The Beginning and a Resolve #1

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The Beginning and a Resolve #1

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Little Jimmy take a Long drink from the beer and turn to you "okay my boy what you want?" watching daisy and 4 men at arm drag in the box.

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"I have been given a mission by the king. He wants me to clear a way through the mountains. As you know trade at the moment has to go around the mountains and it takes forever. I have been given some gold and 5 years to make this happen. I need to set up a thriving city about half way between, hopefully in a valley somewhere inside the mountains. I would be honored if you would be my Captain of the Guard. It will take several months or even longer to get there. I would like to have enough guards to make 3 shifts or more if you think its needed. I don't want cheap guards but I don't want expensive either. I want the best bang for my gold. Would you like the position as my Captain of the Guard?"

If he agrees then I will ask him to get with 'Lady Kettleworth' and help her plan.

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stroking his beard, I work for ya but it cost ya, a tavern in the new town and some plot of land for the boys to retire to for serving with ya. That will cut the wages down at the start. 50 to 100 men we will need to safely defend and patrol a place. part of the men can be use for labor to keep them in shape.
going to need weapons and armor, not to heavy being mountainous we have the advantage of protection, nothing more than chain, lot of bows or crossbow, crossbow be best since they only have to be point and shoot, beer, winter gear, tents until building are done.

gulp down a big draft of beer what ya say?

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"About how much more is this going to cost me and how much time do you need to get this done? Would we better off taking just what we need to get there and then have the rest follow later? Tell me what you think. I'm looking to you to be my advisers."

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a soldier fighting for his own land is worth more than any man army. the tavern ican wait for when it built have to find anddefend the location he said"

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I agree with you 100%. You hired the number of men you think you will need. You and lady kettleworth work together and make it happen. Lady Kettleworth has some funds left over but I'm sure you will need some more. You two know better then I do what will be needed. How much more do you need and how much time to get this together. Should we start building this caravan outside the city. Should we have some roving guards while all of this is being done. I got a letter from my mother and she thinks dad is in trouble somewhere in the hills east of the 'Ruin of Las'.

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we be ready for you on your return from helping your father. he said and lady kettleworth nodded agreement, 500 gold more should be enough to add to what she has. We not have to worry about any horses or what not because of the terrian we be at so no calvery be needed. I think foot soldier some knights and enough weapons for a militia will be enough. Little jimmy add

Miss Kettleworth added i make sure we have enough equipment to survive in a harsh envornment for a year then we have to restock.

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Jotn(John)Westcounton your squire said he recieve word from his father saying he willing to invest several thousands coins to helping the building of a road if you be interested in allowing an opening of a moneylender shop from his family with a 15 year agreement of no other money lender be allow to open within your domain.

You hear rumour that the baron son went on a drunken rampage near the bathhouse after hearing about you recieving a chest from his fatherand taking his woman. The Night Hawk decreetly took him home, no one was injured.

The Book of Time

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Can you give me a little detail on my squires father. His reputation and other things like that.

If it is evening time, I will grab a room here and sleep through the night. When I get up I will go out to get Daisy her Case of Smokes and Small Keg of O'Dell beer. Instead of just 1 I will get 2 of each. I will take those to Daisy. I will then go see my squire. I will tell him "John I will be at least a week. According to my mother my father is in trouble. If you would feel safer you can get a room at the bath house."

If there is still time in the evening and business's are still open I will do the above tonight and then get some sleep and start out after my father in the morning.

