Westcounton Bank of Brighton chisel in stone

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Westcounton Bank of Brighton chisel in stone

Post  EAMGamemaster on Mon Mar 14, 2011 2:51 am

James Westcounton II at the age 49 a local moneylender and accountant of merchants in the capital of the king is the father of Jotn Westcounton, Duke Brighton former squire. He give the appearance of being a hard nose, but he does take wild chances on financing people with only a dream. He purchase a new ship for a family that lost their father knowing they will make good money fishing the lake. The son now run tthe ship for the family and they should do well after losing everything. He even finances starting blacksmith, tanners, even a tailor with nothing more than trust. . He is ruthless to those that have money, the tighter you hold onto it the more ruthless he is to you. There are a few barons and lords that lost land to him His older son is just like him, and his father who passes away a few years ago was the same. His father told him that a man gave his father a chance and a stake into a money lending, the man only ask that he pass on the same to those that are worthy. Stepping out onto the square looking up at the bank that being build, Largest bank in the world, with powerful magic and stone to protect the vault, inside the vault is 1 in thick steel walls, This is his three bank and by far his most favorite. The local Duke is not letting anyone build to far from the lake to keep the land more for farming and herding. What more the streets are clean and patrol and well lighted.
He thinking about co-financing a school for the children if he can get the Duke to agree. Rumor was that the Duke and the Sister of the King is an item, might be a good to help bankroll the wedding if it mean he could get another bank open in her Duchy. Taking a puff on a cigar he smile, paying the Duke to take his youngest son in as a squire has made his house grow.
“Mr Westcounton II, I’m your sign maker, what you want on the name of the bank?”
“Westcounton Bank of Brighton” He smiles, as he think it is chisel in stone.


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