The Beginning and a Resolve #5

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The Beginning and a Resolve #5

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Phase 6 you shift and fly to spot within 6 " from the guy behind a tree.
seg 7
seg 8 he get up and move behind a tree hiding from the tower, you can see him 8 " away easy his left side is to you he peering around looking up at the tower. he wait and seem to be figuring out what going on.
Phase 9 your move
you autofire 3 arrows OCV 6 - 1= 5+9=14 or less you rolled 4+3+3= 10 first arrow hit, 12 or less 2nd arrow hit, 10 or less 3rd arrow hit all 3 hit Flash(3+3+6= 4 phase blind) 6+5= 11 AP 4+1= 5 AP Hit loc = 6+4+3= 13 and 6+5+2=13 hit vital both times x2 body x4 stun = 22 body -3= 19 body 44 stun - 4 PD= 40 stun 10 body -3=7 body

you rapid fire 2 arrows into the man the first arrow hit the tree in front of him and explode in a flash of light blinding him both of the AP hit him in the heart killing him.

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I will gather up what valuables that I can from the 2 bandits that I just skewered. Unless the armor looks really remarkable I will leave it and just take what is easily picked up. Weapons, coins, jewelry, stuff like that. I will also gather up there horses. Unless something else happens I will then head back to the tower and do the same with the 2 bandits there. I will then release the 2 girls in the tower. "The bandits have been taken care of. They wont be bothering you again. Are you two ok?"

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2 horses:
4 chain mails (2 need repair) 6 rPD, 6 rPD, 5 rPD, 4 rPD
1 reinforce chain mail 7 rPD

6 short swords
1 longsword
10 dagger
4 bows
250 arrows
1 auto balastia
33 bolts
25 bedrolls
1 barrel large of ale
2 iron pans
30 torches
50 spears
1 lute with broken strings
Box of candles about 20 candles
2 sets of thieves tools
10 whetstones
3 flints
6 hook and lines
22 backpacks
14 wineskins water
2 bound and lock spell books
4 scrolls
20 gems
6 jewelry
3000 copper coins
100 silver
13 gold
1 wand
1 staff
15 potions vital (6 red,4 Blue,5 green)

Red= healing of BODY 1d6
Blue = healing of STUN 3d6
Green= healing of END 3d6

The 2 women are bound and gag you release them and they thank you asking for their spell books and wand and staff and daggers, they are sisters. They look starved and very ragged there is a deer stew cooking in the kettle. The knight and his men arrive after 30 minutes they seem to have got distracted by yells of help. as they enter the camp queitly, your pet come running in ahead of them barking and come over to you by the fire and the girls lick them first then you.

Shaking his head grinning he wave the men down and sheath his sword "figure the luck you rescue the girls and i get stuck with 2 men in a tree afraid of that little dog of your."

Putting out his hand "Good to see you again sir. any more of that deer stew left?"

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I will reach out and shake his hand.

"I'm doing just fine. How about your self Sir Mark? By all means you and your men our welcome to the stew. I don't know how good it is, as I didn't make it, the bandits did but your welcome to it anyway. I have to see to a couple of things first. I got word that my father might be in trouble so I came to see if I could help him. My father is a druid. He is the tree over there. He is in bad shape, so I need to see to him. I will have some stew with you as soon as I see how he is doing."

Looking at the girls. "Here are your spell books, wand, and staff ladies. I don't know which daggers are yours but you can sure look through the ones that I collected and by all means help yourselves to the stew also. After you have filled yourselves with the stew, would you mind looking over the rest of the stuff and tell me if any of it is magical?"

I will then go see to my father. I will remove all of the arrows that are stuck in him. I will then try to wake him up. "Father. Its Aslan, your son. It's OK to come back now. The bandits are gone." I will keep trying until I think he is aware and coming back.

I will then go back and sit down with Sir Mark and have some of the stew with him.

"So tell me what brings you to this area?"

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Sir David Mar said well for one I am no longer of Loc Wood after 2 years of cleaning out bandits and hobgoblins and rebuilding the small keep there and made it safe. The king turn it over to a baron to control. The baron dismiss me and some of my men and put another knight in place, one of the Nighthawks order. I been landless for about 2 months now, we just happen to hear about this group of bandits so I set up a trap in order to get them. Didn't know you was engage in cleaning this out, should have check with the order first.

you can tell there more to the story by the way the men around him look at each other nervously, Sir David Mar just stare for a min at the stew and then start eatting.

The two women come out of the tower more dress, concider they were nake and chain to the bed. they come and sit by the fire and eat.

Debra (water witch)said "Thank you for your help can we impose on you to escort us to a town so we can find work. Considering our hut and village was wipe out a few month back we going to need to restart."

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Can you re read my last post? You didn't answer a couple parts of it.

How did things go when I removed the arrows from my father and tried to wake him up?

What did the girls say when I asked them to identify the magic items?

I have a response to your last post but I would like to know the answers to my previous post before I do.

How many xp did I get for the combat?

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The Fire witch has a detect magic spell 4 hex radius. The lute has a magic aura and one of the peices jewelry (ring) has a glow

The 4 scrolls and the potion all glow.