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(Your squire is Jotn(John)Westcounton) the third son of James Westcounton II (age 49)a local moneylender and accountant of merchants in the City of LE Fra La del Mon [the city of the King). He fairly rich and have supplied you and his son with 4 horses and ring mail barding and his son with chain mail, shield and short sword and pole arm. The squire is only 16 you had him since he was 14, just now starting to fit into the chain mail and have a familiar with weapon you have train him. He has a keen mind and very organize due to his father and mother and know how to crunch numbers. both of your armor have been kept in prime condition and well sharpen and oil because of his ability to multitask. His father purchase a crossbow for The Winter Fiesta as a gift for his son a month ago in the pass month he has acquire a good skill at using it. James Westcounton II oldest son James Westcounton III is being groom to take over the company when James passes on he already married to another moneylender in the town of Fra la Stonre [the city of Stone] that is a port city 50 miles to the east, merging the two moneylender it to one company called The West Accountant and East Finance Company. Father also supply you with a monthly allowance for care of his son of 20 gold a month.

this was in archive ken skinner. might want to read some of the old post for anything you miss or want to add.

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I read that but I wanted more details on my squires father. What type of reputation he has as a money lender. Would like to know more about him before I decide on taking his money in return for money lender shop in my city. Is he a hard nose? Does he treat his borrowers well? Things like that.

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The Fifth day of Spring; The 3rd mark of The Evening light (6pm)

He is give the appearance of being a hardnose, but he does take wild chances on financing people with only a dream. Your squire talk about how he purchase a new ship for a family that lost thier father and ship to a storm, The son now run three ships for the family and they are doing well after losing everything. He even finance starting blacksmithy, tanners, even a tailor with nothing more than trust.
Once a year an orphanage get a donation that keep them going for a year.
He is ruthless to those that have money, the tighter you hold onto it the more ruthless he is to you. There are a few barons and lords that lost land to your squires father.
His older brother is just like his father, and his grandfather who pass away a few years ago was the same. His father told him that a man gave his father a chance and a stake into a moneylending, the man only ask that he pass on the same to those that are worthly.

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Since it is evening time. I will

I will grab a room here and get a good nights rest. When I get up I will go out to get Daisy her Case of Smokes and Small Keg of O'Dell beer. Instead of just 1 I will get 2 of each. I will take those to Daisy. I will then go see my squire. I will tell him "John I will be at least a week. According to my mother my father is in trouble. If you would feel safer you can get a room at the bath house. When I get back I would like to talk to your father about his business proposition"

After I drop off the beer and smokes to Daisy I will ask her "Daisy can you send a man and 2 extra horse in the direction of 'The Hills of Gal Thon'? I'm not sure of what condition my father will be on my return trip. I will try to meet up with your man half way back"

I will then gather up 2 quivers of arrows, my weapons and equipment, bandages, extra food, and some raw meat that I can eat in bird form so that I don't have to hunt after my long flight. I'm not going to carry more then what I can carry in my backpack. I will then find a out of the way spot with a window so that I can change into a bird and fly off.

BTW I haven't posted my updated Aslan sheet yet but I did purchase a base skill of Paramedic at 12- for 3 points with some of my xp points

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Flying NE above the city then passing out over the open fields that in the moon light look like lakes among the shadows of the ground.You travel for four hours before roosting to rest your wings, traveling faster than you thought you would you feel you need to take bearing where you are. Below you you hear the hoofbeats of many horses as they around the bend. Six Black horses their coats shiny in the moon light come charge down the road below you beneath the budding trees. Their eyes and mouth aflamed with fire and steam seem to rise from their noses and their flaming hoofs strike like thunder upon the dirt road, being pull behind them is a large Black coach with 4 blood red lanterns that give off a erie light upon the surrounding, a Cloak form lashing out with a whip the air bellow the cloak behind the driver as the moon light shines upon a skeleton face. Out of nowhere you hear a high pitch yelp as the coach thunder beneath you. holding on the the back of the coach are two skelton warriors in armor, strange fiddle music faded away. Looking down upon the road you see something trying to drag itself off the road injured.

The Book of Time

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Giving the procession about a minute to get further down the road, I will jump off the limb that I was sitting on. Giving once last look around to make sure no one is watching, If no one is watching I will change into human form. I will pull my bow out and go see what this figure is that looks to be injured


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