The Beginning and a Resolve #3

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The Beginning and a Resolve #3

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"Good morning my friend. What should I call you beside friend. I know what about 'Shadow'. How do you like that? Lets take a look at that leg and see how it is doing. You wouldn't have happened to see another man around here have you?" I will try to make an image of my father and send it to 'Shadow'.

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The Sixth day of Spring; The 6th mark of The Morning light (9 am)

You not get any response to the image but he seem to be talking to the other creatures until 2 blue bird seem to be over exited and fly around your head and the fly to a tree to the west of you and fly back then fly back to the tree west of you pointing to the hills

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I will say to 'Shadow' "Are up for a little run? That man I show you is my father, my sire, he may be in trouble. I can change shape to many forms so do be startled. It is still me" I will send him an image of a man changing into a wolf form.

Talking to the blue jays I will say. "Mighty hunters could you please show my companion and me the way to the man?"

I will gather my stuff and then change into wolf form and then follow the blue jays

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running beside you is a shadow of a wolf keeping pace with you as you follow the birds after a hour you pick up the scent of men as you both stop.

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I will change back into human form. Ready my bow. Using all the senses available to me, Tracking, Discriminatory, and using stealth I will try and track this human smell to its source.

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The Sixth day of Spring; The 2nd mark of The daylight (11 am)

a few min od sniffing and you found the source a latrine, you see the ruin of a old fort with one tower partly damage and a large oak tree growing inside the grounds 3 of the 4 walls of the fort has collaspse and no longer standing. You see several tents and smell roast pig. You see 2 men fixing food for some men.
after about 30 min you count 20 men and 2 women, One of the men is in good gear and carry a broadsword on his back, the 2 women have their ankle in chains. You see 4 horse one of which is your father horse. After a few more min you spot the blue bird lifting off and landing in the oak. You reaize the oak is your father, It a spell that is use for emergency incase your seriously hurt, he shifted into a tree form to heal wounds. You spot movement in the tower and a man yell down saying that a coach from the north will pass in a hour below.

Getting your father to come out of The tree of health mode take time, about 30 min.

As you watch several men sadddle up and ride out to the east and about 12 men with the leader pick up gear and headed out after ordering the other 5 men to lock the women up and stand guard.

The man in the tower go back to watching the road, the cooks start gathering up the pans and start a pot of hot water going for cleaning, The one guard escort the women to the tower door and look around and close the door after him, The fifth guard head your way rubbing his belly and looking uncomfortable.
it been only 5 min since the men left camp.

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1. How many combatants outside and how many inside?

2. If I was to fire and arrow in the middle of the ones outside. How big of a radius attack would it take to effect them all 1", 2", 3", etc.

3. The guard that is heading towards me. Will he at any point be hidden from the others, in case I want to try and take him out quietly?

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The man in the tower has his back to you but you see a small baslista next to him he watching to the east through a scope what is going on, in last 5 min he not turn around. he wearing studded armor with a iron cap sitting on the wall next to him. he wearing a short sword and look like a dagger, and leather boots.

The guy that inside the lower part of the tower is out of sight more likely naked with the 2 women.

The 2 cook wearing no armor one is scubbing a pan the other stirring a pot there are 2 swords nearby leaning against a log and several spear leaning on the wall of the tower.

The man walking to you wearing studded armor and trying to unbuckle his pants he walking to the edge of tthe pit that has a bush that block him from the tower about 3 feet in front of you. he wearing 2 hand axes and look like he need to shit badly.

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I would like to take these guys out 1 at a time as much as possible. I will slip the dagger out of its sheath and hold it in my right hand. Then I will change into my snake form. When in snake form I will hide in the bushes or use whatever cover I can to hide and wait for him to pass. I will then wait for him to start doing his business. I will then slither in behind him at quite as possible. As he bends over to do his business, I will attempt to bite him in the biggest spot available, 'The Ass'. If I succeed in biting him I will use my concealment to hide from him.

