A Shadow of Intrique #6

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A Shadow of Intrique #6

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A green eye red head woman in expensive clothing she look to be in her mid twenties, with regal bearing she look to be six months pregnant as she steps toward you and bows, "I am Countress Regina Du' Louc wife of Count Regal Du'Louc of the Kingdom of Louc. I demand to be return to my husband. I been kidnapped by your Men The Knights of the Kingdom two months ago!"

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"You can believe me or not, but my men or those I have influence over are not responsible for your abduction. Pirates stole some of our uniforms and have been pretending to be us. They have been looting, blundering, raping, and the gods and goddess knows what else under my name. I promise you this they will be stopped."

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"If you speak truth give me a sword! and my procession from one of the rooms inside." she said, you feel she strong and determine and seem to have gotten your men respect from her bearing and strength.

"If you are what you claim to be then take me to my husband and release me," I can not promise anything other than I will ask my husband to listen.

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"Do I have your word that you will not attack or hinder me or my men and that you will do everything within your power to convence him that I tell the truth and that I will have safe passage back to my men?"

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I swear upon my patron goddess Deltesta that you shall have safe passage and upon my child.
But you decieve me or harm my husband I shall find a way to destroy you and all you hold dear.

The Goblin Captain step up, Milord we will be near your men in about an hour, There are several chest and other bundles in the hold. I be generous to let you take what you will as long as you leave me some of the goods, for recovering my ship from the pirates.There is 2 cannon in the hold by what one of my men said they are your if you let me keep the ones on deck.

Milady He bows to the woman, I'm sorry you was force to be put in the hold by the pirates that capture my ship. I would like to return anything that belong to you and will be honor to work out a trade agreement with your country with a discount on shipping for the next few years for showing my concern for how my ship was use to cause so much grief.

Countress Regina Du' Louc " we have to talk to my husband about that I do see the speed at which your vessel can travel at night"
"yes milady Goblin eyes can see well upon the water at night" pausing for a moment" I have heard word about your kindness among the goblinkin you and your servants have heal many and convert more to the goddess of light than any I have met. If you have need of travel please contact me, I must return to the wheel my helmman get nervous at night on rvers.

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"You have my word. I will not harm your husband unless he tries to do me or mine harm. Will that be ok?"

If she agrees than I will ask her "How may we find your husband?"

To the goblin captain. "You may keep the cannon on the desk and I will take the ones in the hold. I must see what is down there but I'm sure we can come to some type of agreement."

To the men

"Lets keep some men on guard around the ship to make sure no one tries to board us. The rest of you lets see what we can find."

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Her husband is the one attacking your men downstream he thinks you have his wife and plan to destroy everything he find in the Kingdom of the king until his wife is return.

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I will tell the Riverboat captain to head just upstream from where the attack is going to be

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45 minute later he slow the ship as an owl fly in and land on the deck and shift into one of your rangers.

"Corporal Gant of 1st Knight Scouts, reporting Sir! thumping his right fist to his left chest. The enemy been in battle with unknown men they have shield with our crest on them but they are not rangers.

About 30 on horse seem to crash into the rear guard of the Loucan army and lost 10 of there men before they retreated back north on the road. The Loucan army only have wounded men no deaths. I follow them for a mile up the road The leader look angry and killed 2 of his men. They look like they heading back north.

I was able to get close enough to see that the crest on the shield are close to ours but not the same, Look like someone painted them base on word of mouth."

Another Owl land and shift forms "Private Franks of 1st Knight Scouts, Reporting Sir! Loucan army has 3 seige cataput will arrive in 2 hours at the camp they have an extra 500 men guarding the cataput and 2 water elementalist."

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"I have an idea that might help us end this battle with little blood shed on both sides"

What ever I think is best, I will either send a messenger under a white flag of truce or capture one of his officers to send a message or even go myself. either way I will send a message saying "Request meeting to discuse return of the counts wife. We were not the ones who took her but will discuss her safe return."

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You have 10 knight all voluteer at the smae time all good and able the other knight would too but they not hear soon enough.

Lady Riess a 4th level ranger has a rezz stone in her and she felt she best suited in case killed. and will deliever the scroll to the Count.

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"Very good Lady Riess. Deliver this note but be careful, even though you have a rez stone, we want you back safely. While we wait for his reply, please get our quest settled in a tent. Leave guards outside her tent to make sure she is not bothered. Anything else we can do for you my lady?"

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Nothing Sir, I only wish to sleep. she said.

Lady Riess return an hour later, her lip look a little bloody, she been struck by one of the officers on the Loucan army.

Seeing your concern about her lip, "Sir It only a scratch, I sorry to say i slip and hurt myself and one of their officers seem his fist accidently hit my mouth as my foot accidently hit his manhood. The Count send his apology and wishes to meet with you and your terms on safe return of his wife. one hour after sunrise at the baricades you put up our side.
(where your troop are hold him back on the Kingdom of the King side of the river)
He wishes to see his wife is in good health before committing any promises."

daylight is about 3 hours away.

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"Looks like we have about 4 hours before our meeting then. Captain I will need 6 level head individuals to accompany me and the lady to the meeting. Untill then I think I will retire to my tent. Anyone need anything else?"

If nothing else is required then I will head to my tent and get a few hours of shut eye. I will try to sleep for about 3 before I get up and get something to eat and get ready for the meeting

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In Four hours you are awaken and find your men ready, the Countess come out of her tent and floww you. A hour after sunrise you see a small group of men under a white flag moving to the front of their siege line to 100 feet of you.

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