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Father Knows Best #1

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Little Jimmy
Talking one of the noblemen that work with the King Chamblain. Inform you that your mandate from the king includes use of debt prisoners, indenture servants, and prisoners that are to be imprism for thier crime. Only prisoners that have murder someone can not be release. All other that have peaded guilty and took imprisonment can be use for troops, or workers.

Little jimmy must plead guilty and agree to imprisoment
That Little Jimmy once release into your custudy can not step foot in the capital again

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Since I have a few days. I will try and follow the baron and his son around. Maybe I might get lucky and find something that I can use a leverage to get my friend free. I will use all the animal forms at my disposal. I would like to try and find a way to free him so that he cant come back this way if necessary. If I can find any leverage then I will go visit my friend and see how he feels about the stipulations about being release from the charges brought against him.

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The baron is hard to follow due to so many people around him but the son you been able to trail him to a brothel when he spend time with one lady last 3 days. Asking around you find out the woman been his lover for about a year. She is a black elf woman that been capture during a raid on a village of dark elves that was causing trouble for the empire, She been sold everal time until the bothel bought her over a year ago.

Today while trailing him you lost the baron son near the brothel but checking there you find he not with the woman.

you have option of trying to pick up a trail, question the woman, or wait.

So far you seen him push people down or shove them aside spit on people. he always has 2 to 4 knight with him that are just as cruel as he is.

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I will talk to the woman and try to find out all that she knows about the barons son or the baron. There is usually Pillow talk with prostitutes. Maybe I can get enough info out of her to use against the baron or his son.

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Cost 1 gold to see the dark elf, any attempt trying to get into the brothel by animal form they stop. only animal allow in the brothel are four house cats that keep mice problem down. There a lady down the street that has 30 cats that she put in warehouses and places that want to keep rats and mice down.

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POST 50 GAIN 1 exp all your current Henchmen gain 1 exp

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I will spend the 1 gold to talk to the prostitute

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Com of 18 and PRE of 15 make it hard not to want this woman, seeing her up close you can feel a draw of sexual power from her. With some resistance ego roll made she reliaze you not there for sex but infor mation.

"I am Karlisa, I heard of you, I know someone that hate you very much. What is it you want?"

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Good Day Karlisa, you are a very beautiful lady. So you heard of me huh? I would hope that it was all good but that would be wishful thinking I bet. So what have you heard about me?

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"That you came up the ranks and not of noble blood, that you are with a Order of knights of the Kingdom that are of low born, And that you are one of the King's favorites. You also took from someone the glory of capaturing pirates by doing a night raid when a Order of Night Hawks was planning a all out assualutl in the morning. Someone Claim you took his glory and a chance of picking area to rule for himself."

"Then again John was not a very forgiving man," she turn around and reveals whep mark on her back from a horse crop. "If John do not get what he want he will take it. This was for not obeying every word he say to do."

"He not be here tonight or tomorrow" said Karlisa

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"This 'John' you speak of, does he happen to be the son of a baron?"

I will then describe him. If this 'John' is the person I'm following then I will say this

"John and his father are not very nice people but I imagine that you already know that." I will then tell her about what happen to 'Old Jimmy'. "You wouldn't happen to know anything about the Baron or his son that I could use as leverage to get 'Old Jimmy' out of jail do you?


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Her eyes brighten, " I'm trapped here as slave. you get me away from here give me my freedom and give me a house/shop in your little kingdom I can give you what you want." she say

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What type of shop are you talking about and how much is it going to cost to buy you back this house?

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apochcary shop and you supply me with the building in your kingdom I supply the rest and i give you something very very good I got from john father, oh yes i do both of them, father check on his son and samples the wares.

I doubt the brothel will sell me to you so you have to figure out how to get me away. she said.

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I will do what you ask but I need the information first. On my honor and word as a Knight and a Gentleman I will free you. The mandate that I received from the king will set you free. It will take 3 days however. My friend dies in less then 2 days so I will need the information now. Will you be safe for the time being? I wouldn't want the baron or his son to get word that we talked and cause any harm to come to you.


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