The Temple of Deltesta #2

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The Temple of Deltesta #2

Post  EpicAdmin on Fri Aug 06, 2010 4:20 pm

I will buy the Lute.

"Thank you so much kind sir. I will treasure her forever. Does she come with a case? If not I would like to buy one for her."


To Jack the Carpenter

"How much can you get me at a time? What quality of wood is the next step down from Iron wood and how much would it cost?"


To Misha

"I don't know where will we can get a body to study. From what I see the magic here can heal about anything. Any ideas? You know more about this world then I do."


I will also spend time around the Inns to see if there is any work to be had.

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Jack the Carpenter had

Iron wood +2 DEF + 2 body : cost 100 gp per body
Grand Oak wood +2 DEf + 1Body : cost 80 gp per body
Marsh Oak Wood +1 Def + 1 Body : Cost 60 gp per body
Oak Wood +1 Def +0 Body: Cost 50 Gp per body

Posted in the plaza in front of the Inn is work order and hireling posting. Many of the posting is in same handwriting of Samuel the Scribe.

posting for a village of Mendlar pop of 50 need a healer and herbalist, Mendlar wine is the main export. Fee is 10 gp for 1 day a month visit to village for heals. (150 miles)

Posting of a town of HighMesa This town is on top of a 300' Mesa that is about 100 acres of land. 100 mile from the capital to the south east about 30 mile from border of the kingdom.

Kingdom of Umbral Hill seeking a healer for the Port City of Umbral Hills that can work under extreme stress of attack from undead creatures. There are several towns in the Kingdom that will require the healer to travel to and heal. House in the port city and two other towns will be given to the healer and 10 acres of farm land will be payment for 10 years of service to the city. The population about 200 northern part of the kingdom, Foggy most of the years. Granite and scupture work is primary some of this world famous scuptures come from this town.


Swordman seeking employment as bodyguard, seeking payment food and board, equipment and horse 1 gold/month. Serve 20 year in army retire as sergeant.

Swordman seeking employment as escort, 20 gp for 1 month.
Swordwoman seeking employment as Bodyguard 10 gp/month serve 5 year in army, 5 year in calvary, 5 year as marine on navy ship, personal guard to Baron Hemklipe for 3 year until death by natural causes at 89.

Swordwoman seeking employment for guard work 5 gp per month and room and board.

Wizard seeking employment in return for room and research and 100 gp/month

Elementalist wind seeking employment will travel, payment can be barter for.

Ranger seeking to work for big game hunting groups. 50 gp per week.


We seeking to sell our wagon for 20 gp will add mule for 2 gp
We seeking information on a family member lost in Dark woods to the east. Egard Robin adventure. missing four months.
Looking for donation to pay for burial of our mother in a holy tomb.
Mother of 5 , Will work as maid in return for food and place to live.

Warning necromancer have been seen traveling south of here, serveral tombs have been raided of bodies, do not travel at night on south road.

Misha said there are several humanoid species elves, dwarves, gnomes, halfling, orcs, goblins and many more. she not sure if all them same in body.

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Did the Lute seller have a case for her lute?


It would be great to upgrade her hull to Iron wood but since she doesnt have that much gold, and no job she will have to settle for Oak wood. At 50 gold per hp it is going to cost over 10,000 gold to get her back to full health. Personally it seems kind of high. Looks like she will be working for the next couple of years to just repair her ship.

What type of job is available at High Mesa?

Is there a daily or monthly wage beside the house and 10 acres of land in Umbral Hills. How will she make a living there?

I will go look for person or persons looking for donation for burial of their mother.

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Umbral hills is payment of 1 house in 2 towns + 10 acres of farmland will be given for 10 years of service, you get to keep the donations minus the what you give to the church. donation can be anything from food to money givin to you by the community.
Also there are many undead with items that was buried with them. There also a bounty of 1 silver per undead killed in umbral hills. 100 gp per evil necro killed in umbral hills.

Lute seller gave you a case for free with lute.

High Mesa offering a house and 1 gp per month for healer.

There a village 10 miles away that will let you work with the dead if you have the bodies crenated then the ashes bury in sacred ground and blessed so they not be use for evil. The village has people that are dying and can not be cured many have curses and ailment that defie healing.

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After our conversation I have decided to buy 2 loads of the Iron wood. How long will it take him to get it to me.

I will also go talk to someone about the village that is 10 miles away that is having problems with healing there people

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Two loads of iron wood will be deliver in two weeks at the dock, he will supply the men to unload it for you. (how many body you buying?)

The Village of Deave (death) is a new village to hold those that can not be cure. Everyone here dies even the soul dies, three healers have already wither away and died. No one can figure out how these people die only that they slowly weaken and die, after they die one to ten more people get sick and die. From time of getting sick to death is about 2 year, 1 Body a month until death. And the goddess get ill if close to 1 mile of them. Her avatar take 1 Body per person that has the illness within a mile of her. It is the only way we know who sick before they do.

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This is the current stats of the ship

STR 60
BODY 20 (26)
DVC -5

If I buy 2 loads of iron wood how many body will it give me and will it increase the Def of the ship?

I have rapid healing, will that decrease my chance of getting sick?

I will get 2 horses and a couple weeks supply of food in preperation of going to this village. I will also see what I can get that could be used as face masks, just in case this is an airborn diease. I will also see what I can get that would work like plastic gloves. I will also like to get some good soap so some time of alcohol so that I keep everything sterile.

