A Kingdom in Shadows #2

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A Kingdom in Shadows #2

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I will then make my way to my meeting with the King.

Questions to robert:

What are requirements to be a KotK

What are the KotK's requirements to the kingdom?

Why were the KotK's created?

Who can knight and individual into the KotK?

Can you tell me the history behind the destruction of the KotK by the king?

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Requirements are to be a ranger to be a knight of the Kingdom.
The king can knight and so can the Grand Marshall knight a man or woman to be a knight, althou the King's knight is higher in rank and privilage.
No order can exceed 1000 knights and 10,000 men-at-arms
The Knight of the Kingdom is the 2nd oldest order, The oldest is Knights of the King whom duty is to protect the king.

The first King of the Kingdom was Gaer The Bold, after 10 years of carving the land far east of other kingdoms his people found they needed protection from the creatures of the wilds. Seeing that the rangers were equip to deal with this threat he form an order and Called it The Order of the Knights of the Kingdom. He bestow an ring upon the Leader and a quiver of endless arrows as his token of appreciation.

The Knights duties was to protect the citizen of the kingdom from within, They was to never be use in offense but to protect the land and it people from creatures, magic and men. The knights did their duty well, protecting the people even when it mean the knight life was forfiet.

After 100 years the Knights amass a large treasure, when put to a vote it was 100% approve by all knights to use to defend the land and it people, They built roads and way stations, They built bridges and expanded the king's people farther within the kingdom. Light tower to protect ships, canals to allow easier trade, and loan money out to the poor so they can built, Many a new baronett or barons found favor with the knights, Bandits found out road were death to them. Many small barony did not have to hire men at arms as long as the knights patrol the roads and towns.

There were 10 rangers that duty was to travel the land and report any problems to the order, These rangers were also sought out as judges by many communities for their knownledge of the laws. The order grew to 10,000 knights after 500 years, other noblemen and lords worry the knights have became too powerful ask the king to limit all orders, so 300 years ago the Knights of the kingdom was broken into 10 orders,
Knights of the Red Rose, Knights of Light, Knights of Fire, Knights of Water, Knights of Earth, Knights of the Air were form to protect the great temples of the gods, only the Temple of Death not recieve an order.
Knight of Justice became a judge order.
Knights of the Bold and Knights of the Land both fell 100 years later in a great battle in the west both order perish to the man and woman. Defending the border from an attack, that halted the advance of the army that was 10 times their size.

Once again the Knights of the Kingdom protected the land until 100 years ago, lords and merchants and a greedy King look upon the wealth the knights have gather from tolls and escort and other duties. (some say druids too plotted against them) Knights were charge with treason while the leader was searching for a new home for the order to the east. A newly form order The nighthawks was order to track and bring in dead or alive any knight of the knights of the Kingdom. No one know what happen to the leader and 100 of his men many believe they fled east and hid in the great mountains, only history tells that 900 knights were kill, some fought to the death, other were hung or burn at the stake and a few was beheaded, the home of the order was torn down and a bathhouse was put in it place. all property was turn over to the king but the treasure was never found.

The order was refounded because the King's brother consider the order evil, so the king reform the order to make his brother squirm. (There been a hate/love between the king and his younger brother).

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What are the KotK's current duties?

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Since your order been reform in the last few months, there not been any duties added, the members been going out on there own and helping towns and villages. Most been learning about the order from the library in the city and from rumours and been trying to follow what the order first duties was given by the first king, To protect and defend the people of the land from creatures, magic, and men. The order was reform because it was reform all previous duties are still bound by the Order. And it is also up to the order to clear it name or not to.

most orders today have about 10 to 500 knights (max is 1000) because it cost money to maintain them. The last Grand Marshal of the order was searching for land and a place to build a new home for the order so they can move back to the land where rangers are needed. He felt the large cities was dulling the rangers skills that was needed. Rangers Knights are at a disadvantage in large population centers, the Knight from the old order rarely venture into larger cities letting other orders to deal with them most large cities have several knights orders from 10 to 200 knights each. Knight of the Kingdom prefer population of 5000 or less and countryside. Stories of 5 different towns that been build by the order that have sewers, fresh water, garbage to compost , rich fertile soils, very nature friendly towns still surviving, diseases and pests are at a low in these town even after 200 years.

difference between the Order of the Knight of the Kingdom and other Orders, The Knights can survive for years on the countryside where as other orders can only survive for less than a month before destorying the land. Rangers knight can find water, food and still maintain the land without impacting it. Large group of Ranger Knights can travel farther and stay hidden longer than other knights. And Ranger knights are the only Knights that use bows. The order does not fight as other knights, they harrass the enemy, and engage from a distance, only using cavarly charges when nessecary and fight close combat. Light armor is prefer over plate because of movement. ranger knights are most deadly when not seen or heard.

Orders can claim road or build roads and bridges and collect tolls, or escort fees. If a road is not maintain by an order or patrol for 2 years in peace or 5 years in war the road revert back to the king. a patrol is consider travel on road for 1 time a month min.

