Roughing It #1

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Roughing It #1

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By noon 19 more Knights join you in paradise and a Cleric, They was shock to see the Drake being tended, Eva have tied the mouth shut and bound the legs and tail having her peg down with rope to keep her from harming anyone. she slowly healing but has sever broken bones and a boken back.

One of the ranger spotted Eva group 2 day travel from where you are, The horse whisper have talk 10 horses into helping you.

The tent city is between the Tree and the shrine.

There enough tents to put one knight in each, the command tent took 2 hours to put up.
They found a Iron Kettle took 2 knight 2 hours of scrubbing to get the rust clean off. the kettle big enough for cooking.

Dragon meat add a 24 hour AID 1d6 to STR and BODY

Enough meat to feed 20 men for 1 year if perserve 4 oz meat a day

The Banner is flapping in the wind, everytime you look upon it your heart soars!

Another ranger reports Cyclops tracks of 4 cyclops about 1 miles upstream 5 days old they cross the river. heading toward the mountains.

4 rangers pull a dead tree out of the river, to use
6 rangers been cutting up the dead branches of the OAK tree that they found on the ground to build up a fire.

6 rangers are trying to feed 8 hunger drakes, the drakes will not touch the food until Eva tell them to cut them into smaller peices. the Drakes at first would not go to them until Eva splash them with a container of the mother drakes urine, much to the elight of the rest of the camp.

15 min pass noon, The sky is clear and a cool spring wind come across the lake, the temp is about 77 degrees, you see fish leaping in the lake, the land here is peaceful, you can see almost 40 miles in all direction to the east you see the Great mountain purple blue with white snow caps. To the south you see some low hills on the plains and smoke from several camp or village fires, Turning to the north is more Plains as far as you see, horses, deer, Rambison, antelope, wolves a few cats,vultures a land that not been tamed. To the west your see the see more land and a smug that appear to be Eva peoples moving your way. There seem to be a feeling of home. Eva walk up to you and put her arm through your and kiss you on the cheek,

Looking around with you keeping quiet, drinking in the Air. Without thought You find your self soaring high above the earth circling the land you realize you are looking down upon the earth for vultures eyes seeing what they see, land untamed for miles, beautiful and bountiful. You also realize you not alone you feel Eva is besides you looking too, After a few minute you return back to your body, Eva look up at you and say, " Sorry, I somehow pull you along, it never happen before."

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I turn facing her. I put my arms around her looking into her eyes. I will bend my head down to hers and give her a kiss on the lips. If it looks like she is willing I will make it a longer kiss. Reluctantly I will pull my lips away.

"You know you truly are beautiful. I'm the luckiest man alive to have you here with me. This is where the knights belong not in that corrupt city."

Looking out to the land.

"I can't imagine anything more beautiful except for you. This is where I belong. Will you stay and help me?"

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she reply," Yes I stay as long as you want me."

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"Thank you. That means a lot to me. So how is the drake doing? Does she have a name?"

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"She has no vocablary yet she has an intelligence of a human," She look sad, "she been alone for the last 10 years, these were the first eggs to hatch," she remind me of a woman I knew, too weak to fight but willing to die for her children, I shall name her Besty, after my adopted mother."

"A cleric came with the troops on the last group you had, she said she can mend the broken wings to almost new and resit the broken back on Besty but it will take a Healing stone from The Abbey of Grandoise to restore her feeling to he hind legs and tail."

"She said the procedure will take all day to reset the wings, another day to realign the backbone both are painful. Since she took healing potion quickly after the last attack maybe the feeling will return after a few months or maybe a year or two."

"The Cleric also said she can transport 1 person per 2 time a day morning and evening or one time a day at noon to a temple only. cost 1 gp per person."

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"Where is this Abby of Grandoise? Does she need someone to go get it are has she already taken care of getting it?"

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The Abbey was destroy by a Barbarian horde queen and their god, the place was abandon when strange thing happen at the abby since then no one have travel there in 50 years those that have never returned

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"Does anyone know why they don't return?"

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"Rumour was that a demon was unleash in the abey killing both the attacker and defender" Eva said, "I heard the rumour at one of the inn on the east side of the kingdom."

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"Sounds very dangerous. Do you think the risk is worth it?"

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Eva say" let see how the healing does in the next 2 to 4 months if she not get back any feeling we can go look for it, you still have duties and I have duties to my people too. next few months will be busy."

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"I was hoping you would say that. I wasn't sure how I would be able to fit it in. I have this camp to set up, the area to explore, the underground to explorer, the lake to explore. I also need to go back to the city to get things going there, they need to start making their way here. Do get me wrong I want to help her but there are a few things that need to be done here first."

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Looking at you she said "same here I have my people to get organize and a council to talk too, I have much to do in the next few months and care fore her and her youngling,"

"you interested in one?"

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So what are your people going to do now? What council are you talking about?"

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"word have spread to the other Clans about the grassland here, I am a Clan Mother leader of the tribe, My mother before me was Clan mother as was her mother."
Pausing,"The Clans are coming here to decide to settle this land and I must attend the council as it have been done for generations, One of my people sent a crow to me and tell me that there are many coming, when I disappear for two weeks they sent messages back about the land and about me being missing. only a day ago was i able to send them a message that I am safe."


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