Posted the 'Black Mamba' Character Sheet

PS the snake has stealth and concealment at 13-

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Hason scream blood murder as he stumble away from you and start crawling to the tow men at the pot. the 2 cooks run to the fallen man asking him what wrong, the man on grond keep yelling "snake bite me!, Snake bite me!" Then man in the tower has turn the baslista in your direction and then relax, you can see he has a sligh grin on his face.
1+4 +1= 6 on stealth, 6+3+6=15 on his perception, 3+2+1= 6+3 =9 to hit butt, Does +1 body pentration, 4 body damage then 1 min crawlinge +4 body = 9 body-10=1 body, While arguing over who going to suck the blood out +2 Body 12 body - 10= -2 6+3+6=15 ego roll and falls unconcious, The man from inside the tower open the door and say what going on? They yell back that Hason got bit by a snake.... +5 more damage= -7 body ( Then man go back inside the tower and you hear sounds of him looking for something. "You hear after 5 min In all I found it! as he come throught the door holding a bottle of blue liquid. Hason take a deep breath and let it out as +4 more damage from poison effect him doing -11 body killing Hason.

The man stop over the body of Hason when the cooks' say "he dead" The man shrug and say "well the thought count. be sure to strip him before you bury him."
"Us bury him?" the cooks say together.
"Well hurry up before they return in a hour and want his loot to share."

And you keep an eye out for the captain, and if you see a snake kill it, and then close the door behind him.
The 2 cook drag Hason to the south west of camp. and the scout in the tower went to watch his people far below

no one even look for the snake.

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Turning back into the hawk, I will fly from tree to tree. Trying to be quiet as possible and get as close as possible to the tower. No steath in hawk form. Using whatever cover I can I will turn back to snake form. I will then use stealth, concealment and climbing to get to to the top of the tower and behind the guard on top. If I think that I can do it without be detected I will try to maneuver myself behind the man and out of site of the 2 cooks.

How much exposed skin does this guard have?

BTW the bite on the snake is not penetrating but has reduced penetration on it.

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The two cooks are out of sight they both drag off the body and carried a pick and shovel to dig a hole for the body. After a few min you hear the sound of a pick about 100 yards to the north, The guard went back to sightseeing the hold up below he leaning against the wall in front of the balastic using the telescope to see his helmet is on the floor only his hands and head and neck is expose. He seem to be giggling about that going on down below.

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I will change into tiger and then use my 3 attacks bite/front claws/rear claws. I will not use my roar. Trying to keep as quite as possible. Wont be able to keep to quite but sure dont want to add any more noise to it.

Here is my Tiger form. 'Tiger'

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Post 12 you surprise the man looking through the spyglass 3+1+4=8 you hit, doing 6+4= 10 damage x 4-1=3 30 stun he wearing 4 rPD= 6 damage POSTto body and 9pd-30 = 21 stun CON 13 he stun

Post 12 Recovery +6 stun = 4stun+6 = 10stun
seg 1
seg 2
seg 3
Phase 4 you have higher dex and do a bite: 2+4+6= 12 you hit he still at 0 DCV doing 4+3+(3/2)=8 body x6-1 stun = 8x5=40 stun 8-4rPD= 4 body = 6+4 body =10 body done total and 9- 40 = 31-10 = neg 21 stun

The guard is on the floor unconcious for a long time (x3 recovery recovery/10min) at 0 Body. the telescope is rolling to a stop next to the baslistica

You make a PER roll of 5+3+1= 9 and hear the sound of a bolt being drawn on the hatch door in the floor of the tower, the hinge is on yourside of the hatch, "John? you drinking again? you hear a man voice as the door lift.

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I will wait until his head is above the hole of the trap door and then push my strength and slap the door with my Paw. I want to try knock him off the ladder or whatever his is standing on and hopefully knock him out cold or stun him which would give me an advantage.


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