Distant Lands #6

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Distant Lands #6

Post  EpicAdmin on Wed May 19, 2010 6:54 pm

"As soon as the bags of flour and food arrive we leave. There the wagon now with the flour she points to. once loaded on board we can leave in 1 hour if we hurry."

Someone must told them about the ship and us. Too late to worry about that.

over the next 45 minutes everyone help load the ship while a few watch in case of trouble, as the last bags were carried on Misha paid the wagoner for his help. one of the women pointed and yells at you.

Heading your way are about 20 to 25 armes men they look to be in a hurry. off to the right of them slipping out of your sight you see a young woman you remember in the hold she was very quiet and frail looking and her eyes always shifting. she smile most evilly as he darted away out of view.

The men on the ship are releasing the ropes and Kisha said hurry I can move use.

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"Lets hurry and get her untied! As I thought they had someone watching us and they are trying to board us now. Lets get moving."

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Took less that four minutes to pull away from the docks, the 4 men came runining out of the cabin of the boat with crossbows aim at the docks one fire high hitting a pole near one of the men running down the dock forcing them all to scatter some falling into the water. The ship move out of sight fast due to the air elemental and takes flight again.

Misha tell you there is a temple one day away that she can resupply at on medicine.

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Im sure at this point Celina will be keeping herself busy. Its her way of keeping her mind off everything that is going on. Here are things that she will start on.

1. Complete the bond with the ship.
2. Make sure everyone has their health needs taking care of.
3. Really clean the captains quarters
4. Clean the ship of all reminders of slavers and anything bad
5 Clean the ship top to bottom.

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1. Complete the bond with the ship. ....................that take about one full day
2. Make sure everyone has their health needs taking care of. ...............the temple you be going to will get everyone back to full health.
3. Really clean the captains quarters. .................. Will require a few days in safe harbor to clean but you can do light cleaning but need to be stop on the ground to do
4. Clean the ship of all reminders of slavers and anything bad same as above
5 Clean the ship top to bottom. same as above

Will take about 1 month of cleaning and minor repair to get the smell out of the ship. a week to get the captain quarter clean. there is about 2 to 3 feet of shit and pee in bottom of ship from several years of hauling slaves that will take 4 men about a week to carry out and then another week of scrapping it clean. then 2 week of scrubbing with soap to clean. then maybe magic to be use to clean more.

you found a small chest of crystals that is use to feed the elemental, she not been fed well only once a week for a healthy air elemental 1 crystal a day will make her strong. Kista said she will need rose wood and oak and several other hardwoods to heal, if left in the hold she will heal herself to full health in a year. about 600 gold of wood is needed. she also need elven silk about 10,000 yard to replace her sail that will cost about 10,000 gd, regualar sail cloth she can use but will cost 1000 gp elven silk can take strong winds and the ship can travel at 100 mile or more an hour in jet winds but with regular sail you would have to travel below the jet and only do about half that or less of damage sails and ship.

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I will work on what I can until we land at the town with the temple

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A few days later you arrive at a catheral on an island in a middle of a small lake the catheral cover nearly all the island beautiful gardens and stain glass windows, This is The Lady of Light Temple of Delesta where the high priestess call The Elder (the Pope) resided. it is here that many students of the faith learn to heal. and become priestess. Across the lake is a small town that supplies food and supplies to the Temple.

As the ship lands upon the lake you feel warm inside and a feeling of home here. The beauty of the place out shine the vatican itself. A presents of constant love feel the air and you feel full of energy. Misha said that the Temple here is over 2000 years old and the feeling you feel is the energy the goddess granting you to heal others. Faith fuel her and she fuels us to heal others, She is the only goddess that not ask for money for healing.

The sun rises over the horizons and the first rays of light shine throught the temple sending rays of multi color light everywhere as the stain glass windows light up. A bell toll 6 chisp rings that seen to make your heart leap with joy with each ringing, ( later learn that the bell ringing can destroy undead withing 5 miles of the ringing of the bell and make evil uncomfortable that after 24 hour they flee the area.)

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I will ask everyone up on deck before anyone departs.

"I think we are at our final destination. I don't know how long we will be here. As I have promised I will give everyone here 20 gp's a piece. If you don't wish to stay here, I sure you should be able to find other transportation elsewhere. We may be leaving on other trips out but I don't know when. If and when we do you are welcome to come along and we can drop you off then."

I will start giving out the gold to those who line up.

"Misha. This truely is a beautiful place. The Vatican has nothing on this place. I'm really looking forward to exploring this place. Where do we go from here?"


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