Distant Lands #4

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Distant Lands #4

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Near midnight the storm hit, many of the slaves were injure from the bouncing of the storm, Above you hear a scream that fell pass you as one of the crewmen fell to his death, You can hear the captain barking comands to the crew trying to get the around the storm, you can feel the ship fighting the helm pushing father into the storm sometime in the next hour the chain broke free from the walls of the ship allowing you to pull the long chain from each of your hands shackle to free yourself. (you still wearing hand shackle of chanin that 2 ft long between your wrist, feet have no chain shackle) Few minute later a electrical charge flow across the ship you felt the ship getting hit by lightning nearly knocking you and the ship unconcious from the pain and you felt three deaths one of the slaves near you been electricuted and you felt 2 of the crew die from the lightning. You start CPR on the slave near you Misha look at you puzzle ( like she not seen CPR before and not understand why you trying to kiss a dead man and beat on his chest,)

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{"Misha. I will explain later but I can save this mans life. You need to help the rest of the prisoners take back control of the ship. Kisha will help as she can. If I cant help this man after a couple minutes I will come help but I have to try."}

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After a few moment the the man start to breath and open his eyes, the rest of the people in the cargo hold getting ready to start,

The Captain tell the helm to keep the course and hollor if there another storm he be going to bed, Before he shut the door he orders the men to secure the wreckage and go to bed. after about an hour the ship quiet down (there is now only three crew men and the captain) the captain is asleep in his quarter, one man is on the wheel and the other 2 men are sleeping in hamlot on deck.

There are 2 warrior class (level 3) men with you they each found a good club, 1 rogue like person you guessing he about level 2,
a wizard that is 2nd level only have cantrip grease and extinguish flame still memorized. no other spell memorized

and a craftman woodcraver 0 level warrior.

The women is misha Cleric 3rd level 0 level (create water, read magic, detect poison, light) (1st level 3 cure light wounds) (2nd level hold person 3 rounds )
sorceror level 1 (0 level open/close, read magic) (1 level magic missile and sleep)(she was gaged and fingers and hand ties)
level 1 druid, (0 level Create water and cure minor wounds) (1st level summon nature ally 1)
level 2 warrior and baker 0 level warrior.

SPELL you know (0 level dectect poison, cure minor wounds) (1 level cure light wounds and deathwatch)

and hour before daylight the ship tell you now and you direct the other, the sorceror cast sleep upon the helmman, the man slump to the floor, the hatch raises and the men rush out all four on one sleeping the closesand hit each over the head doing full damage each (6, 4, 8, 5 = 21 damage) 2 women toss a rope around one hamlot and start tie the man in he awake and try to struggle the druid grab a knife from from through the webing of the bedding and whisper to him ( move and die)
you climb out of the hatch with misha the four men are raising their clubs again to hit you feel that he will not survive the next round of hits, but also feel the hatred and anger coming from the halforc in the bed.

Ship whisper in your mind "Captain still sleeping",
misha whisper "the helmsman will awake in 2 min."

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"Secure the helmsman. He will be awake in about 2 minutes. Make sure the knots are tight we sure don't want them getting loose. The captain is still asleep in his cabin so lets try and do this quietly. We need to be able to take the captain without a fight."

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The half orc dies after getting hit the 2nd time, you felt his life pass and saw a dark shadow of his soul fall through the ship. Then the felling pass. The other half-orc have a rag stuff in his mouth, the helmsman get tied up and gagged, the ship quietly tell you that the captain still sleeping with the mace next to him in his bed and wearing the ring of sleep.

The sun is about 30 minute from horizon and already staring to see clearly on deck, the sky to the front of the ship is showing the morning glow.

The ring of sleep could put half of the slave a sleep if he trigger it.

The ship said" door will open to your touch when your ready.

He a 5 level warrior/3rd level rogue

only a 2 of the slave men are 3rd level warrior. they now both have cutlass and dagger,
the dead half-orc have a single shot flintlock on him, none of the people know what it is.

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Quietly I tell them.

"The captain is still asleep and he has something called a Mace of Pain, whatever that is, beside him in the bed and he is wearing something called a Ring of Sleep. He is a warrior and thief of some experience I think. I'm new to this, any suggestion on how to take him out with as little harm to us as possible?"

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Misha whisper, ring of sleep is like the spell sleep that was cast on the helmman, it could put most of us asleep if he trigger the command word. The mace inflict extra pain that make a person not move for a moment because of the pain.

A young man walk up to you tying a knot in a rope making a noose, "Ladies Healers," Nodding his head forward in a slight bow'" I am Fingersjack, and I think I have an idea, I can quietly climb above the door and Drop a noose around his neck with some of the crew pull on the rope we could cut off his air whil the men with weapons attack. if he get lose then the soceror can cast her spell. he not going to be able to get lose using just one hand so he going to either lose air or get so holes."

John one of the warrior is passing out 6 clubs, he hands one to you and Misha"Ladies this is a club of pain, say pain in you language and hit and it will cause added pain and make you not move for a few moments. I know i been hit a few times by them."