Any order can use their funds to built towns, rebuild town or defenses for town but can not claim them as there own unless that town was built to supplement the Home.
Any order can build a Home in any town or city or build a town to supplement the Home
An order can claim land that can be defend by the order, use that land to feed its order, any land they can not defend is consider King land.

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Unless you have something else that is going to happen, I will head to my meeting with the king.

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As you are escorted to the castle you travel through many of the streets of the capital, the people of your kingdom look tired and haggard many are many are thin and weak looking as if they search for food they may not find until tomorrow. The streets are trashy and whore and beggars are on most streets, old shrines in disrepair as are many of the building around you. You not been in the city much in your life time, mostly off fighting for the king, Most time you have enter the city at night but rarely during the mid morning. As you pass several vendors selling early crops like lettuce and radish and maybe a rabbit or chicken, even these look poor to you. Everyone turn and stares at you as you pass with tired eyes some with suspicion , other with distaste. Even some of the merchant shops look bare and worn. You realize the area around your bathhouse have improve a lot because of the knights of your order patronage of the local shops. A few time you stop to see the Nighthawks strong-arming (shake down) a merchant or another order knights each time the Nighthawks left after seeing you and 10 heavy armed knights walking down the streets.
You come to an intercity gatehouse, showing your papers you cross into the more wealthy section, the ship captains, caravan merchants , lords and ladies, silk merchant, here you see a large difference many people are healthy, bright and alert, street are clean and a shrine to a god at most crossing. People here are fatter and seem to live a better life than that of 80 percent of the city population. You see new construction here, Brick buildings are being build by Halfling engineers, Slave and imprison labor building the building. (Brick building are just beginning to appear in various cities, the Halfling have brought it to an art form, cheaper than stone and can be build faster. Magic and a few cannons have change the concept of stone castles, walls need to be protected by magic now have made brick to be important and cheap.)

You approach another gatehouse and you show your papers and allow in. Here is where the top 5 percent live, the baron, counts , ultra rich merchants , rich lords and ladies. Here at every corner a knight stands at attention in dress uniform with feathers in his hat, and bright color uniforms of red and yellow. This is the Order of the Red and Yellow, they protect the people of this section of town and are paid by the rich to ensure no one is rob or attacked (out of the 100 years of service they never lost a person or item to robbery or assault. ) Here you are look at with distain by the wealthy for one thing even all your good dress uniform cannot compare to the Red and Yellows silk uniforms and silver coated weapons and gold buttons. You continue to march to the castle and met at the draw bridge by 2 knights and a scribe,

“Yor name, Please and Yor business here at the castle?” one of the guard said.

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"Aslan Brighton, Lord Marshall of the Knights of the Kingdom. Here by summons from the King."

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The scribe check his list and jot down some information and then nodded to the guard.
“Yor men must stay at that barrack to our rights they be given drinks and food while they wait, yor may take with yor only one man.” the guard said.
The guard wave forward another guard all wearing black with the king colors on them black and gold.
Escort them to the King’s Hall and handed the guard a scroll the scribe gave hime. The Guard saluted, then turn and slight bow “This way Sir.”

Beautiful murals line the walls, rich rolled up carpet on the floor. Everything around you showed beyond rich, It is ok to show off wealth but the wealth here could easy rebuild the city 2 to 3 times. As you enter the king Hall the guard say, “ You can mingle in the back hall until you are called forward, then you must walk up to the bottom step and kneel . Rise only when told to and do as the king instruct you. Understood? When you exit you must never turn your back to him you back out bowing until you are at the doors then you may exit.”

There are about 200 people in here mingling about most watching the king dispense out justice or awards. Others are here to work out deals this others. For a moment the crowd parted, you see a most beautiful woman in eloquent gown. She seem to glow with a divine light of her own. Long flow black hair intertwine in pearls that drape over one shoulder reaching almost the ground. Bright Blue eyes that lock with your for a fleeting moment that felt like a life time. In that moment you felt she read your soul then the crowd block your view.

“They say she the most beautiful woman in the land that the god grace her beauty at birth so that she may grace them with her beauty., Don’t turn around or acknowledge me. Her name is Grace and she is the sister of the King and she is head of the temple of light. They said that she will not cut her hair until the Gods give her a man who honor is equal that of her beauty.” The voice pauses, “now look at the king for a fleeing moment and look away tell me what you see?”

As you look around you look up at the King who is busy talking to a merchant, you hear words about overpricing , not serving the knights, etc.. Glancing briefly at the king and looking away you see the young king to be almost skeleton like in appearance, hollow eyes , sunken features, but what more you see shadows of men and women around him. But it what is next to him catches your attention a vague shadow whispering into his ears and you see several other shadows walking and listening to others in the room.
Then they fade away and his features look normal again.
You hear a man voice beside you very faintly, “you see them to? Good! Please do not let them know you see them or your life is at risk. I not want them to know we are friends. In fact I prefer for a short time you treat me as an enemy within these wall for you will feel as if I am, What I do to you may thank me for. I will discuss the shadow men to you afterward, at your Order bathhouse. Do not let the shadows know you see them.” then the voice was gone

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What I do to you may thank me for.

I don't understand the statement above. Could you clarify?