1 scroll is a 4d6 RKA fireball explosion 1 use
1 scroll is a House spirit spell from the hero grimoir 1 use
1 scroll is 3d6 healing to body 1 use
1 scroll is 3 level of growth for 1 turn 1 use

The lute and ring require an identify spell or research both have writing on them the ring has dwarven writing and the lute has elven.

Your father is starting to stir, the bark is rehealing and the leaves are starting to move the tree appear to be smaller you figure about 25 more minutes

your Exp = 3
all Npc = 2

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While reading my last post with the question, it felt like I came across like I was upset. That is not the case. Sorry if I can across as if I was upset. It was not my intentions.

Do they look well fed? Does it look like they have been taking care of themselves. I'm trying to figure out if they are very poor and havn't been getting enough food and such. Is the moral high or low from what I can tell. I'm wondering if they are nervous because they were counting on the loot that they would get from this raid to paid for there up keep or if it is something deeper then that. Please let me know.

Thanks for the info in your last post

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The Sixth day of Spring; The 1st mark of The evening light (3 pm)

Your father is about 10 min away from changing.

The two witches not talk much about what happen but enough was said that they was raped for several months. they have bruising on mouth and wrist from gag and bound. They appear to been starved both are thin, but are smiling, You feel they need to be near you and the men to believe they are protected this may take them awhile to be alone. Both have hinted they willing to work as witches if the price or offer is right. (witches are a cross of the druid, mage and a cleric with spell like shamans uses. only they are base on the elements)

Sir David offer to haul in your loot for a fee of 30% when sold, and will deliver what you want to keep to the bathhouse.
he has 3 picket posted, 2 burying the dead and 2 bring up the coach and butchering the dead horse and one guarding the 2 prisoners. he lost 2 men to the fighting. Also tell you he going to need to find work within a month or have to release his men. He going to see if anyone posted on the boards at the bath house.
Quietly, he warn you not to trust the King politics. By the laws a knight only is granted land it up to the king to grant the area too. If the king decides that you need a baron or a count over you then it up to the count or baron if he keep you.

Only a title of Baron or higher and keep the king from giving your land away without bloodshed, or an Order Protectorate been invoked. ( An Order can not be force off their land or the land they protect unless the Order been disbanded by it membe or made outlaw or destroy.

He ask if it ok for him to get the bounty of 15 gold place on the bandit group?

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"I will make you a better offer Sir David. I came here to help my father. I didn't even know that the bandits were here. I wouldn't dream of taking all these spoils from you. All I want is the 2 horses, the balista with the bolts, and the magical items. I need the two horses so that I can get myself and my father home safely. The rest of the loot and the bounty is yours."

"If you well help me and the two ladies here get home safely then I will consider it a even exchange."

"I have another offer for you. I have been given a mission by the king. He wants me to clear a way through the mountains. As you know trade at the moment has to go around the mountains and it takes forever. I have been given some gold and 5 years to make this happen. I need to set up a thriving city about half way between, hopefully in a valley somewhere inside the mountains. I've got Lady Kettleworth as my chamberlain and 'Little Jimmy' as my Captain of the guard. Go talk to them and tell them that I sent you. If the three of you and your men can come to an agreement then I welcome you aboard."

"The same offer of employment goes to you two ladies also. If you two, 'Little Jimmy' and 'Lady Kettleworth can come to an agreement then I welcome you aboard also."

"What say you?" Do we have a deal?"

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The two woman say they will look into it

Sir David say" it sound fair to me, I talk to you man."

" No one around to help an old man, what is this world coming too, even a man's children forget them and let them be like leaves falling off a tree," Grumble your father and he grip his ash staff standing on a rock in a grean and yellow robe. "I smell deer stew. Lady don't look at me like that even druid can't eat berries all the time."

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I will get up and help my father to a seat around the camp fire. "Here father. I got you some stew here in a bowl all ready for you."

"So how have you been father?"

My intentions are to camp here tonight and then head out tomorrow.

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Some bantering with your father, muttering about how his wife like to stick her nose into things, You never seen him in druidic robes aways blacksmithy which seem so far remove from nature. Here he look very druidic, the wolfox come right up to him. your father paets him "So you found what I was looking for," looking at you, "you probably want to know what going on." staring into the fire, "I was a appentice to a blacksmith at 10 years of age, your grandfather scrap together enough money to appentice me. Only I was interested in the woods and forest animals and the like. A stranger came to our village and offer the blacksmith money for me to become his apprentice. I fell into the world of druidic society, I met your mother when she and several other went against the druidic order, her hearst show me we was wrong, The druidic order was forcing towns and villages to be abandon by causing drought and famine. It only cause wars, wars that kill men and animals alike and was killing the forest. The druid in their blindness was killing the forest and land to push man back. The druids lost the order spinter and I was exile from the druidic society and took up the hammer and became a blacksmith. once in a while I get a call to help the forest anf I head that call. Your mother wanted you to embrace the druidic nature in you and I ...I wanted you have no part so we compromise, a ranger is one that protect both worlds. you gone on to become a knight ranger which would make your grandfather proud."

I guess I need to go back to your mother.

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"Thank you father. Your words mean a lot to me. I thought you where angry about the choice of profession I made."

"Do you plan on camping here tonight? If you would that would be great. I have a few things I would like to talk to you alone about.

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I can stay a while need to talk to you about somethings too. So ask away when you done, I ask you some questions. he said


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