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Quote from: Book of Time
1)you talk to all three chamberlain candidates

2) all can travel first one is poor health due to age. The 2nd one never had to work under combat conditions the first and last one have deal with working with staff and equipment while under seige. out of all the 1st one has the most expericence but health issue.

3) pigeons are one way a colony of pigeons will have to be set up to make your area a home, then every six month have to be sent off by people to use from afar to restock.

4)there are cystral balls that can be use they cost about 100 gold per pair to link another pair to a pair cost 100 plus the 100gold cost for 2nd pair more gold.(300gp for cystral ball for 4 of them)

5)your mother Inn is a week travel by bird and a month by horse.

6) "The Hill of Gal Thon" or le hillus la Gal Thon is about 1 week travel by horse or 2 days by bird the hill of Gal Throne is a hill with in a several hills that have a rock ofrmation at the top that look like a throne. Gal was a bandit King that made the hill his home some 200 years ago. he control the area around the hills and rob and murder for gold, he was kill so they say after 15 year reign by a slave girl he kept. said she plunge a knive into his heart as he slept. the bandits fled the Bandit lair saying that the ghost of Gal walk the ground murdering anyone for revenge for killing him.

7) reason for leaving home at an early age having problems with father.
(my idea)

Quote from: ArmyNCO
I will go see SGT Kalmor. I will see if he would agree to come work for me as my CPT of the Guard. If he agrees then I will ask him to find enough guards to have about 3 shifts. I will tell him that I dont want cheap guards but I dont want expensive either. I want the best bang for my buck. I will then asked him how long it would take him to find them.

I will then go see Lady Kettleworth. I will hire her. I will tell her that I am setting up an expadition to find a pass through the mountains and that I will be setting up a city about half way between the 2 outer edges of the mountain range hopefully in a valley. I will want a list from her of what she thinks I will need. I will want to bring all the expertise that I will need to build a thriving city. I will also tell her that we may have opsticles in our way like rivers with no bridges, tunnels to tunnel through and the like. I will also tell her about Eva and what she has to offer. I will ask her how long she will need to get this all together.

I will also ask both of them if there is anything else that they advice.

If it looks like it may take them a week or two then I will see about finding my father. Depending on how long the two above will take then I will either fly or take 3 horse so that I can switch between them.

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Quote from: Book of Time
You find Kalmor Swordplay boarded up and pad lock with a public notice nail on the door.

By order of the court of the King This shop and all contents are hereby the property of the courts until such time and auction shall be held to pay for fines and penalty.

Rupert B Daffufur
Office of Court of the King

also nail

Court hearing into the case of Kalmor vs Balstine for the attempted murder of Baron Balstine son.

court hearing is 2 days from now.

Baron Balstine name brought back memories from the story your mother told about fleeing her parent's to not marry a nobleman. That nobleman was Baron Balstine. his son is the head of the Order of the NightHawks that causes problems with your Order.

A man walk up from agross the street. "you know Old Jimmy? well he an't har he in the Castle prison because he allow a hot head kid get under his skin" spit on the ground, "that little noble brat thought he could just walze in and be expert at sword play, but old jimmy he cut him down a few pegs and sent him to the temples with a few broken bone. Jimmy and about six of his student werr jail just a few days ago for attempted murder the boy told his father that they all gang up on him and nearly killed him. Baron son word against 6 merchant class student and a old retire one arm man. If found guilty the be hanged by end of the week then burn. Their ashes dump into the river." look at you for a min "you don't talk muck do ya"

Quote from: ArmyNCO
"Sorry kind sir. I'm just surprised that something like this could happen to a man of such stature." "We served together during the Battle of the Grim Marshes and he saved my life during a battle with River Pirates." "When did this happen?" "I sure hope I can help him out. I owe him a lot."

Thinking to myself I wonder if I talked to one of the "Big Wigs" with "The Knights of the Kingdom" might be able to help me.


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