The Beginning and a Resolve #2

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The Beginning and a Resolve #2

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A low growl resonate from the ditch as you slowly approach, You can make out a dim outline of a canine crouch in the ditch baring his fangs at you. the canine look fox like with a large busy tail.seem to be only about 30 pounds or so in weigh and back legs look injured.

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Using my animal telepathy and speaking it out loud at the same time in a soothing tone. "I mean you know harm my friend. Did that large wagon hit you? I would help you if you would let me." Slowly putting my right hand out. Not so close for him to bite me but close enough that he can get my smell, which would hopefully reassure him or her that I mean him or her no harm.

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You can feel the pain from the creature and it seem to calm down and whimper as you get close

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I will move even closer to the creature. Still talking to it very soothingly. I will give it some of the raw meat that I brought for myself to eat. After I give it some of the meat. I will say "My friend I'm going to take a look at your injury now. Is that all right? I'm here to help you."

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The creature whimpers and lay down accepting your help.

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I will make an assessment on how damage the creature is. If I think it would work I would trying putting my healing ring on one of his toes. Other wise I will use my paramedic skill to do the best that I can for it.

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The ring does not heal, but your paramedic skill stop his bleeding and will all him to recover 4 body if you camp for 8 hours he has 8 body of damage.

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What type of damage did he take? cuts? broken bones? I will try to find someplace off the road to make a camp. Do I remember flying over any likely places. If I need to I will also you my ability to look through other animals eyes. Maybe contact an owl or something like that to maybe find a place to camp

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frature hind leg and a few cracked ribs, and some cuts, you remember seeing some granite collumn about 1/4 mile down the road off to the south side of the road. you believe you saw glint of moonlight from water there. take you about 15 min to 20 min to carry the canine there. it about few hundred feet off the main road out sight of the road.

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"My friend I'm going to pick you up now. We cant stay here. Its to dangerous." I will gather my stuff and then pick him up and take him to the spot that I saw as I was flying over.

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The Sixth day of Spring; The 4rd mark of The Night (1 am)

You see six column of pillars arrange in a circle on granite stone in the middle is a small pool with a statue of a cloaked woman with her hands parted the moon light seem to illumiate the pillars with a glow as you near, you feel peace here.

As you get near you see that the statue is of Rymine the minor goddess of animals she is of the plane of life (her mother is Deltesta and her father is earth god Ramus.

healing here is 1 body a hour, you have a 10pt heal one time a day here, and you have +1 to all senses, there is a sense of calm and peace here.

offering to her require a pray for the an creature soul you have killed for food or mercy.
to ask for more require you to ask to help her.

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I will make sure that the wolf is lying comfortable and then make camp. I will give him some meat and water. If I feel that the area is save enough then I will make a fire. If not I will make a cold camp. I will then see how the wolf is doing.

If the wolf needs no more assistance then I will get some sleep

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The Sixth day of Spring; The 4rd mark of The Morning light (7 am)

you awake to sound of birds and forest, drinking just a few feet from you is a 16 point buck and 2 does.
on your chest are 2 squirrel curled up sleeping and you feel atyour feet the canine sleeping. As you watch you see a ghost like presence of a woman the seem to float like the morning mist smelling the flowers and petting the creatures that come to the water, The first rays of the sun slowly breaks up the mist as she fades from sight.

Pile next to you is a large pile of berries and nuts.

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I will slowly try to move the squirrels so that I can sit up. I will take a further look around at my surroundings. I will say in a quite voice. "Good morning everyone".

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The Sixth day of Spring; The 5th mark of The Morning light (8 am)

you see that the creature at your feet is neither a wolf or a fox it look like a cross between a fox and some type of dogor maybe a wolf, the tail is very fox like but it have a almost dog like quaility you see in the towns. the creatures around you notice you there but do not seem afraid. you feel you could easy touch any of them. The water from the pool flow out and down a sprout and and flow away from the shrine. drinking deeply from the pool feel as if you have awakan from a deep refreshing sleep full of energy and health. The canine drink after you do and sit and watches you with his head cock to one side he seem to be saying now what?

Looking around you see the hillus la Gal Thon to your west no more than a few miles you even see a ruin upon on of the hills about 4 miles away, you travel faster than you thought maybe misjudge your map alittle. if not for the canine you might have pass by without knowning.

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