Eva hunting wolves

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Eva hunting wolves

Post  EAMGamemaster on Sun Mar 20, 2011 4:00 am

Eva Sterna, pause listening to the sound of the wind, she sniff the air and smell wolve, but she doesn’t move, she already lost two men to that trap, she down to just three men and two women. All invisible to the world except to each other, she can see each half faded crouch with the Sheppard stick, curve at one end, it a weapon they are taught to use as a child, each of them can break a man or creature neck with in seconds. The rescue of the children is almost finish the last child taken is not far, she sit in the middle of a group of mangy wolves, lycanthrope curse by the goddess Rish-us for betraying her, they can never breed, but their bites are like a disease, rabid creatures that will turn even on their own in time of panic.
Eva sense movement nearby, the wolves smell one of them, she flashes her finger in a series of strokes and eggshell ball fly into the air high hitting the ground with a puff of green smoke, within a minute three werewolves are thrashing about holding their noses, trying to get the smell out, Still Eva did not move, The werewolf from the camp rush out. She turn hooking one of the wolfs around the neck and she twist and brought the beast to the ground hard she turn the hook and snap the beast neck, the smell of decay reach her nose, as she appear. Two more wolves leap at her both stop in mid air crashing to the ground and then the snap. She palms one of her silver throwing knives and sent it flying into one of the wolves thrashing the knife pierce it eye and kill it, it turn to dust. She walk calmly over the body and pull the knife out of the dust and wipe it off, flipping her ponytail back behind her head she stroll into the camp, two beasts stand before her and the child.
“Which one of you is going to die and which one going to give your master a message?” she said calmly.
Both wolves lunge only to be stop by two women appearing then held down the two beasts, the women look up at her,
“Never mind he get the answer soon enough” her eyes blazing, she nod and the twom women twist the cane and Two snaps. She walk over and pick the boy up,
“Hi aunt Eva I told them they made a mistake taken us, I told them you would hunt them down and kill them, but they not listen,”
“I know dear, let get you back to my sister.”
Looking around she see a dark menacing tower to the Southeast with smoke rising around the base of the tower some 30 miles away,
“I need to tell Aslan there a Tower on his land, “ she smirk,” have to explain how I know there one on his land since I not suppose to be this far south.” she frown, “Ladies you can go back to back of my mind please. The threat over for now, I don’t need 100 women tell me what to do in my head.”
She walk over to one of the women, “you all go home, I have to stop at Brighton, Stop grinning Ele or I find you a man.”
She watch them leave.
She turn and put out the fire, “I know your out there, Tell your master we coming and we going to kill everyone of you, you made your mistake taking our children and killing our men and women. Tell him to enjoy the next few full moons that all you have.”
She turn to the north west and vanish.


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