Misha "I can't use it I could kill someone"
John "Lady you only need to touch them and say pain they will stand still from pain or fall down but it does not kill or add injuries."
Misha "I not sure"
John "Take it just in case he attacks you or the other ladies."

Ship "he is stirring, he will awake in a few minutes,'"

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Whispering "What ever we do we need to do it quickly. He is starting to wake up. Go ahead and do what you need to do."

I will go ahead and take the mace. "I will take this but I don't intend to use it unless absolutely needed"

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John and the other man Daniel strip two of the orcs of their armor and puts them on, The woman with the helps of the other strip the other afte she slit his throat, you felt the death and saw the dark shadow of the creature spirit drop through the floor as if it was pulled. then the moment pass. The woman begin to strip and put on the armor tossing a dagger to the rogue.the rogue queitly climb up on top of the cabin waiting with the rope.
A few minutes pass and while you waiting you realize at everyone but three are naked cover in blood or filth. Then the ship spoke in your mind He awake and putting on his gear.

The two men stands on each side of the door waiting with the clubs of pain the woman is carring 2 short sword of to one side.

The ship whisper "I am releasing the door"

Misha hand you the gun and whisper "the goddess guides me"

The door open and the Half orc step out as the sun breaks the horizon blinding him for an second
The rope drop down upon the captains head only to be stop by one of the pointed ears he reach up and grab the rope and pulls throwing fingerjack to the floor on his back. John slam the mace hard against the half-orc face blood and spittle flys and Daniel swing his into the gut of the captain, bending him forward with a cracking sound of an rib, He roar in anger and pain
The woman step around John raising both short swords into a downward thrust and burt one into his right chest the other grazing him. The Half-orc head butt the woman and she fall back tripping over finger jack and sticks his fist forward and say "sleep!"
Both John and Daniel fall to the ground a sleep as a magic missle slam into the halforc face from the lady sorceror, A dog leap out of a bag the wizard took off one of the dead half orcs and spoke somekind of incantation the ghosly like dog leap and bites the captain.

The captain still standing bloody and badly wounded but you feel he can still fight on.

intiative he gets, He speak "hold!" and point at the sorceror and she freezes as his glove glow and bring down the mace into the dog, the mace glows and the dog whither in pain.

your turn.

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"I don't know what your are, but human your not. I'm sorry for what I'm about to do but I can't let you harm these good people. Lord guide my hand but forgive me for what I'm about to do."

I will then pull the trigger on the pistol.

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you pull the trigger and a large bang and a flash of smoke bellow out covering him and he slowly fall forward crashing to the deck.
for a moment you thought you killed him but you see a dagger sticking from his neck the bullet is embedded in the medal helmet of the captain.

kneeling neck to the captain you realize he not dead only knock out by your shot.

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"Do what needs to be done with him. His wound is fatal. For the evil he has done I will not help him."

To the ship. {"Is there any others that wish to do us harm? What happened to the souls of our jailors that died? I saw them flow down through your deck?"}

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The woman warrior pull out her short sword out of his shoulder and stab him in the throat killing him. "That how I deal with rapist and murders"
you see his dark spirit sat up and glare at you and then fell through the body of the ship falling until you not feel any more

The ship said "ask Misha she know about spirits"

When you ask misha she said" Some priest and healers can see souls of those that die, some rise to the heavens, some fall to hell those that are dark show evil darker the evil the more evil they was. Some don't go anywhere they even up wondering the world until they find peace or hell. what you see is only a moment, The stronger you get the longer you see them to talk. Casting a bless upon one that neither rise or fall will put them to heaven, a curse will put them to hell, There are soul takers that walk the places of the dying to push them to hell so they can earn points with the gods of death and hell. be careful

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"Lets get everyone freed, cleaned up, and lets see to everyones wounds. We also need to see what food is available. I'm sure they have been eatting on something a lot better then what they have been feeding us."

I'm going to see if there is anything in the Captains quarters that we can use to help the wounded. What has the captain been eatting? Is there anything that we can feed to the rest?

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Stepping into the captain quarter you feel like you walk into a Vern Jules movie. The bed is fithy and my have to be delouse and cleaned. there a lock chest at foot of bed , a closlet and a writing desk, there a large rug on the floor look like it beautiful made but very dirt.there another door leading into a map room that has a globe in center that 5 five in diameter showing where you are. There are several painting on the walls of elven people and beautiful sunrises and sunsets. and a oriental rug on the floor. The rogur toss you the keys off the captain and you open up the chest and find gold, silver and copper lots of copper and a staff head with no gem in it.

1000 gold, 5506 silver and 10,034 copper, 30 assorted gems of small sizes (none fit the staff head) The staff head is made from silver and gold and shape somewhat like the medical symbol of the doctors. at the bottom of the chest is a small silver statue of a woman, Misha whisper Deltesta our goddess.
The closlet have 30 clothing of men and 10 of women hanging inside.
you find another lock chest of weapons all average to rusty 10 cutlass, 20 dagger, 4 longswords and 2 axes one bow on the wall with 30 arrows in a quiver hanging near by.
there more draws to look through but will take time.
under the bed is 6 more clubs of pain.

The ship say in your head, pick a place to go and i will take you,


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