A Shadow of Intrique #4

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A Shadow of Intrique #4

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captain Jimmy did find someone to make you some more balista he is a journeyman and made small catapult with a master, he willing to study the balista if provided a workshop and tools, and a salary of your choice, free room and board
It will take 1 to 4 months of study before 1st one is made then 1 a month

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Few hours later you have a knock on your door at the Inn. You peer out and see a cloak person and see Grace eyes look at you from beneath the hood.

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"I'm glad you were able to come. Its been a busy few hours since we last talked. Have you eaten?"

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she walk in carring a basket and pull back the hood, "not eaten but i brought food, A hunter wife stop by a while ago and drop off 2 quail and some bread and cheese and a smal bottle of beer as thank you. her son was almost killed by a bear and I was able to heal him a year ago."

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"You never cease to amaze me. I was just thinking about going down and bringing us up something to eat. "I have to go out in the mourning to try and recover a stolen ship so I thought we might spend some time with each other before I had to head out."

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"I have no other plans for tonight" taking off her robe. diinner then dessert" she say handing you a drumstick

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As we are eating I will jot down a quick note asking Jimmy to see what he can find out about our Captain Blight. I sure don't want to be doing something for someone that is trying to swindle me or not being honest with me. As soon as i finish the note. I will excuse myself for 1 minute and give it to one of the guards and ask him to take it to Little Jimmy. I will then make my way back to Grace and not think about business again.

I will try and wake up before Grace and have something for breakfast ready for her to eat. I'm sure we will make a little Chit Chat while eating breakfast.

"Thank you for the wonderful evening. The meal was great and the desert was even better."

I will give her a lingering kiss and reluctantly go our separate ways.

I will then go see Little Jimmy and see what he found out about our Captain Blight

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Captain blight use to be a pirate that raided The kingdom of Harka for the The Kingdom of the King, she sank 5 war galley and pirate 30 merchant vessels before retiring 5 years ago, He has rebuilt two goblin fishing villages with better homes and gave each village 10 fishing ship and have become a local hero to the river line on The River of Blood, that divide this kingdom from Harka, There is a uneasy truce with Harka at the moment, Captain Blight have even rebeuilt a dock on the village of men across from where he live and gave them 10 fishing boat of good quality, buying off any hostility from them.

He has five merchant ship at sea that so far been legal in their trade and two river barges that are pull upstream by mule teams. He has earn a title of Lord but perfer to be call Captain and was granted 40 acre along the river of Blood.

Merchants that have deal with him say he been fair and honest with his dealing and have somehow ended his old ways. No one know what happen 5 years ago but he never been to sea again only on the river and will not go within a mile of the sea.

They said he has a large treasure hidden and use it to keep him going, he paid everything in gold and silver half up front and the other half on completion. word is a bond to him.

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I will gather up 15 men. Will try to find men with special skills that would be useful for a tactic I might try. The tactic is using a couple of boats to secretly creep up on the ship at night. I might try to board the ship quietly. Maybe some rangers that have a silent spell that could make us and/or the boats quiet. I might be able to use other rangers that have other abilities to sneak on the boat. I also want to find Cpt Blight again. I need to talk to him about getting men to drive his ship if we are able to get it back. I think they will need to come with us.

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Getting the captain help is not a problem he can have four men (goblin ) to help work the boat, getting 15 men will be easy picking 15 men togo with you is the hardest out of 50 men on hand. The village near where the river boat is to be is about 3 days march or 1 full day riding by horse, 4 hours by bird.

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I will gather up the 15 men. I will pay special attention to getting men that would be of use trying to board a ship by surprise. I would also like to see if I could get the 2 mages that I rescued from the tower. They might be of some help. We will be heading out on horse back after all the men are gathered up.

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Six of your knights are rivermen scouts, They navigate rivers and protect it from danger so that shipping and travel can be safe. they know how to board ships. Five more knights have live along the coast line and have use boats and fought pirates on the coast line. The Two mages say they willing to join if they can join the Order. The other four knights have item of use, (one has a waterwalking ring, another has a helm of breath water, the third a shield of water elemntal summoning (summon a water elemental for 5 phases) the fourth has a staff of parting water (create a 3 hex wide 10 hex long 3 hex high path in the water for 5 phases) the river is about 20 hex across at the narrow point. 30 hex at the wide part.

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What is the requirement to join the order. I thought you had to be a ranger type to join. Can the wizards join the order?

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There are known honorary position in Orders

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Three months has past and the search for the pirates on the river have been a stalemate, you have lost 8 knights out of 21 that died, 13 were raise from the dead by the temple of light, at a +2 to morale boost, you recieved 1000 men-at-arms that had to be train by some of your knight most were press into service by the kingdom. A few were voluteers and some were just drunks that woke up in your group of men. This restricted your ability to find and attack the pirates and guard many of the bridges in the area. The War to the north have been bloody for both sides and the Kingdom has retaken half the lands back that was capture.
A few weeks ago the pirates cause the neighboring kingdom to send troops into your area, you lost 100 men in the fighting and have raise 30 from the dead. Loyalty among the men jump to almost 90 %. There is currently 3000 men at arm (1000 pikemen) 1000 swordsmen, 500 shortbowmen and 400 light calvarymen 100 heavycalvarymen and 25 knights and 2 fire wizards leaded by a Count Regal Du'Louc you have held them in a 1 square mile area on your side of the river.

You have 50 knights 800 men at arms (600 pikemen 100 longbowmen 100 light calverymen, 1 light repeating balista 2nd repeating balista is 1 week away from being completed.

High bluff run both side of the river for 30 mile up and down stream, this is the only area that a crossing can be made by boats and barges to get up the bluff from an ravine. so far your men have been able to kept the troops from advancing, your two lady wizards have been able to keep the fire wizards at bay with their magic. and your repeating balistic set on the bluff top have killed over 50 horses and several dozen men. after each attack you have allow under white flag for them to retrieve their wound and dead.
From your scouts it look like 20 barges are being made and an encampment of 2000 men are on the other side of the river they are making portable walls on wheels that could help shield them from the bastita and the archers.

The messenger from the Capital reports that they can not send you any aid at the moment. Hold to the last man was the Kings orders.

Local goblin village has offer 50 slinger to aid you in return for joining your Order, and a chance for advancement to knighthood for some of the slingers. They are willing to accept 1/3 the pay of regular men-at-arm. (all are ranger types)

a scout reports that the river boat you was after have been spoted 30 miles up stream in a small cove on the river, The men are in a small village drinking and celbrating on your side of the river, the scout saw only 5 men on the riverboat, the town is about 200 people with several taverns and riverboats.


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