow you there. we will meet you northeast of the city 2 days from now if that ok? about 10 miles from the city walls?

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"Sounds good to me."

After they leave I will update "Little Jimmy on what has transpired while I was away and I will get an update on what has happened here while I was gone

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"Last few days you been gone, the Duchy of Gat to the northwest was invaded by the Kingdom of Haszar word was recieve yesterday that 10,000 men and women of 5 orders were wipe out by the Haszar army, They invade the Duchy with 8000 men the Duke order all his Orders in his Ducky to meet the army on the battlefield, a second army of 100,000 men came in behind and wipe out the the 5 Orders, 3 towns have been sacked and men and omen enslaved. several village wipe out and refugee are moving eastward farther into the kingdom, The King order 20 Orders into the field 200,000 men, our Order have not been call upon because of our size is too small. "
"The King court is in a uproar over this and the Druids seem taken by surprise by the attack. The King Brother is leading the troops again Haszar and have order to push them back into their homeland and bring back the king of Haszar head to the King."

Your Balasta arrive 2 days ago and I found an journyman engineer that willing to copy it and make more for you. I offer him a workshop and materials for him to build them and experiment on new seige weapons, He quite excited young, full of ideas and well the only one that would except the offer.

(Duchy of Gat is where your parents live)

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"Great job Captain. Once we get to our new home, we will need to start the patrols. With this evasion going on in the east we may be needed more then ever. Are most of the men back in now? If not we will need to leave them a message on where to meet us. Looks like you have everything under control. Can you think of anything else that needs to be done in the next 2 days?"

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"There a goblin down stairs who call himself Captain Blight he been waiting two days for you, the ladies final got him to take a bath and he been soaking in the hot pools several times. The ladies said he eht cleanest goblin they seen in years!' chuckling" he would not tell me what he want with you only that he wishes to speak with you."

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"Go ahead and escort him in. We can talk to him now."

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A few min later in walk Captain Blight with a ship hat under his arms, "ahhh good to see you Lord Marshal, I have a problem that the knights of the kingdom might be able to help me, consider the night watch said it was not in their Order to help those on the river." giving you a bow.

" About 20 River pirates and their leader BlackHeart stole my new boat, and threw me and my crew over board, I lost two cousins to their blades. and I just bought the boat from Gnomarboatwright here in the city."

(Blackheart was a minor pirate in the pirate war you was in he escape when most of the pirate fleet was burning. He was known to have kill 15 soldiers and have a 200 gold bounty on his head.)

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"I'm pretty sure we can help. What else can you tell us about him. We could use any information that you have. Where he tends to stay. His tactics. His patterns. Maybe we can lay a trap for him."

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well he bigger than you I think he have some orc blood in him, had a big 2 hand sword on his back the glow red, they talk about loading thunderlogs on the boat. I really hate to see them hurt that boat, the gnome built her to paddle upstream using horse power I bought 2 young mules for her too, Call the boat the Riverlady" wiping a tear from his eyes, Oh yeah he had 2 elemental mages with him a husband and wife water and air elementalist, the river is the boundary between this kingdowm and 4 others kingdoms. so they can easy port up on the otherside, they mention something about earning pay pirating the shipping lane and get the plunder too. he fly a red flag with a black skull on it.

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"What are Thunderlogs. You've been up and down this river more times then I. How would you advice going about getting your boat back.? Any bottlenecks in the river or vulnerable spots that we can set a anbush? How many men does he have with him besides these elementalists?"

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"I believe you call them cannons. They are hard to build and very expenive to make. I heard the king but six made from copper and it cost him about 6000 gold"

{{{{note changing the money standard to
1 gold = 100 silver =10000 copper =1,000,000 brass bits
1 silver = 100 copper = 10000 brass bits }}}}}}}

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"Oh yes, High marshall I offering 100 gold for recovering my ship" goblin said. laying a gold bar of worth 50 gold on the table, "half now and the other half when you deliver my ship."

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"Thank you for your offer Captain Blight. We will do the best that we can. Jimmy, I would like you to set up things on this end and go to the lake with the halflings. I will take 10 of our men with me to see what we can do about this ship. First I need to get a bit of rest. We will head out in the morning to see what can be done about recovering the Captains ship."

Unless you have something else that is going to happen. I will then get one of the men to deliver a sealed note to the temple Grace is at. I n the note I will ask grace, if it is not too much trouble, to meet me at the Inn. I will then head to the Inn


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