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Distant Lands #1

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Celina spent the last 4 hours keeping 13 people alive, so far no one have ever died on her watch. All the victims are from a gang war the youngest is 12 year old girl that got caught in the crossfire. The Slag gang vs the Dregs gang again. romuor is the Fixer was in town and help Dregs become a hot gang. The Fixer look at the emergency door, a peice of work, black man with no pass, that hired our hios skill to form gangs into supergangs, connection and infrastructure. deal is once he get you going he take his pay and move on, anyone that tries to stop him get killed so no one stop him.

He about to come into your emergency room, word is he almost near death, you fight with your self should you let him die to stop other from dying or let him live.

The Door slam open as police and the Paramedics rush into the hospital.

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She lives by the hipocratic oath. As much as she knows that it would be better to let him die. she cant.

She will go ahead and heal him.

She will heal him but not as much as she would a better person

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The Fixer was wheel into room 3 as you approach the room everyone around you start to move slowly, you you feel as if everything is slowing down and your moving at half your normal speed. by the time you enter the room you are moveing at barely a 1/8 of an inch per phase and you see strange people around The Fixer. the nurses in the room have frozen in place.

a voice that speaking slowly " my friend you are dying I can give heal you and give you great powers if you come with me.
The Fixer " I have Power"
the Man "not the power I have" his hand move up before the black man and began to glow, a greeen globe of fire appear, This is power. Where I come from you can be a king and have slaves. you agree to come?"
The black man watch with greedy eyes as the flame disappear "give me that kind of power and I will kill anyone you want me to kill"
"Good!" Laugh the man and a green glow cover the black man and he sit up and stands leaving a copy of him on the bed.
"What the!" do not worry that is only a coppy so no one would know you are gone, your copy will die here when we leave"
The man turn and gesture and open a portal of light and colors and him the black man blur through, you hand just touch the edge you you see a swril of light and then black.

You wake up in a dark damp place with several other people, your hand are chain to the wooden wall, you are strip of all your clothing like the others in the room with you, men women and children, the smell of death and decay and vomit and feces fill this room as you hear the sound of water lapping at the wood and oars splashing on the water and you feel the ship rock, you realize your a slave on an anient wood ship sitting across from you is a woman with large pointed ears and large eyes and very beautiful.
you hear a rythm of a drum Doom! Doom!

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"What the ....! Where the .... am I? This can't be possible. One minute I'm in the OR and the next minute I'm here?"

She will reach over to brush the hair out of her eyes.

"WHAT IS THIS?" Looking at the shackles around her wrist


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you hear in your head {Quiet! they can not understand your language nor can I, But if you keep yelling the men will come down here and rapes us all to make us be quiet. They are barbarians! and you are in danger here!" You see a woman across from you looking into your eyes, "You can comunicate with me by thinking but be quiet please!"

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Thinking in my mind {"How did you do that? Talk in my mind that is. People aren't suppose to be able to do that."}

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{You can! I can hear you screaming in my mind, I am Misha an empathic healer with the Temple of Deltesta, I was capture three days ago so I can heal these people enslaved here, We will be rescued in two days if you not panic. At the slaver market there will be an agent of the Temple of Deltesta That will buy us all. The Goddess is with us for she sent me here to find you.} in your mind.

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Thinking in my mind {"This must be a dream. First a man in black robes comes and takes a guy by the name of the 'Fixer' away. I appear only god knows where, maybe a boat and that they entend to sell me into slavery. Now I'm being told that I can talk to people with my mind. You look like you come from the planet 'Vulcan'. You tell me that someone named 'The Goddess' sent you to me. Next thing you will be telling me to 'Live long and prosper'. I sure hope this is a dream."}

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{It is not a dream Celina, from what you describe you been pull through a portal from another world. Only very powerful wizards can open portals and some very powerful druid been ruomor to be able to open portal to other worlds. Only the one that pull you here can return you, all others would be looking for a needle in a hay stack to find your world. This is not a dream, people die here, they suffer you are in a world where swords and magic rule and those not strong serve.} pausing {if you wish to survive you need to accept this world and fight for now we must wait}

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{"Who would want to pull me through this portal thingy you call it? I'm only medical doctor and have no enemies."} A little upset {"People die where I come from too. It's easy for you to say to 'Except this world' but you weren't pulled away from the world you know. How did I get on this boat anyway? Last thing I remember was preparing to operate on someone in the 'OR'?"}

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{get over it! this world your home now unless yo can force the man to return you, he the one that gave you to this barbarians to sell for a slave.}
pausing and looking around
{longer you denial the place the more harder it will be on you. your world is gone one of millions that a wizard could open and maybe find, you have nothing to offer them but your body right now.}

(you have 2 choices you can die here or live.}

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{"So I'm to just accept it our die? Thats doesn't leave me much choice now does it? I will die before I let them have my body. How do you think you would feel if you were pulled away from everything you know? Answer me that."}

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{There are things worse than dying an voice enter your mind you are no longer within your world god protection, you die now your soul is unclaim you will walk this world looking for your home forever, I sent you a voice in this darkness to learn about me, the body is nothing the soul is eternal.

a warm feeling of love fills you, seek me out and live.

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("Who are you?")

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"I am Deltesta goddess of healing, I wish to grant you healing and other abilities in return you serve me in healing those that need it most and aid those that can not aid themselves. You have only to believe in me and ask me into your heart and I will open your gifts."


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