Roughing It #3

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Roughing It #3

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"Excuse me? What did you just say? What do you mean that she and the drake share the same body? I don't understand."

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"They merge and form a full grown Green dragon. Did you not hear the Goddess Rash-su say she was please? Dragons and men were once friends of legends until the Great War after which the dragon forsake us. The goddess must have ordain this!"

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"Will she be ok? Will this merging harm her?"

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"Oh, she be ok, I have heard of this before with horses, and other beasts, She will gain insight and traits from the drake and the drake will gain knowledge and insights from her and skills too. If the Earth Goddess say it is good then it will not harm her."

Walking to the exit of the tent,"Careful on waking her, I have heard that those wake up are hungry and very sexually aggressive, best to keep a plate of food nearby and unless you not want to sleep tonght..." she laugh as she exit.

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"Thanks for your help."

I will make sure that there is a plate of food beside the bed for her.

I will then grab some of my things that I think I will need. Looks like I'm sleeping outside tonight, not like I haven't done it before. I will then go see how things are going with my men. I need to make sure certain things start happening

1. That patrols are started. We need to get a lay of the land.
2. Make sure, tomorrow, that some of the men start excavating the debre that is in the tunnels and rooms beneath. I would like to know what other usefull items remain to be discovered.
3. Tomorrow I would also like to start investigating the lake.

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might want to consider moving the city i was looking at the map the area on the east side of the lake has the mountains far to the east with a river flowing to your north and south side. where you are now your are open for 500 mile north and west with the river to the east and the lake to the south. if you was on the east shore a army would have to cross either rivers and or lake to get to you you only have to defend the east side with walls.

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post 418 your Exp 2, npc exp 1 for the 50 posts and adventure.

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Picket been posted 4 men/women relieve ever 3 hours with 2 extra men posted 2 hours before daybreak,

your main tent is complete, with the command tent next to it, 2 officer tents put up one near your for Eva and the other near next to it for the cleric to use as a medical tent. There was enough tents to supply 400 men found in one room, about 30% of them will have to be patch from vermin and time and weather, each man has his own tent but can double up if they have too. total of 27 tent with 6 tents north and west and 4 tents south and east of your tents the men are working a defense wall around the camp
three ranger found about 30 spears below ground and have put them up in 4 spot in the teepee shape for the rangers to grab easy. You end up sleeping in the extra tent that night.

Morning came early for a rooster like crowing awaken you, seem the plains here have wild chickens.

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I will get up and go check on Eva.

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There a guard posted at your tent to ensure no one bother her, you knock and enter and find her wrapped in a blanket eatting some fried eggs and munching on some bread she toasted over the fire.

Looking up at you, "your knights need to work on their spotting, when I heard the rooster a few days ago I creep out and stole 6 eggs from the nest, there 4 eyes if you want."
pointing the a cloth with 4 eggs.

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I will walk over and join her.

"My knights aren't posted out there to keep you in. They are posted out there to keep others out. Before you say anything, I know you dont need protection but they want to do it."

"So what exactly happened out there? The healer told me that you merged with the dragon. So how did that happen?"

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"I not know one minute she was in pain next minute we was sharing each other mind, then she kick me out of her mind and I woke up here. I know she ok I went to see her she still sleeping. And I know they was not guarding me, maybe guard you from me" she grin.

"I going to have to leave for a few days my clans are forming to the north of here I be back in a week."

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"I may be gone for a few days myself. I need to head back to the city so that I can get the rest of the knights headed this way."

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There a knock on the tent post, and an "ahem, My Lord may I talk to you?," The dwarf said."Hmmm out side if possible sir."

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"Sure <Sir Hammerhand >, what is it you need?"

"Excuse me a minute eva?"

I will get up and head out side.


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