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1 load will heal 2 body

4 body will give a 8 or less + 2 def
8 body will give a 11 or less + 2 def
12 body will give a 14 or less +2 def
16 body will give a 16 or less +2 def
18 + will be +2 def

healing on you could increase the chance of not getting sick or increase you life if sick.
no rubber gloves found face mask are easy to make. and there is drinking alcohol.

one thing you notice is lack of good food, no tomato,patato, corn, fruits or rice there is only braley, oats and hops, wheat. some turnip and roots are found and berries if pick before animals gets them. you know from history that tomato and other fruit help increase the life span and made people more heathy. the patato rice and corn all three made nation strong on survival. most of these were found in the new world on earth.

Misty found strange clothes made from material she not seen before in the ship in a chest

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When you say 4 body will give a 8 or less, what do you mean by 8 or less? What are we rolling for?

I figured that there would not be rubber gloves but is there something that might work just as good?

Celena will get with a couple farmers and see if she can figure out a couple likely places that she could look for type of fruits and veggy she is needing ie fruit, potatoes, tomatos, corn, squash, mellons. I will spend a couple days looking. She wants to see what she can find so that she can get the seeds from them. I will also look into these clothes misty was telling me about. I also want to make sure I get plenty of germ killing soap.

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The clothes she found was your hospital garmets, green, with a white overcoat with your name on the left side and the symbol of the doctor the staff with 2 serpents.
there is 2 pairs of gloves in pocket, your stetha scope (misspelled) couple of tongue depessor and about 20 children bandaid 1/3 of a 6 inch subway that dry out. wrap in it subway wrapper.

champion or hero game have activation roll 8 or less chance of 4 def.

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I want to go to two places.

First I will go to the druids. I want to see what they can do to help me recreate the vegetables that are on her subway sandwich. There should be onions, green peppers, banana peppers, olives, lettuce, tomato's, and cucumbers on it. The cucumbers and tomato's may still have seeds with them but the others will not.

I will then go to the wizards to see if they have a way of duplicating the gloves, bandaids, and stehla scope. I dont want them to take the scope apart but hopefully they should be able to duplicate the aluminum, plactic, and rubber on it. I will also see if they could copy the hospital garmets. Im mainly interested in the fabric, which could be used for other items.

I will see if Misty wants to go with me. I want to take her with me so that the wizards can not deny that I was there. I really dont want them taking my ideas and claiming them as thier own.

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Dar the Greenthumb is a old druid at a grove just 10 miles north of the Temple. He has watch over another druid and 4 young students, The grove is beautiful, flowers growing everywhere, birds singing in the trees. The area reminds you of large flower parks in the city you was from. Flalin the Weeder walks up to you and introduce himself. listening to your idea and looking to the seeds he carry them carefully back to Dar leaving you and misty to walk the garden.

you saw small trees walking around the grove, and other students tending the garden. A deer walk up to you to be petted. An hour pass and Dar walks out excited. Asking you many questions about the plants, as you answer him he leads you back into the inner grove and show you a green pepper, a banana pepper tomato and cucumbers plants and 3 different lettuce plants the onion he said he seen before and could not reproduce from this the onions, but the lettuce he was able to graft to other plants and grow as you watch the going to seed, The 10 tomatos plants are producing fruit as are the 10 peppers and cucumbers.
another hours pass the with the help of the students, he hands you a small sack of 1000 seeds from each, keeping 1000 seeds each himself for the cost of doing the spells. He said these seed will not grow like the first ones they will grow normal. After another hours of grilling you on type of weather and how you eat them, you and misty leave with the seeds and about 100 pounds of vegeables.

After you get back from the druids you recieve a invite to the Halin the Grey an Local wizard in town. He willing to listen to what you want done. After you show up and you explain he explain to you that he can duplicate items but sometimes it will not be exactly the same. He said he puts the item into a box filled will materials that are the same or close to the item or from material it could be made from. More products added to the book the more successful the item is created. After it been created it is then easier to find the items need and the cost is lower. The duplication of the first item will cost about 200 gp after that it will cost 10 gp per item. Misty was able to talk the wizard into using the 200 gp start up for all your items instead of for each items.

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I will start gathering up items that I think I will need to help the village that is sick.

Bandages, clear alcohol, the seeds, vegetables, some clean linens, farming tools, other seeds that I can get a hold of besides the ones I just got, soap if it excist here, water, food for us just in case all of the food is bad there, other food items that will last a while like jerky, dried fruits, etc., cleaning supplies, medical herbs. Thats all I can think of now. I will need a couple horses and/or mules to pull the wagon or wagons.

"Anything else you can think of Misty?"

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The wagon cost you 10 gold and 2 mules cost total of 4 gold
you was able to find whiskey which is 120 proof, anf got 2 barrels for 40 silver.
About 100 wool banages
and 30 wool blankets,
farming tools and a plow for (2 gp)
a bag of medicial herbs cost 30 sp
a month of jerky and dry biscuist for 10 sp
Misty, load free from the temple, 100 healing potion (1d6 aid to body)
100 end potion (3d6 aid to End)
She loaded a tent and several bed blankets.

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"Misty can you think of anything else? If not I think we should see what we can do to help"

I will also take my lute.

We will head for this village if Misty doesnt have anything else she thinks we should bring.


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