I will use all my senses except site, to try and identify and track the individual that was talking to me. I will continue mingling and trying to act like the rest of the crowd. I will also try to identify more of those shadows and who they are talking to. I wont leave my site on them too long because I don't want them to know that I see them.

I will mingle and wait for my summons.

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You are told to stand at the end of the carpet to be announce to the king after a few minutes.

The steward cry out to the King.

"Your Majesty, I present you Sir Aslan Brighton, The Bearer of the Thorn*, Keeper of the Goblin Pass**, The wearer of the Raider Cross and Lord Marshall of the Knights of the Kingdom."

The guards on both side of you raise their polearms to let you pass.

* (Fighting in the Grim Marshes)
** (awarded to those that fought in th Goblin pass)
*** (River Pirate wars).

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I will proudly walk up to the bottom stairs.

"Reporting as ordered your highness."

I will then bow and hold the bow untill told otherwise.

I will also use my keen hearing to see if anything is said about me around the room and around the king

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"Arise Knight and explain to US why WE should not have you strip of your title, rank and draw and quarter! WE of the Court not very long ago gave you a sum of 5000 of OUR gold to find and maintain a passage Through the Great Mountain! Instead WE find you here High Marshall to and Order WE should HAVE left Tatters in it's Treason PASS! But NO! WE find The man WE chosen to do this task has took on Another task that supersed OUR orders."

Snapping his finders a scribe step forward. "Article 10 section 1 Appointment to Grand Marshall of An Order nullifies all other duties by order of King William II, Hearby decreed that No King or Queen shall change or recind said Law unless ALL Orders are to be disolve then a King or Queen may change or modified the law."
The Scibe step back.

"MAYBE I Should disolve all the Orders!" (the walls and floor vibrated) you see the throne glow (stories been told that the Throne of Law transcribe any law or decree that the king or queen issues into 10 books of law each book sets in a major city so that the kingdom know what the laws are and can not use igornant as an excuse.)

"Your Highness, My brother, you maybe quite right!" ( a young man step forward and bow slightly his voice was the one who pointed out the shadows) "Did I not say that the Order of..... what ever knights he the order of was a mistake?" Pointing at you,The Crowd hushes but not seem surprise that the King was interupted by his brother.

"The King eyes narrow and for a brief moment you see hatrd aim at his brother, "WE do not make mistakes Edwards, The Order of the Knights of the Kingdom played an important roll in our past and should be allow to redeem themselves, Unlike you my brother WE can find forgiveness in OUR heart, WE do prefer surprises to be done by US and not by OUR servants!

"I still believe this man and his Order is an mistake and will become a problem that can not be swept away into the shadows. Maybe we should give to another Order the duties you gave him....hmmm My Lord I correct myself he and his order should do this duty so that in five years from now I can at least prove they are not capiable of doing anything important!" said Edwards

" Eyes narrowing, "ASLAN BRIGHTON your duties to me for passage through the Great Mountain have been DISLOVED and Given To the Order of the NIGHTHAWKS! 5000 gp are to be hearby turn over to the Order by 10 days wit! You and your guild shall Perform the DUTIES set forth by the charter before the disolving of your ORDER any written treaties or decrees before or after that time shall be honored in this court! WE King Fredrick IV so decree!" The throne pulse once. and the crowd mutters among themselves."

Edward turn slightly and wink at you and turn back to the King, Looking as iff he about to say something. "We are Tired if there is no other pressing matters we shall retire to our room, Pausing for a moment he looks at you, You may leve Sir Brighton."

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I will back up until I get to the door and then turn and exit. I will gather my men and head back to the bath house.

What do I know of this Edwards guy?

Report to moderator

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Edwards is the half brother of The King, Edwards mother was rumour to be elven she gave fredrick father 2 childern twins a Boy Edward and a girl name grace, She left the kingdom after her husband died, rumour to gone back to her home. Grace join the priestress of light and grew, Edward is consider by all the clown, the lazy prince, the rich brat that fight with his older half brother. Fredrick always did the oppisite that Edwards wants.
Edwards funds many of the church of light shrines and hospitals, he have open several ophanages for children that lost their parents, rumour is he also have put a shool in most towns despise those that not want to educate the poor.
To the rich he the playboy of the kingdom; to the poor he Edwards the Giving.

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I will head back to the bath house then. Unless something happens before I get to the bath house. I will find Jimmy and tell him

"Jimmy can you gather the Knights? I have a few announcements to make.

"My fellow knights. I have just came back from a meeting with the king. My duty to the king to build a passage through the 'Great Mountain' has been dissolved and has been given to the 'Order of the Knighthawks'. Don't get too upset yet."

I will wait for the commotion to calm down and then continue.

"He also told me that the 'Knights of the Kingdom' will perform the duties that were set forth by the charter that was given us before our order was disbanded. Any treaties or decrees written before or after that time shall be honored in his court. So we will set forth to protect this land that we hold dear. If needed we will build roads, way stations, and bridges. We will also build Light Towers to protect ships, canals to allow easier trade. We will do anything within our charter to protect this land. We will also travel the land and report any problems. We will let the Knighthawks worry about the passage through the Great Mountains. That should keep them out of our way for sometime.




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