A Shadow of Intrique #5

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A Shadow of Intrique #5

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If I figure that I can afford to let the men celebrate for awhile I will let them and then gather them up next morning to head for the cove. If I fear that we have the time then I will reluctantly gather them up and head for the cove tonight. Either way I want to try and asses the situation and hopefully attack them by night

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The goblin chief is waiting for your reply on accepting his men 50 slinger, which could free up 50 knights for you to get the boat at the cove. the goblins can be in place tonight. allowing you an attack at dawn to recover the boat.

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What are slingers?

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light armor, short sword and sling weapon that can throw a small rock like a slingshot. range about 100 feet. a leather cord the you spin around your head and release a stone at a target.

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I will agree to them joining the order but they will need to prove themselves to be knighted.

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Captain Blight and four of his men and 15 of your Knight also move up to you as you recieve the reports from your Three sergeants at dusk. Captain Blight has 3 canvas boats that can be easy carried, can haul six lightly armor men on the river. The horses are ready and three mules to carry the boats are ready too

Sergeant Robin and her squad of men arrive just before dusk to inform you that they destroyed two bridges on the enemy side and that reinforcement to the seige army will be delay two days, the catapults will be delay about three to five more days until they rebuilt both bridges.

Sergeant Gat and his squad arrive a ew minutes later carrying a dead soldier. They destroyed five rafts out of eight that Count Regal Du'Louc has made to transport men and supplies across the river to the men stuck on this side that you have bottle up.

Sergeant Helfla and his squad arrive with two wounded They torch two tents and wounded one of the fire wizards badly. Reports from spotter on the cliff say that the supply tent of food is burning nicely the fire wizard have put out the fire on the Count Regal tent. One of the Wizards from the enemy camp is being carried to the Healer Tent. Reports say that Count Regal Du'Louc is furious!

("There is currently 3000 men at arm (1000 pikemen) 1000 swordsmen, 500 shortbowmen and 400 light calvarymen 100 heavycalvarymen and 25 knights and 2 fire wizards leaded by a Count Regal Du'Louc you have held them in a 1 square mile area on your side of the river.")

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what are the total of my forces again to face the count?

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50 knights (5th level) 800 men at arms (1st level) (600 pikemen 100 longbowmen 100 light calverymen, 1 light repeating balista 2nd repeating balista is 1 week away from being completed

50 goblin slinger are arrivingin the morning. (1st level)

100 light crossbowmen halfling(2nd level) 20 earth elementalist halfling (3rd level) and 50 dwarven Axemen 2nd Level) arriving in 2 days with 30 of your knights(5th level)with 300 men-at-arms (1 level pikemen)they been training at the lake.

at the lake has 20 knights and 200 men-at-arms under training, the dwarven comunity has 100 axemen among the miners there. and the halfling.

total in 3 days
80 knight (5th level) (medium calverymen)
900 Pikemen (1level)
100 longbowmen (1 level)
100 light crossbowmen halfling(2nd level)
50 goblin slinger (1st Level)
100 light calverymen (1 level)
50 dwarven Axemen 2nd Level)
20 earth elementalist halfling (3rd level)
2 light repeating balista (1 level)

Total 1402 men/halfling/dwarves/goblin

the pass can only allow 2 wagons side by side up a steep incline for 500 feet. which your troops have spick with sharpen sticks during the night. for the last 3 days, there about 50 rotten dead horses on the road up the incline that makes it hard to charge and keep rom gagging from the smell. last 3 days the wind been blowing into their camp. your troops have half concealment because of the cliff, and the enemy can only put 10 horse at a time or 20 men at a time up the incline. you have the heights and the advance. They would have to invade their neighbor to the north to cross the river where the river pirates are at.

The enemy troops have assualted several time with high casulaties on their side moral is low, food is low, and they are tired, your troops have been keeping them awake at night with nightly attacks several time a night. (wounding the enemy to keep the healers busy and overworked.)

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I will then go with the team that is going to attack the pirates. My plan is still to do this as quitely as possible. I'm am going to try and use stealth instead of just a full frontal assult. When we get there I will fully asses the situation and make any refinements to our plan.

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You and twenty men arrive across the river from the riverboat, that is tie up at the dock there are four large lanterns brightly lighting the riverboat, standing at the front is one man, at the back of the riverboat is one man leaning against the rail looking toward town, smoking a pipe.

about 100 yards away on the docks is a small village on the side of the river your enemy you holding back belong too. There about 104 men and women. The Tavern is at the docks fully lighted and very loud, look like the pirates have taken over the town and have the women in the tavern. on the docks are ten local em tied up to light poles.

