The Temple of Deltesta #3

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The Temple of Deltesta #3

Post  EpicAdmin on Fri Aug 06, 2010 4:25 pm

You have 5 pt of exp. total from start of game to now

Mysta can teach you one of 3 prayers on road to the village the goddess is granting you one of these spell Plus access to your other spells on character sheet. + (Minor heal, Major heal, turn undead and Kiss of Faith (mental Defense) It will take 1 day to learn each spells, once know you can use at any time.

You can redo your spells and add (holy Talisman -1) to your spells
Change Require skill roll to require Faith Roll. change Magic skill to Faith (cost 5 pts) (ego roll +1)
Any points you save you can use as spell or mental power. or say you wish to put aside for unknow magic item.

5pt cost [Goddess Grace: 10 pd/ed (all slots Gestures (Requires both hands; -1/2), Requires A Skill Roll (-1/2), Only When Serving The God's Purposes (-1/2), Incantations (-1/4) (requires a Holy Talisman -1)] end cost 4 pt

5pt cost [Sanctuary 4pd/ed force wall 1 full hex (all slots Gestures (Requires both hands; -1/2), Requires A Skill Roll (-1/2), Only When Serving The God's Purposes (-1/2), Incantations (-1/4) (requires a Holy Talisman -1)] end cost 4 pt

5pt cost [Divine Might + 20 str (all slots Gestures (Requires both hands; -1/2), Requires A Skill Roll (-1/2), Only When Serving The God's Purposes (-1/2), Incantations (-1/4) (requires a Holy Talisman -1)] end cost 4 pt

David and John both are going with you as body guard. They pile onto the wagon their equipment and supplies John leading the mules and David sit on the back of the wagon, they trade off every mile to keep from getting tired.

While studing with Misha (while riding the wagon) the prayers to all the spells, you been turning the staff head you have in your hand over and over, An image of a lake with an island of dead trees pop in your mind. Shaking your head you lift up the staff head to look at it better and a word come to mind (Soul Strike).

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"Does anyone know where a lake with an island in the middle with dead trees on it is?"

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They all look at you blankly,then shake their head no to you.

five hours has pass as Misha been teaching you prayers, when you notice David slow the mules, with his hand on his sword, off to your right ahead of you, two men are digging a hole, there is a woman in robes dress like you and Misha stand with her back to you, the way she is standing she look tired and defeated. a cart with a donkey is nearby on the cart you see wrapped log like object, then you realize that the cover logs are people or dead bodies. about 100 feet a head is a post with a wood sign, the symbol of a Black Skull with plague written under it.

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I will signal whoever is driving the wagon to pull over and stop. I will then get down and walk over to the group of people.

"Excuse me. Is there anything that we can do to help?"

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A woman cry out to you." Stay back it dangerous you will die if you come too close to us we have the Plague!" She cry out, "We burying our dead please leave or you will die too!"

Re: Temple of Deltesta
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I will stop where I am at.

"My name is Celena Brown and I am with the Temple of Delesta. Me and my companions are here to help. I'm in a unique postion and I think I will be able to help where others have not been. Can you tell me how the plague is transmitted? Is it by air or touch? If necessary I can put on a face mask so that we can talk."

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Stay back we not know how it is spread. Only it effect the strong it does not effect the old, the young and the very sick. By the goddess please do not come. they turn back to burying the dead.

You sense something from one of the bodies for a moment from where you are then it just stop.

The village is a mile more up the road or you can help them.

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"Misty. What do you think? A disease that effects the strong? How it that possible? Should we continue to try and help here are go on to the village?"

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Misty look over at the bodies being buried and look over at you, We need to go to the village and help those that are still alive. She cross a small stream and make an intake of breathing sound and her hand goes to her heart. She turn to you and say," I can not feel the goddess here!" she cross back over the stream again to you and sign with relief. " feel her now.
One of the woman look up and walk over and say." We not know why the goddess is not felt here we are on an one square mile of land this stream split from the north of here and converge again to the south. once we brought the patient here we lost touch with the goddess. ever time we try to put a shrine up the goddess herself would feel pain. We felt it be safer to her and the world if we not put one up."

As you travel about a mile across the island you feel no present of the goddess yourself, where before you felt her love and caring you feel nothing but a void. about 15 min of travel you come to the village, it remind you of pictures of the Blackfoot tribe village, there are 10 building set about 2 to 3 feet above ground by wood poles the building are 50 feet in length and about 20 feet wide about 12 feet high thatch roofs with basket like weaving mats are the walls.

The village has a open in the center where some patiets sit.

[] [] []
[] []
[] []
[] [] []

There are about 140 patients and 12 healers and 21 children.
A elderly woman walk out to meet you.

"I'm Selga I am the village of Charity Elder. you have put all your lives endanger."

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"Nice to meet you Selga. I am Celena Brown and this is my friend Misty. We felt the calling of the goddess and thought we might be of some assistance in getting all this people back to health. We have skills that might be of help. What can you tell me about what is going on here?"


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