A Shadow of Intrigue #7

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A Shadow of Intrigue #7

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I will ride up with the countess and 1 Knight.

"Good Morning Count Du' Louc. I wish we could have met under better circumstances. I want you know that we did not have anything to do with the kidnapping of your wife and I think your wife believes me. I for one am going to find out who is responsible for doing this under guise as my rangers. This was a dishonorable act and one that I do not condone. Your wife is free to go with no strings attached. I get the feeling that this is why this war is started. I would hope that with the return of your wife we would have no more need for these hostilities. We could continue this war and have more casualties on both sides or we could end this now. Its up to you."

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The count is with a woman that is blind. The woman nod to him and said "he speak the truth"
hugging his wife he turn to you.

"I will meet you here in two hours after I have speak with my wife. you will have my decision at that time"

He turn and help his wife back to his lines.

The woman stand and stare at you, "Aslan, Beware of your King, he seek to destroy that which you defend" and she turn and follow her Count.

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I will return to our camp and wait the 2 hours. I instruct my men to keep up their guard.

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2 hours later the Count is waiting for you.

As you approach he turn to you.

You put up a strong defense for a reform Order. My advisor the Seer of Louc said you speak the truth, and My wife said your and your men were kind and honorable to her unlike the men that took her. My men encounter some of them aearlier when they try to attack us. My wife identified 5 of them.

He pulls out a scroll and hands it to you. This was on the Leader 2nd in command,

Incite a border war between the Kingdom of the King and Kingdom of Louc, keep the war brewing for one year. You must make the Knights of the Kingdom to be blamed if you suceed at this I will have the king make you a lord and we will give you 10,000 gold, and a port city as your reward.


(Halmard is the Kings Closest Druid Advisor)

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"Damn Black Druids! I had a feeling they were behind all of this."

Calming down now

"How long ago did this come into your hands and do you still intend to continue this military action? I for one don't like being manipulated like someones puppet. These druids will answer for what they have done."

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We seen this just an hour ago when my men brought it to me.
The Dark Druids have no power in our Kingdom they were banish from our lands over a three hundred years ago when they try to control the King of our land. It took a civil war and the power of the mages, the temples and the three Druids of light.
We lost our King but gain a Good one that have givien us several good sons. Our King today have made our land rich in food and art.

The War will end between us.

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"One day we will be there also are my name isnt Aslan Brighton. Next time maybe we will be able to meet on happier terms. Safe Journey to you Count."

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Over the rest of the day they cross back over to their side of the river.
the captain of the riverboat offer his thanks and pay you ther rest of the money he owe you for helping get his boat back.

You got 2 cannon 6 pounder with 100 shots of MageBlast for the cannon or 1000 shot for a pistal (10 barrel of mage blast powder).
you let the Captain keep most of items in the hold being that he could sell and make up for some of his loses.

Your men found 2 lock chest then carried off the boat for you it took 4 men to carry each.
one of the elementalist has a knock spell that open the locks
chest 1
(coin: 508pp 18,219gp 820sp 800cp (23,389gp value)
gem: star rose quartz (40gp)
gem: alexandrite (300gp)
gem: rose quartz (40gp)
gem: golden yellow topaz (700gp)
gem: amethyst (100gp)
gem: blue quartz (11gp)
gem: eye agate (11gp)
gem: freshwater (irregular) pearl (11gp)
gem: azurite (6gp)
gem: aquamarine (500gp)
gem: aquamarine (400gp)
gem: aquamarine (300gp)
gem: tiger eye turquoise (7gp)

2nd chest
art: tiny jade-inlaid ring (700gp)
art: baroque bone music-box (200gp)
art: etched marble paperweight (500gp)
art: fine porcelain bracelet (600gp)
art: delicate porcelain figurine (600gp)
art: delicate bone dinnerware (300gp)
art: ornate gem-encrusted music-box (4,000gp)
art: etched crystal pommel (1,000gp)
art: delicate electrum sculpture (2,000gp)
art: baroque silver pipe (2,400gp)
art: etched marble pommel (1,100gp)
art: faceted jade-inlaid wine-cup (1,700gp)
art: baroque bone hilt (500gp)
art: old silver bracelet (1,600gp)
art: old brass pipe (50gp)
art: tiny wooden hilt (60gp)
art: delicate porcelain hilt (300gp)
art: faceted brass brooch (80gp)
art: etched bone clasp (200gp)
art: smooth silver paperweight (1,200gp)
art: baroque porcelain plate (800gp)
art: faceted crystal hilt (1,100gp)
art: baroque wooden brooch (80gp)

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I will leave what men I think I will need here plus a bit more. I will have the rest head back to the lake with the treasure. I will use the bird form and try and find Graces brother. I want to meet him in private. I will also bring the scroll that the count found with me.

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