(This group normally don't kill any of the locals, mostly tie up the men and have there way with the women.) you not sure how many pirates maybe 20 to 30. The river boat is 20 feet wide and 50 feet long with 2 water wheel. power by a steam boiler, low draft with a lower hold that only 5 feet and length and width of the boat. the river boat have a central 2 story 10 by 20 cabins lower have 4 rooms. there is 2 cannon on pivots in front. both covered.

will take the goblin captain and 4 of his goblins 10 minute to get steam built up to turn the wheels, The ship will be notice building up steam in 5 min after it start.

2 of your men have water walking rings, 3 have waterbreathing rings, and you have 10 potion of waterbreathing from your former slave lady she had them made up and read 5 days ago. and 4 folding canoes that can hold 2 men each. The golbin captain has a necklace with a boat on it that can carry 6 men. (1 use a day for 24 hour recharge after 24 hours)

you have 80 feet of water to cross and about 10 to 20 feet deep in the river moving at 3 mile per hour.

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How well can the tavern be seen by the two men on the boat?

How many exits out of the tavern?

Are the doors to the tavern wood and are they full doors.

Are they like bat wing doors from the old west?

What direction is the boat facing? Back the way we came or the other direction?:

Did you save the Tavern is on the enemy side of the river?

Have I ever had any dealings with this village? Is it a good village or is it a village of mostly ruffians?

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How well can the tavern be seen by the two men on the boat? not very well, no moon, the tavern is brightly light and most are very very drunk. about a block distance from boat.

How many exits out of the tavern? 2 front and back

Are the doors to the tavern wood and are they full doors. weak wood

Are they like bat wing doors from the old west? no

What direction is the boat facing? Back the way we came or the other direction?: down river if boat release will move about 1000 ft pet min

Did you save the Tavern is on the enemy side of the river? enemy side

Have I ever had any dealings with this village? Is it a good village or is it a village of mostly ruffians? no dealing but like most villages on river they have afew stores and taverns mostly fishermen and barge men.

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Here is my plan. Myself using my fish form and 3 of my best stealhy types will use water breathing rings will hopefully sneak on board. Myself and 1 other will be team 1. The other 2 will be team 2. Team 1 will try to stealthly take out 1 guy while team 2 will take out the other. As soon as we engage. The rest except for 2 will try board the ship. The last 2 will split up each going for a rope. There goal is to cut the two ropes. If for some reason either team 1 and/or team 2 take out our objective before the 2 make it to the ropes then we will cut the ropes. I want to do this as quietly as possible. The ones who know how to bring the steam to bare on this boat will not engage in combat they will make it to where ever they need to be to get this boat steamed up. The rest will assist with the 2 guards if needed if not needed they will prepare bows and arrows to delay the rest of the pirates if they try to board while we make our escape.

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crossing the river and climbing on the deck was easy the noise of laughter from the tavern help cover any movement. Your man was siting on one of the cannons smoking a pipeand was easy to dispatch only level 1 pirate. The second pirate was pull into the water while he was peeing and held under until he drown, his body disappear in a slight glow (teleported to a healer temple he must had bought a rez stone(100 gold)) nearest temple that can do that is at least 30 miles away.

Rest of the crew boards and the two men start to cut when load noise at tavern make everyone stop for a moment only to realize that a brawl broke out and men yelling.

Ropes are cut and the ship start to drift the Goblin captain whisper to some of your men Get the poles and keep the boat steady. and blow into a pipe, "get that fire elemental fed I want steam in 5 minutes, Jokan use some rum or whiskey you have and give the elemental a drink i want him hotter than the sun on a hot summer day!

one minute pass and the ship now 100 feet from the dock and nudging into the middle of the river current. Sound of fighting still going on.
2 minutes pass and you can hear rattling of sound from the pipes and see steam rising from them,
the fighting seem to have stop or quiet down, you now 600 feet downstream your men and four goblin keeping the boat point forward.
3 minutes you see a gauge rise from white to almost black. 1600 feet down stream and the dock out of sight.
4 minutes one of the goblin hiss from the front, "we have an bend! 2 minutes ahead!"
5 minutes the gauge needle is just in the black. The captain staring ahead trying to move the wheel to turn the boat muttering 1 min all i need"
6 minute you see the ship headint toward the bend in the river and hear the sound of gears and the wheels start to turn on wheel turning faster than the other.
7 minute you pass the bend with feet to spare as the wheels turn more smoothly the captain bellow out the the crew and men Stop using the poles and Start securing the boat.

"Aslan!" one of your men hollar helping a young woman from below, she look like she been ties and gag the gage is on her neck and he untying her. " we have a guest"

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I will make my way toward her. Cautiously of course.

"My name is Lord Marshal Aslan Brighton and who might you be?"


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