The Beginning and a Resolve #4

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The Beginning and a Resolve #4

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Phase 8
the hatch lift up and you leap forward and do a haymaker push on the door doing 9d6 damage. you hit with a 3+5+4= 12 or less vs 1/2 dcv causing 4+3+6+6+5+4+2+6+5=41 stun and 12 body -9pd = 32 stun STUNNED! and unconcious 3 body dam and he drop down to the the floor below 2d6 damage 4+3= 7 stun and 2 body nothing pass through defenses.

the door slam shut from him falling

seg 9
seg 10
seg 11
Phase 12 your turn

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POST 152

1 EXP point to characters and npc

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I will turn back to Aslan and quickly open the door. Will take a quick look to be sure Im not jumping into a ambush. If it looks like I can safely jump in I will do so. If not then I will use the ladder or steps to get down as quickly as possible

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Phase 12 you shift back into human form and open the door, a PER of 3+4+5=12 +1 for looking into a dark room from a lighted area. 13 your PER is 14 or less you see that there a man laying face down on the floor and you see no other movement. (shifting and open hatch door is a full movement)


the person below become UNSTUN but still unconcious.

Seg 1

Seg 2

Phase 3 You can Go

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If it looks like I can safely jump in I will do so. If not then I will use the ladder or steps to get down as quickly as possible. If I can get to him before he regains conciousness then I will pull my dagger and slit his throat. If looks like I will have a combat on my hands then I will draw my sword to attack him.

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it is about 3 in or 18 feet roughly drop to the floor the ladder go straight down, he look to be unconsious, dropping will cause about 2d6 normal damage. There a candle near the body lite but that all. 3+6+2=11 you do see 2 women chain to the bed in the room.

Phase 3 still

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I will go ahead and drop down doing a move through on the unconsious figure

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you do a move through (ocv 5 - DCV 0) + 9 =14 -2= 12 or less roll 4+1+6=11 you hit

You drop down to use your body as a weapon on the person you knock down, you do 3+2+5+4+2+4=20 stun and 6 body - 9 pd = 11 stun and no body, he still unconcious. you took 20/2 = 10 stun -14 pd = 0 stun and no body

Looking around the room you see a bed, a door leading outside that is lock on the inside by bolt, there are 2 women chain up on the bed naked with a leathe gag strap around their mouths,

you can spend next 2 phases dispatching both unconcious guard the one here and the one above

Phase 4 recovery for both guards both unstun but unconcious
seg 5
Phase 6 your turn

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I will pull my dagger and slit the throat of the one that I'm standing on. After dispatching him I will climb the stairs and dispatch the one on the roof in the same manner. I will then take a look and see if the 2 cooks are still busy burying there companion. I will also see if I see the others that rode away on horse back

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Using your sight +7 range you see the 2 cooks are about 1/2 mile to the Nw halfway up a tree with a wolf at the base of the tree, one of the cook has a bloody bottom.

to the east you see the road about 2 km away, The coach is stopped on of the 6 horse look dead, there seem to be a large battle going on, 1+1+4= 6 PER you see one of your Knight of the Kingdom wielding a flaming sword, fighting the bandits along side him look to be about 8 retainers fighting the bandit with another 2 retainers dead on the coach. There look to be about 5 dead bandits and 7 bandit fighting the knights, you see the bandit leader remounting an horse with one other heading your way the 2 men look panic look like the leader maybe either going to try to regroup or flee with his loot from the tower you at he be there in about 3 min.

You recognise the knight as Sir David Mar of Loc Wood, he became a knight about 2 years before you, like you, he what is call a country knight not a royal knight, he a great brurly man that believe in honor, honesty, and hope the motto of the the Kights of the kingdom.

as you watch the some of the bandits break rank and flee into the woods 2 bandits fall dead and 1 give up below.

you will have post 12 action to act with surprise.

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I will make ready to use the Balista, that we talked about over the phone. I will use what ever means I can to add any advantages to the chance of hitting. I will use things like aiming, setting, reserving a phase. I will first aim at the bandit leader. I will wait until there in range and then fire at him.

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Post 12

When the bandit is about 30 hexes away he has no neg for range, if you set and wait add +1 ocv - 3 ocv for not familiar with. -2 to roll

OCV=5 vs (DCV3 /2 surpise = 2DCV )= 3-2=1+9 =10 or less to hit
roll of 6+1+3= 10 you hit, roll a 1+1+2= 4 hit location = head
damage = 4+3+5=12 x2 body =24 body-4rPD helmet= 20 body x60 stun-8 PD= 52 stun

The Bandit leader come racing up the hill glancing back ever so often for pursuit only to turn and watch with horror as the bolt from the bastila impact his face leaving him headless the body slmp off the horse after a few more feet of running, the horse continue running. The bolt continue on and imbedded int a tree a few more few away. The second of bandit wheel his horse to a stop and hesitated from fear.

Post 12 recovery

Seg 1
Seg 2
Phase 3 your move the bandit look shock and trying to process what is going on DCV=1/2 he is about 25 hexes away no range pentality.

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I will shoot another balista bolt at the remaining bandit.

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Phase 3
OCV 5 + dcv 2/2=1=4+9=13-3 to hit= 10 or less 2+2+6=10 hit 5+5+1=11 hit loc of chest doing 4+5+2=11 damage x 3 on stun = 33 stun 6 rPD and 10 PD = 5 body and 23 stun 6" kb 6+5+6 = 17-10=5 stun and 5-10PD = 0 body STUNNED

You aim and fire off the bolt it hit him squarely in the chest knocking him about 36 ft through the air onto the ground, he look alive but dazed the horse continues to head to the tower. You know you done some damage to him at least a broken rib or two

Phase 4 he become unstunned still prone on ground +2 dcv
seg 5
Phase 6 your turn

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I will turn into the hawk and fly closer to him. I will try to find something that I can land behind a tree so that he doesn't see me change back. I will then step out.

"Excuse me but you made a bad mistake in attacking my friends. Reap the consequence of your decision."

I will then fire a starburst and 2 armor piercers.


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